Most Affordable Place To Learn German in Berlin

Berlin is undoubtedly one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan cities with a population demographic of 13.9% being foreigners¹. As a result you can get by with English and basic spoken German, but sooner or later you will need to learn the German Language, especially since all business is conducted with German as the primary language.

Whether you ´buy bread from the local Bakery or headache pills from the Chemist, you will be served in German. Without basic knowledge of the language carrying out daily activities can be quite daunting. Some of the best ways to learn the language is off course by engaging in conversation with friends, watching German TV but as Mark Twain once wrote on The Awful German Language- there are many rules to the German Language which cannot be picked up simply by speaking the language. Unfortunately you have to take the academic route by enrolling in a language course to grasp the rules.


¹. Foreign residents of Berlin" (in German) (PDF). Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg. Retrieved 28 Oktober 2008.


Where To Learn German In Berlin

Finding a suitable language school however does prove quite difficult. Depending on your requirements -If you prefer paying the price for good private tuition then you can find several schools offering such courses. But if you are on a budget then best place to learn German in Berlin or other German cities is through the Integration Program.

  • This is a state funded by the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees and run through local municipal offices. As a result you pay a fraction of the cost for German lessons than you would from private institutions. The program is aimed at integrating foreigners and their families into German society.
  • The course begins with an orientation program and also covers both A and B levels of the German Language. Reputable German Institutes like the Goethe Institute can cost anything from EUR 1990-EUR 3220 for Both A and B levels. Lessons in the Integration Program cost EUR 100-EUR 110 per module. You can expect to pay around EUR 700 for Both A and B levels.

Learning German in Berlin through the Integration Course

What Levels Does the Course Cover?

  • German Lesson offered in the integration course offer Lesson for seven different levels leading up to the different exams in the Level A or Level B
  • Course includes A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, and A 2.2. B.1.1., B1.2. B2.1. B2.2.
  • Each level consists of a basic or intensive course. Basic courses are 2 x 3 hour lessons per week, while the intensive course comprises of 5 x 3 hour lessons a week during 4 weeks. This works out to an average of  EUR 5.50 per lesson.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

  • This depends on your immigration status; if you are a refugee then you may be exempt from fees. The standard fee for foreigners is approximately EUR 100- EUR 110 per level.
  • The course is availbe to all foreigners including EU nationals.

How to Register

  • You can find a wealth of information on the Official site.
  • You will need to look at the timetable of lessons available as well as the location closest to you. Best to call before you show up as the classes may be full.
  • You will also need to register at the local municipal office before the start of the course. There are new courses for each level staring every 3 weeks.

Schritter | Source

What Books Do I need To Buy?

The course uses Schritter by Hueber. Depending on the level you are enrolled in you will be given information regarding which book to purchase. These are available at most German Books stores including:

  • Dussman
  • Karstadt and



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