nigerian rocks

In Nigeria you get so many beautiful scenery that just take your breathe away. Below is a list of rocks you can find in Nigeria.

Aso Rock

Natural/Physical. The rock is the largest rock out crop within the Abuja metropolis, ranging about 936m above sea level, dominating the landscape of the capital city and overlooking residential quarters and office buildings like The National Assembly, The Supreme Court and The Presidential Villa. The rock has become synonymous with the nation's seat of power. It has some caves within the structure which can be visited by tourists with the permission of the local priest. Aso people used to take refuge in the cave during intertribal wars. The rock is a sight worth seeing for every visitor in Abuja.

Tula Highlands/Hills

Physical/ Natural. Found in Gombe state, these are beautiful dome-shaped rock formations with fascinating scenery. They are ideal for climbing and camping. Eggon Hills & Caves

Physical-Eco-Tourism. They range over 30m. They are famous for many things; one of which is adventure. The rocks shaped like kopjes and inselbergs have long attracted strangers. Early Europeans settled at the peak of these hills. They constructed houses beside the slow flowing streams and unique rock formation. The caves were formidable natural bunkers for the native people in times of war. Eggon hills' is an ideal place for mountaineering, wildlife Zuma Rock

Natural/Physical (potential). It is situated along Abuja-Kaduna expressway. It is undeniably one of Nigeria's most famous landmarks. It is an enormous 1km long inselberg, standing out like a giant altar. It bids farewell to visitors from the center of unity and welcomes travelers from the Savannah conference. When viewed from the south it looks like a human face. It is agreeably a wonderful scenery and a must see for every tourist Olumo Rock

Physical and well developed. Found in Abeokuta, Ogun state. The name means under the rock. It has several caves crevices that served as hiding place for early settlers. There are steps on it to make climbing easier. It is a good place for sight-seeing, climbing and camping. Kpambo and Fikiyu mysterious Rocks

It is a scenic attraction and as the name implies, the rocks are said to be mysterious. They are believed to move from one village to another at a particular time of the year.they are found in Kpambo and Fikiyu village in Taraba state Riyom Rock

Natural. It is a beautiful tourist attraction that is laid systematically with small rocks on top. It is a pleasant architectural display of nature. It is found in Riyom Local government Area of Plateau state. Imoleboja Rock Shelter

This is a massive granite rock with inner apartments capable of accommodating a large number of people. In the local dialect of the people it means ‘God has built a house'. It is found in Odo-Owa, Kwara state. Shere Hills

Natural. Shere hill is about 1829m above sea level. It is recognized for its good sporting activities. It is found in Jos, Plateau state.

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Don-ameche 6 years ago

Nigeria is blessed wt natural formation(rock)

Ekozy 6 years ago

Its nt only the name of the rocks in Nigeria that we need,its important,alright but we want to know the economic importance of these rocks also.

OSHO ABIODUN 5 years ago

Nigerian rocks are so rich in divers minerals content and yet it does not bring any meaningful development into the nation.

OSHO ABIODUN 5 years ago

Nigerian rocks are so rich in divers minerals content and yet it does not bring any meaningful development into the nation.

OSHO ABIODUN 5 years ago

Nigerian rocks are so rich in divers minerals content and yet it does not bring any meaningful development into the nation.

FAVY 5 years ago


yes 5 years ago

i am intrested in ur advert my name is olotu rotimi 08164904283

Fetuga oyindamola 5 years ago

Nigeria is blessed with lots of good things and natural things. God bless "Nigeria"

Morah Anthony 5 years ago

Great work done,however pics of dis rock should be included

olamide 5 years ago

examples of rocks and hills in Nigeria are shere hill in platteau and olumo rock in abeokuta

efizy murphy 5 years ago

job well done, it'd b better if d pictures r included.

Emmanuel kadiri 5 years ago

Nigeria is a blessed country with rich mineral resource. But are there rock found in Edo State?

sunday pamilerin 4 years ago

i need list of rocks

AKEJU LOLADE 4 years ago


Testing 4 years ago

Sokoto rock

Anegbe emma 4 years ago

Nigerian rocks are supreme

Mirack nnah 4 years ago

Where are the loctions of this rocks in nigeria

Emmaediong Bruno 4 years ago

We have some rocks around aks but we don't know the names

John o. inyanda 4rm j town. 4 years ago

U have done more than enough.Having told us names, locations and some of the hmportance of these formations,what are their ages and minerological compositons of those mentioned landforms in your text?

chebem 4 years ago

we need more and you gave us the one that is not so common you did badly fair.

Adam4life profile image

Adam4life 4 years ago

Allah ya albarkaci kasar mu da manyan duwatsu masu albarka

chiemela 4 years ago

Nigeria is really blessed with a lot of rocks

pelumi 3 years ago

i love my country and am proud of NIGERIA my god bless my country

Zootbluetly 3 years ago

I accustomed to find on top of living nevertheless these days We have established any resistance.

Mahmood Muhammad Nura 3 years ago

It's very nice page

WomsAssub 3 years ago

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dominic ifechuku 2 years ago

i am actually a college student and i needed these informations for my assignment and i think i am nt yet satisfied, i need just one more.

lucy 24 months ago

Job well done. It really helped. Please could the pictures be shown.

HOLLAY 23 months ago

Nigeria rock are use for 1. Tourism, export, building and most important is revenue generation.

gepeTooRs 9 months ago

Fantastic blog. keep it up!

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