The Myth of Equality

The Myth of Equality

Life is not fair, but even more so it is not equal. We live in a world where people die of starvation while others have more money than they could ever spend. Communism is not the solution to poverty; it is a handicap on people who could manage to make their way out. There is no such thing as equality, no person is created equal, socioeconomic classes exist because people are greedy beings who play the game of life for their own personal benefit

Complete equality is something human beings are incapable of achieving. We have our inbred biases towards certain groups and certain situations. The world knows nothing of equality. A farmer praying for rain will lose faith in the most brutal of droughts; much like a man pleading with the clouds that intend to wash his home away. Where is the equality and fairness in adverse circumstance, in nature? It is nowhere to be found. People, if anything, are more discriminatory then nature itself. People choose who they want to destroy, persecute, exile; they decide who to note in the books of history as victors, losers, failures, monsters. People have opinions on what is wrong and what is right. We are also not in consensus about what is ultimately fair and equal.

After having a proletarian revolution the Soviets attempted to create a classless society. Everyone would be equal, everyone would have the same rights, and there would be no more injustices. Marxist ideas look good on paper but communism did not function smoothly for the soviets. The problem with a peoples’ state is that there is no form of government without a hierarchy. There has to be a leader of some sort, an individual that is a little more equal than the rest of his comrades. Just the fact that there is a leader makes communism a hypocritical concept. A man sitting on a throne with all the wealth he desires preaching equality. He decides what is right and what is wrong, while the people have no input. The dictator decides who to persecute, who to get rid of. The Soviets persecuted the educated, the Germans persecuted Jews, and the Chinese persecute those with opinions. In a communistic society people are pinned against one another because not everyone fits the desired mold provided by the government. Religion, ethnicity, even a love for literature can be incriminating enough to have a threat killed. There is no justice in that

Inequality is the greatest motivator. Social mobility is the reason for innovation, aspiration, and education. If you are no better than your comrades you have no reason to be smarter than your comrades, or more creative. At that point no one strives to improve a product, discover a cure, attend those extra years of school, because there is no incentive to do so. If everyone is equal we all must abide by the same standards of stupidity. The reason people put themselves through extra schooling is profit, the reason people start businesses is profit, the reason any adult will perform any possible function is to benefit themselves. Personal gain and the greed of humanity is what advances the world. A world with no incentive is a world with no advancement. Before you know it you will have to kidnap doctors due to a shortage of educated folk. True equality is not making everyone’s life equally horrible, it is providing everyone with an equal opportunity to contribute to society, and receive compensation in the amount earned.

Communism does not create a fair state for the people, and the only equality is the lack of care for an individual’s wants and needs. Profit is the great motivator for anything, remove this incentive and you have an abundance of sheaple. Unmotivated, uneducated, brainwashed followers. There should exist a class system because it gives the motivated a chance to become rightfully wealthy for their contribution to society.

How about you?

Do you believe in a way to achieve equality? Should the world be skewed, some having so much they do not know what to do with it while others have so little that they can hold it in the palm of their hand. The youth can make a difference and change the system.

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