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Most people know what a license plate is.  It’s the plate which displays the letters and numbers and goes on the front or back of a vehicle.  Its main purpose is to identify the vehicle to the driver.  One of the greatest uses of a license plate has been for the police to catch criminals who have stolen cars.  But nowadays, the police aren’t the only ones limited to such information.  The general public can use a license plate number to track down information on the owner of the vehicle. 

For example, let’s say you were involved in a hit and run but was able to get the license plate number of the perpetrator down.  You could then do DMV license plate search which would pull up information such as address, registration, vehicle make and model, and VIN.  Although everyone would like to do a free DMV license plate search, there are no known services that would do that for you for free.  Even the DMV would not provide such information due to privacy acts.  However, there are paid services that can access the license plate database.   

To do a DMV license plate search, you can do either one of two things.  You can hire a private investigator that would then do it for you, or you can do it yourself by paying a service which allows you to search a license plate on their database.  There are benefits to both.  Usually if you pay a private investigator, it will cost more.  This is because they have a lot of resources to work with and if one resource doesn’t pull up the license plate information, then they can use another.  With a DMV license plate search service it will be cheaper for you.  However, it is cheaper because the service can only allow you to search in their database.  If you don’t find the license plate information that you are looking for, then you are out of luck.  So to that end, figure out what you want and how much your willing to pay for and go with the DMV license plate search service that’s right for you.

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