need pre-k lesson plans?

Looking for Pre-K Lesson Plans?

I am developing a website that better organizes my lesson plans, but I love the format here. The website will bring visitors back here to view the lesson plans. However, the website makes the lesson plans easier to find for teachers who are looking for a specific book. If you are interested in seeing what I have so far, please visit my site at!

Also on the website is a link to which features the books that I am using as I develop the lesson plans.  The links on that page will grow as more lesson plans are complete.  I have several in the works, but won't post until everything is done.  Music for the lessons may also be purchased there.  Most of the artists I use also have their own websites and if they don't offer purchasing from there, they will have recommended sites to buy their music if you are not a fan of Amazon. 

Further, I would like to invite you to visit my hubpage Pre-K Curriculum and offer any constructive feedback you may have about curriculum.  As I continue working to design a literary-based curriculum, I am including books that have been suggested on this page, but have not completed any of them to date (which is why they are not currently available).  It is very important to me to design a quality curriculum that teachers will enjoy as much as the students.

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