escalator accident attorney

Involved in an escalator accident? You should consult an escalator accident attorney before taking any legal action. This does not suggest that you are entirely not liable for any negligence resulting in the escalator accident but a professional attorney will be able to help you to assess the extent of the negligence by yourself and the building owner. This will then allow you to decide the way ahead, which is a smart move considering that some cases against accident victims do get dismissed.

There are 33,000 escalators in the United States and Canada alone and more than 575 million riders ride on them each day. In comparison to the sheer magnitude of about 90 billion escalator riders each year, the number of accidents is considered as minute. However each accident is still as devastating to the victim and his or her family members, especially when it results in a fatality. Many of these escalator accidents are due to defects or poor maintenance, which are avoidable, but there are some cases where the cause of accident is due to wildful acts by the riders. This could be due to a rider pushing another rider down the escalator or it could be accidents arising due to riders trying to lodge objects into the escalators etc.

Escalator Accidents Attorney

Accidents on escalators often happened due to articles of clothing getting caught in the escalator machinery resulting in fingers or toes being injured, or with passengers falling down the escalator due to mechanical problems or passengers pushing during rush hours. Up to 85% of the accidents are preventable and often due to negligence.

Who should be liable in each escalator accident? First of all, it is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that there are no defects in their escalators and that their escalators are properly serviced and maintained. The building owner must ensure that the escalators are always safe for use by any riders; customers, tenants or building employees. So in many cases the passengers’ fault were considered as only contributory. However each incident is different and should be reviewed by a professional escalator accident attorney before liability can be ascertained.

If you are involved in an accident while riding on an escalator, and you would like to establish the liability of the building owner or management, you must seek the advice of a professional attorney specializing in escalator accidents. Most defendants trying to seek compensation in court after an accident faced certain problems and difficulties when they try to fight on their own. In such accidents, the blame is not easy to ascertain and the possibility of the court dismissing the case can be high.

When encountered with an escalator accident, you would be better able to handle the entire debacle by getting a professional escalator accident attorney to assist you to determine the liability and also what is the possible claims resulting from the accident so that you can cover your medical expenses due to the accident. Do not be caught in such a situation on your own. There are many escalator accident attorneys who are more than willing to provide their assistance. 

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