global dimming

effects of global dimming

Global Dimming

 What is Global Dimming?

        Fossil fuels uses, as well as producing Greenhouse gases, creates other byproducts are called as Pollutant. Such as SO2, soot, ash, fibers, aerosols etc. These pollutants however, also change the properties of clouds.

        Clouds are formed when water droplets are seeded by air-borne particles, such as pollen, fibers, soot, ash etc polluted results in clouds with larger number of droplets than unpolluted clouds. This then makes these clouds more reflective. More of the sun’s heat and energy is therefore reflected back into space.

        This reduction of heat reaching back into space is known as Global Dimming. This makes the earth colder. In other words Global Dimming is the gradual reduction in the amount of hemispherical irradiance (Solar Energy) at the Earth’s surface.


Causes of Global Dimming

        Global Dimming is probably due to the increased presence of Aerosol (Aerosol is the suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in gas) in the atmosphere caused by human action. When these drops have polluting agents, the clouds converted in to small water droplets which result into more delay in falling. In addition to it, the smallest particle reflects more sunlight. This is the main cause of global cooling.

        The sunrays can’t enter to the earth. The smaller the droplets makes clouds more reflective. That’s why the sunrays gets reflected back into the space because they are expelled back by the clouds with these particulate pollutants and makes them more flat and white and prevents reach to the earth. Due to these smaller droplets rainfall also gradually decreased year by year.


How to stop Global Dimming?

        Coal is the main cause of CO2, also emission methane leads to Global Warming. We can not stop Global Warming but we can reduce it. Shortly when we will reduce global warming, it also decreases  Global Dimming.

        It is stopped by decreased by pollution. We can reduce the emission of soot, ash, sulphur, fibers and other toxic particles.

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