Juggling Evening Classes and Family

How to take evening classes while working and not go insane

Everyone who has children knows it is hard to juggle family life with work, add school to the mix and it becomes even more of a challenge. I want to share several things I do to help save time, or at least help budget my time wisely.

I try to set time aside daily for family. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for family whenever possible. We try to play a game together, or go someplace, such as a movie or dinner if possible. It doesn't always work out, since we live in the real world. There are ball games, and other commitments that keep us hopping some weekends (especially in the summer).

I always have a small bag packed with pens, pencils, a notebook, a calculator, and a dictionary. Ready to throw a school book, or whatever writing project I am working on into, and run out the door. I take this bag with me almost everywhere. Have a dentist appointment? I take the bag along, and work while I am waiting. Child's ball game or practice? I can work, or study during breaks in the game. Anytime I have downtime I can get a few moments of work done.

I also try to make meals ahead, or plan on simple quick meals for nights when I have school. When I am making a casserole, I make an extra one, and freeze it for later. The crock-pot can also be a lifesaver. Fill it up with soup, or your favorite recipe, in the morning. Come home to the wonderful smell of supper, ready to go on the table.

Cleaning house is my least favorite thing to do. I have to work on it every day, for at least fifteen minutes, and I have daily routines to follow. I love Flylady.com for developing cleaning routines, and information. If I do not spend time every day cleaning something, the housework piles up quickly, and becomes overwhelming.

I also try to set aside time every day to work on my homework. I usually set down when my son is working on his homework, and work right beside him. I am there to answer any questions he may have about his homework, and I hope I am setting a good example to get your work done. The remainder of my school work, I try to do late at night, or early in the morning while my son is sleeping. If I work on homework daily, I do not have a last minute crunch at the end of the quarter.


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