Estate Planning – Do it Yourself

Today it is so common and even easy to acquire a do-it-yourself estate planning kit for only $19.99. For many people this is becoming a very tempting way to handle their last wishes and avoid the expenses of hiring a lawyer to help complete their estate properly. Even if you do not have a great deal of assets or finances to claim in your will, a will is still necessary and you still deserve the attention of a professional to see that everything is in order. You will find the more you learn about probate the more you will see how your money is well spent with a probate lawyer to handle your estate.

Estate Planning : When Do You Have to Probate a Will?

Vague Estate Planning Kit

If you have ever taken the time to look into these online estate planning kits that they will send right to your door you may have noticed it is one standard kit. What this means is that no matter what your legal or financial situation you get the same kit as the next customer. This is not how wills and estates should be planned. Everyone has a different situation and wants different things for their last wishes. These generic estate planning kits are not good enough to ensure your beneficiaries get what you wanted them to have and probate is surely in their future when your will is done in this fashion.

Lack of Personalization

The second problem with these generic will kits is that you will receive absolutely no personal advice. When you are beginning your journey to create your will and estate there will be many questions that arise in your mind. These questions need to be properly answered in order to ensure you are on the right track with your planning process. All pre-made will kits can do for you is make sure you create a legal will. What a probate lawyer can do is help you work around the laws and use them to your advantage. They can create the perfect estate through your eyes.


When it comes to death we rarely think about taxes or what the government will charge us after we are gone. This is yet another reason do it yourself estate planning kits are not enough to help you through this financial and emotional rollercoaster. You there are some very intricate and delicate tax laws to be followed when you are preparing for your own will and considering the taxes your family will have to pay on your behalf should anything happen to you.

There can be more to planning your estate than you may imagine. This is why it should be done early on in your life and done more than once. As you grow you earn more money, acquire more items and sometimes you priorities will change as well and all this needs to be reflected in a well planned estate. Take the time to plan your estate properly and stay away from the do it yourself aspects of this field; let the professionals take you down the right track of estate planning.

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