Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2

Logical & Interesting Question-Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2?

Logical & Interesting Question-Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2?

Some questions are easy to answer by all; some logical questions make people thinking, everyone can`t solve them. Here is a logical and interesting question-

Problem: Who can prove that, Two/Ten=2?

Discussion: Some people will think about the question or problem that it is incorrect. Some people will consider the question or problem as impossible to solve. Someone will try to solve the question, someone will fail to solve after trying hard and soul.


We have to prove that,


Hence, ‘T’ is common for both ‘Two’ and ‘Ten’. Then we get-



W=23 [Because ‘w’ is the 23rd letter]

O=15 [Because ‘o’ is the 15th letter]

E=5 [Because ‘e’ is the 5th letter]

N=14 [Because ‘n’ is the 14th letter]

Hence, wo/en

= (23+15)/ (5+14)



Therefore, Two/Ten=2 (proved)

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Rasel Nirjhon


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