intelligence minus will power=failure

Most men fail not for lack of education, personal qualities or external resources but for lack of will or firm determination. The will power is the superpower at the command of man that leads him to sure success.Those who lack in this aspect what ever they possess they lack in everything making a big question mark UN answered in their life.

"I will ", is a phrase that means much in everyday use. Certainly there are no two words in the entire success philosophy that stand out with so much power and positiveness as the words " I will" exception only to " I did " which is the natural consequence of the former.

If you analyse and watch there is so much vigour, vitality and sense of purpose in the two words "I will" and " I did ". Hence they will certainly lead to success or accomplishment. The will to win is a must for victory, to put it simply will is victory or victory is simply a matter of will.

People fail not for lack of ways and means to win but for lack of the will to win. A wise writer has classified people into three classes ' the wills', 'the won'ts' and 'the cant's'. Check with these three you will understand the first accomplish anything, the second oppose everything, and the third succeed at nothing.

If you can will properly you are well, otherwise you are ill. Winning is simply a matter of willing. We should refuse to be ill, never tell people we are ill. By doing so we can become well very quickly, if we can properly understand how to use our will there may be hardly anything more worth knowing.

Having understood the relationship between will power-and success now you will agree that success is nothing but a completely fashioned will. Proper training of the will may be said to be the highest education one can have, and it becomes a must to learn, since lacking in will power definitely leads to failure. You can compare the will in relation to life and its problems to the steering of a steamship in a turbulent ocean. The navigator who can hold and control the steering can safely cross the ocean and reach his destination. In the same way the man who can control his will can lead the life steadily by overcoming the problems of life and can safely reach the port of victory.

"Have not only clean hands, and clean minds, but a clear vision and strong mind"

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