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Everyone wants to be successful in life. Everyone wants to succeed in what they do. Every person wants to keep climbing from one step to another, ascending and not descending. Nobody wants to be stuck in a place where they are not realizing any success.

What are the ingredients, traits or factors one needs to consider in order to realize success or succeed in life? The following are the factors which determine success.

a) Patience

In a fast-moving world whereby everything is instant, people have forgotten there is a word like patience. It seems to have been thrown out of the door and buried for good. Waiting in a queue in the bank seems like forever it will stay that way and you will never get to the counter. Waiting for a person who is five minutes late is next to impossible.

We want things to happen in an instant. We want things to be done in an instant. But it is not everything that is done on the spot. If you are studying for a degree, it will take two to four years. You can’t wish the days to go faster. You will have to wait until that period is over. If you’ve opened an own business, you cannot expect to reap profits in a very short period of time or the business to grow in a very short period of time, say in a month.

Patience is the key to success. It is only those people who stick through thick and thin who make it to the end. Giving up early because you haven’t seen the results is a way of accepting you’ve failed and there’s no hope. Patience does pay.

b) Hope

Hope has led many people to face challenges head-on-collision and deal with them as they saw ahead what it is they were after. Even though they couldn’t see the results with their own eyes, in their minds they saw themselves somewhere. They saw themselves successful. They saw themselves in that position.

Hope is whereby you see yourself in the future or see the results in your mind though at present it does not look so. It is out of hope that a person develops patience. As it enables you to keep pressing on knowing the road will come to an end and will not run endlessly.

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c) Determination

Determination as defined by the Web Dictionary is “firmness of purpose; resoluteness” and “a tendency to move in a fixed direction.”

If you have set goals to achieve in certain duration of time, if you have made resolutions and you want by the end of the year to have accomplished them, then you need to be determined to work until you see them realized.

You shouldn’t be swayed from right to left and the other way around. You should be like a hunter who aims his arrow at an animal, or a cheetah which aims at a specific animal to hunt for food. The prey the cheetah has selected is the prey it will run for until it has caught it.

Determination requires saying “No matter what” I will keep pushing on until I see the results.

d) Focus

When a person is determined, in turn it will enable that person to be focused knowing this is what he wants to achieve. Like an athlete who is focused at the finish line, a person needs to be focused on the end result. You want to become a surgeon, then you need to be focused knowing these are the things I want to accomplish in order to realize my dreams. Go to college or university, study for a duration of time, then find a job even if at first it appears as low-paying job. In the end through hope, determination and patience, I will reach that level I want.

When you aim all your energies on that one goal, on that situation, on the resolutions you have made, on your dream, on your desire then you will be successful in achieving it even if it will take how many months or years.

e) Discipline

If one needs to succeed in whatever he/she does, then the person needs to be disciplined. This is whereby a person sticks to what is right ensuring he doesn’t become lazy, doesn’t use shortcuts, doesn’t use evil ways or acts in a negative manner in order to accomplish his goals, dream or fulfill his resolutions.

Discipline requires a person to be focused, concentrating on what is ahead. It requires a person to have self-control and to be able to deal with situations that bombard him in a positive manner. A lot of people fail in whatever they do because they lack discipline. They behave however they want and do whatever they want knowing it’s not right.

You have to know what is needed of you to do in order to realize your desires or expectations. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to behave?

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f) Hard work

The last factor or trait a person needs is hard work. A person who is hard working is disciplined, focused and determined. A person who knows things are not gotten freely, in a lazy manner will work hard to realize his expectations.

If one has opened an own business, one won’t open the business when he wants, close it when he wants unless of course he wants to end his business quickly. It requires hard work at school in order to finish the course or study mixed together with discipline and patience.


f) Positive Mentality

Actually, the last one is positive mentality. The world is filled with negative comments, negative views, and negative advice. It is a world where a person can get lost quickly and find it hard to rise and shake loose and move ahead.

There are people who will feel jealousy of you, envy you, pass rumors about you which are unfounded and discourage you. It is world where one is faced with numerous challenges that giving in is the best option.

However, if you stick on, being patient, focused, determined, disciplined, and hard working then you will face the challenges and deal with them, climb the highest mountain and pass through dangerous water. All these results from having a positive mentality that you can make it, you can be the best person you want to be, nothing is impossible, you are unique, you are not a copyright, you weren’t blessed with bogus mind that you cannot be able to think and reason and find solution, that you can achieve your goals, fulfill your dream and realize your destination.

You are not deceiving yourself by having positive mentality, instead you are reaffirming what is a fact. Having negative mentality will make you not to be patient, hard working, disciplined, focused, determined and your hope will fade away. And you will be left regretting and having a lot of wishes ‘If I knew..” or “If I…”

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denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 23 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

It sounds like a doable formula! Just keep pressing forward, and you will eventually get there!

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