Leap Frog DVDs-A review

This review of Leapfrog DVDs is based on something very simple: One set of parents' experience with the products and how they affected our son. We take our son's education very seriously, and are always on the lookout for ways to improve on the education techniques we're already using. Leapfrog DVDs are a great way to do that in general. Below, you will find descriptions of each product that we have used. You will find a description of our experience with that particular Leapfrog DVD, as well as links to that product on Amazon.com if you want to see some other reviews, or purchase it. If you're interested in an overview of how we incorporated the Leapfrog DVD's into our sons early learning program, please click here. Otherwise, keep reading.

Leap Frog DVD Reviews- Letter Factory

This LeapFrog DVD is great to introduce letters and their sounds to your pre-school aged child.  The story takes place in a factory that makes letters for books. Our hero, Tad, goes on an adventure with Professor Quigley to learn all his letters so he can help his family with a presentation. Tad meets each letter one by one, as he learns what sound each one makes.

My son was mesmerized by this Leapfrog DVD. He would want to watch it three or four times in a row anytime we let him watch it.  After watching it a few times (and with some reinforcement from mom and dad), he knew what each letter looked like and what sound it made.

I can't recommend this Leapfrog DVD enough if you want to give your child a headstart on learning their alpahbet.

Leap Frog DVD Reviews- Talking Words Factory

This Leap Frog DVD is the second step towards learning to read. Here, our young Tad learns how to use the "Word Whammer 3000" to combine the letters he learned in the last video to make words. This teaches your child how to combine letters into "blends", like ST, or SL and what sounds result.

After watching this Leap Frog DVD a few times, my son could easily recognize words like "Stop", or "Slip" on signs when we were driving. Of course, that opened the door for backseat driving, "Daddy, that sign said Stop!". So maybe the kid learning to read isn't such a great idea after all! Seriously, this is a great tool to introduce or reinforce the idea of combining letters to make words.

Leapfrog DVD Reviews-Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory

The Storybook Factory Leapfrog DVD puts our little green hero in position to put it all together. He has to take what he knows and combine it with the punctuation skills he'll learn in this adventure to become a narrator for a new family project.

My little hero learned what different forms of punctuation meant, from commas to exclamation points. This lead to a dramatic improvement in his ability to read out loud and to understand the story he was reading. This was a great way to finish this series.

Leapfrog DVD Reviews- Math Circus

This Leapfrog DVD switches gears from reading to math. Here we find our erstwhile young adventurer working with his friends, the subtractabats, to train numbers to count, add and subtract through death defying circus acts.

My son got a lot of basic skills from this video that he's built on to learn more advanced things like fractions and negative numbers. It's a great way to get your youngster started with basic math concepts, and those concepts are easy to build on as their understanding progresses.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Leapfrog products. They also make video game systems, both handheld and console, as well as other videos. Basically, any LeapFrog DVD or other learning product is going to be worth your time. 

I hope you've gotten some use out of this information. Please feel free to post comments or questions below.

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PhilD41 profile image

PhilD41 7 years ago from Iowa

Excellent! This is very well done. My son loves just about anything Leap Frog. You just can't go wrong with Tad and his adventures.

kowings profile image

kowings 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the compliment Phil. I appreciate you reading, and your comments.

Laurel Oakes profile image

Laurel Oakes 7 years ago

My grand-daughters have both been educated by using Leap Frog products great article.

kowings profile image

kowings 7 years ago Author


I'm glad to hear that your grand-daughters got the same benefit that my son has gotten from these great Leap Frog DVDs. Thank you very much for the compliment.

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