George Boole

George Boole was a mathematician who helped to establish modern symbolic logic. The design of modern digital computer circuits is based on his algebra of logic called Boolean Algebra.

He was born in the English town of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England in 2 November, 1815. His family being too poor to send him to school, Boole taught himself five languages and learned mathematics from his father.

From the age of 16 he taught in village schools in Yorkshire to support his parents and when he was 20 opened his own school in Lincoln. At the same time he was working on mathematical problems, one topic being methods of combining algebra and calculus.

In 1844 the Royal Society awarded him a medal for his contributions to mathematical analysis.

Developing novel ideas on logical method and confident in the symbolic reasoning he had derived from his mathematical investigations, he argued that logic should be allied with mathematics not philosophy. This proposal was contained in his pamphlet “Mathematical Analysis of Logic,” published in 1847.

Two years later Boole was appointed Professor of Mathematics at Queens’ College in Country Cork in Ireland, even though he did not have a university degree. Boole was one of the first Englishmen to write on logic, pointing to the analogy between algebraic symbols and those that can represent logical forms and syllogisms.He established what is now called Boolean Algebra in 1854.

George Boole died, aged 49 in Country Cork, Ireland , in 8 December 1854.

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goolea is the best mathematician ,

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Good Hub. Never knew that boolean algebra was discovered by boole. Thanks for the history

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