Whacky Fun With Photos From PhotoFunia.com: Fast, Easy and Free

Create Funny Photos Instantly: It's Free

Chase away your blues! When you're down and bored and have nothing else to do, here's one sure way to brighten your day. Create whacky and funny photos of yourself, family, friends or those who are not so friendly.

I came across this little online photo editing site that lets you instantly create crazy and hilarious photos. All you need is your photo or someone else photo, load it up to a chosen effect and presto you've created a funny photo that will surely add a little zing to your day.

The site I'm referring to is called PhotoFunia. It's a simple site and does not much information except for the usual ads. The About page shows 3 guys operating the place and they have an office in Whetstone, London.

Photofunia home-page opens up with 70 special effects that you can choose from. It uses face detection technology to superimpose the photos that you've loaded to these effects templates depicting various celebrities, people or situations. Just be patient and wait a few minutes and your special effect photo is created for you.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words!

Your photo on one of the sexiest man around!
Your photo on one of the sexiest man around!
As an avatar!
As an avatar!
Everyone can have fun!
Everyone can have fun!
Your precious ones!
Your precious ones!

Fast, Fun and Free!

Your photo must not exceed 500kb and can be in jpg, png or gif formats. Creating your funny photo is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Select your effect from the home-page
  2. Browse your pc and open your photo file
  3. Wait for your funny photo to be created. Once done you can save it to your hard disk, as an avatar or save to ImageShack.

If you do not know how to resize your photos, check out my other Hubs on photo-editing.


I have added another Hub on a free photo-editing online site that you must see to make more funny and unique pictures. Great stuff to do and enjoy and share the fun around. It's called Loonapix

PhotoFunia where you have fun with photos

Click to select the effect you want
Click to select the effect you want
Your photo will randomly appears here
Your photo will randomly appears here

More Amazing Photos

Links to ImageShack
Links to ImageShack
Be admired!
Be admired!
Cool wheels with your proud photos embracing its body!
Cool wheels with your proud photos embracing its body!

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arif khan 4 years ago


bilal 4 years ago


Rajan kuwar 5 years ago


Massimo 6 years ago

I also like http://www.writeonit.org/ it was one of the first site to do online fake pictures and it also allows to create fake magazine covers and face in holes.

Do you use it ?

suman 6 years ago

so good

Kyle 6 years ago

Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is http://photofacefun.com – they make new effects every day!

ggg 6 years ago

its great

Bob Garson 7 years ago

It looks really cool. http://en.picjoke.com is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

rajneesh saxena 7 years ago


rajneesh saxena 7 years ago


mayhmong profile image

mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina


This gives me an idea...mwahahaha!

zeng profile image

zeng 7 years ago from Malaysia Author

there are no freewares that I know of. mb someone out knows and can help.

Chit Chat 7 years ago

PhotoFunia is great fun! Everyone should try it out.

http://www.SillyScenes.com has another 1,000 templates to make funny pics with your photos.

dhaval 7 years ago

is there any software which can do this to images like photofunia.com

Olga 8 years ago

Fun With Photos


zeng profile image

zeng 8 years ago from Malaysia Author

Glad you like it. Yes, I've tried funphotobox and I do agree with you that it is a very cool and beany site. Have fun and a nice day to you.

blackclipper 8 years ago

Thank you for the info. I like http://www.funphotobox.com as well they have plenty of amazing effects. They very funny and looks very cool.

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