Math Made Easy - How To Revise For A Math Test

Math is just one of those subjects you either get or you don't. Unfortunately, it always seems like everyone but you can do it just fine while you're left behind struggling. However, it does not have to be so! Quite a lot of the time nobody understands a mathematical concept the first time they're taught it - it's what you do once you've been introduced to it that makes the difference between success and failure at comprehending it. The techniques used to learn math in the first place can be very much similar to those that you need when revising for a test. So what's the trick? Well, it's simple really: practise! practise! practise! They do say that practise makes perfect! But then again, nobody's perfect... but practise anyway because fortunately perfection isn't necessary to pass a math test.

It's all about technique

With many subjects like history it's all very well and good to read through your notes, learn them off by heart and then introduce the content into your written work. Math, on the other hand, is very different: you could memorise every single page on math from Wikipedia and still be hopeless simply because you'd have never practised it.


In order to be fully prepared for a math test you really do need to be studying for it before you even know it's going to exist. When you are taught a principle in class, usually it will be followed up with several examples; make sure you follow these and note them down as they're probably the most useful part. If you do not understand what's going on at first, wait until your teacher or lecturer has finished going through them then ask for clarification. Once you get home in the evening, go through an example or two from a workbook or the internet, then read the theory over again before doing several more examples; the whole process should only take you about 30 minutes but will no doubt be invaluable in the long run.

When it comes to the test itself, firstly find out which subjects are going to be on the test as these are the ones you quite obviously need to revise. Once you have all the subjects, get your notes in order, read them over then do practise questions until you could do the test in your sleep.

In the event of an emergency

So you've just found out about the test and you didn't bother doing any extra work in your spare time. Well, now is certainly not the time to wallow in a pool of self pity and consign yourself to failure. Get your notes together and read them through thoroughly, making sure you clearly understand the theory - a good test of this is to explain it to a friend or relative; they don't need to understand what you're saying, it's more so you can get things straight in your own head. Anyway, once you've got the theory sorted you just have to trawl through questions for hours on end. The theory will suddenly all make sense at some point and from then onwards it'll all be fine.

Well, hopefully this has been of some use; just remember, do lots of practise questions, don't worry about asking questions in class and I've just written all that and not used the word "maths" (as opposed to "math") once despite being English... that is true dedication to keeping it in the same language the original question came in.

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keira7 7 years ago

Thank you Sacha S. I have just finish your hub and I like it very much. Take care.

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thanks for the useful info. :D

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Thnx so much I've got a math test soon and This has really motivated me to do well thnx so much this was so useful!

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i really hope it works final exam tomorrow iishh

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i have a fkin maths test tomo so i wanna like urghh

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Hope I'll do well in final exam

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