Conjugating -ER, -RE, and -IR French Regular Verbs

-RE Verbs

Another type of verb in the french language are verbs that end in -RE. For example:

  • attendre-to wait
  • rendre-to return
  • fondre-to melt

Endings that replace -RE:

  • Je -s
  • Tu -s
  • Il/Elle - (nothing)
  • Nous -ons
  • Vous -ez
  • Ils/Elles -ent

For example:


  • Je fonds
  • Tu fonds
  • Il/Elle fond
  • Nous fondons
  • Vous fondez
  • Ils/Elles fondent

-ER verbs

Most verbs in the french language are er verbs. This just means that they end in -ER.

For example:

  • aimer- to like
  • marcher- to walk
  • manger- to eat
  • acheter-to buy

You conjugate a verb according to its pronoun:

  • Je- I
  • Tu- You
  • Il- He
  • Elle- She
  • Nous- We
  • Vous- You (Plural)
  • Ils- They (referring to boys or boys and girls)
  • Elles-They (referring to girls)

To conjugate a regular verb you remove the ending and replace it with the ending that matches the pronoun.
Endings for -ER verbs:

  • Je -e
  • Tu -es
  • Il/Elle -e
  • Nous -ons
  • Vous -ez
  • Ils/Elles -ent

For example:


  • J'aime
  • Tu aimes
  • Il/Elle aime
  • Nous aimons
  • Vous aimez
  • Ils/Elles aiment

-IR Verbs

The final types of regular french verbs are verbs that end in -IR. For example:

  • choisir- to choose
  • finir- to finish
  • rèussir- to succeed

Endings that replace -IR:

  • Je -is
  • Tu -is
  • Il/Elle -it
  • Nous -issons
  • Vous -issez
  • Ils/Elles -issent

For example:


  • Je choisis
  • Tu choisis
  • Il/Elle choisit
  • Nous choisissons
  • Vous choisissez
  • Ils/Elles choisissent

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