How to Remember Your Dreams

Are you one of the many people who claim to never have dreams? Studies show that about 1% of the population claims the never remember their dreams or the never dream at all, but it has also been demonstrated that every person has many dreams every night! If a person says they never dream they really mean they never remember their dreams. But many people enjoy experiencing and analyzing their dreams for spiritual purposes or because they are just curious. Is there a way to change this and remember all of your dreams? As a person who used to claim to never dream I can say that there most certainly is! Just follow these simple steps and you'll be remembering your dreams in no time.

1. Prepare yourself psychologically

If you wish to try to remember your dreams make sure that you can get a good night's sleep (preferably eight hours, although this is admittedly impossible for many). Also, try to relax before going to bed by reading or listening to gentle music. Don't transition from an activity like television or socializing directly to sleep. You'll need to be as relaxed as possible. As you are going to sleep tell yourself mentally that you will remember your dreams. This may sound silly but it is surprisingly effective.

2. Sleep with a pen and a pad of paper near the bed

This is by far the most important part of the process. Even if you psychologically prepare yourself you're still not going to be able to remember very much and this is where recording comes in. As soon as you wake up in the morning immediately pick up your pad and writing utensil and write down literally anything you can remember. Any impression, image, sound, even an emotion - write it down. I remember that the first time I did this all I remembered was an image of myself through a window. That's all and it was all I had to write down that day. It's fine to start small. This will be pretty difficult at first and you may need to search your brain for some recollection of your dreams.

3. Don't worry if you can't come up with anything yet

Remember that everybody dreams. If you really can't come up with something the first time you try to write just give up for that day and try again the next night. I have never heard of this technique actually failing to help someone remember their dreams.

4. Keep at it

After two or three nights you should notice what you remember about the night before beginning to increase. You may find yourself with a couple fragments from different dreams that don't actually make any sense out of context. That's just fine and before you know it you will be remembering dreams in their entirety. In fact, within a few nights you may be amazed to find out just how much you are remembering and how much you can write about your dreams. Soon, entire dreams may become crystal clear to you and it may be a chore to write them all down. If it does start to feel like a burden then go ahead and hold back on trying to remember every single detail. Just write down the basic narrative and any particularly notable descriptions or impressions that you recall. The level of detail that you write at this point should match the level of detail you wish to have in your dreams. If you don't really care to have a great deal of detail you can probably forgo writing altogether at this point and just be sure to play the dreams over a few times in your head and perhaps think about their content for a few minutes before waking.Or you can write down what you remember every other day, or every three days as needed.

5. Don't Stop for Long Periods

It should be noted that if you are a person who is typically unable to recall your dreams after sleep, your newfound ability will dissipate rather quickly if you stop writing, or at least mentally reviewing, your dreams altogether. So be sure to keep it up as long as you wish to remember your dreams. There is nothing wrong with giving it up after a while if you have decided you've seen all you want to see and learned all you want to learn. Take it from me that you will always be able to start back again should the mood strike you.

6. Beyond Recall

Being able to recall your dreams is an essential step in making yourself be aware that you are dreaming while it is happening. This in turn is necessary for learning how to lucid dream, so if you're one of those brave psychonauts who wishes to explore the recesses of your mind, apen and a notebook will take you a very long way on achieving that goal.

7. A Word of Warning

Keep in mind that this process can make dreams very intense and is not recommended for people prone to nightmares or night terrors. There is always a possibility that a dream will take an unexpected turn so keep this risk in mind if you wish to have more vivid and memorable dreams.

Thanks for reading, and may you always have sweet dreams.

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