Getting A Master’s Degree in Education: Online Class Format

Are you considering going back to school, but you don't want to spend the gas, or time to commute? Going back to college is easier than ever with online classes. Most colleges and universities now offer at least a portion of their courses online. Even if you are not an internet pro, you can get started with online courses at your local university. Most colleges offer some type of tutorial to walk you through getting started with an online class.

The benefits of attending college online? No commuting, you don't have to drive to the college a couple times a week. You can save your valuable time, and gas money, if you live over 30 minutes from the college the savings can add up quickly. You can work at your own pace. You don't (normally) have to show up for class at the same time every week.

The drawbacks of taking an online class? You can work at your own pace. While this is a bonus, it can also be a drawback. You have to be motivated to get the work done. If you wait until the last week of class to do any of your work, you can get yourself in over your head. You have to have some self-motivation. The lack of face to face interaction can also be difficult, if you are a social person. Some people really enjoy networking with others in their major. You will not have many the opportunities to speak with the professor in person.

Online courses can take many forms, and have several formats. Check with your local college if you would like their specific format before signing up. Here are some of the elements, which may be included in your online course.

There will be some method of interacting with other students. The class will usually have a chat feature, and may have set times for students to get together, and chat about the subject matter. The professor may also break the class into groups, and have the groups get together to chat. Another possible feature is a message board. On a message board students post questions, and answers at their own pace. Students can interact, but do not have to be online at the same time. Classmates and instructors can also communicate via e-mail, or instant messaging.

The professor of an online course can also set up a podcast, or online video of lessons for students to view at their own pace. They can leave audio lessons, or messages for students to download to their computer, or mp3 player.

There can also be several methods for students to submit their assignments. Some schools have an online submission site, where the student can download their assignment directly. Other professors prefer students to e-mail assignments.

Don't let online courses intimidate you. If you are reading this page you probably have enough internet knowledge to get started going to college online. Every university has its own format, most are user friendly, and provide some type of training to get you up to speed.

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cmellon86 5 years ago

It seems like a Master degree is convenient to earn online. Is there any scholarship funding available for online programs?

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