Place Value Games

Photo: Flickr angela7dreams
Photo: Flickr angela7dreams

What is place value?

Place value means that each digit in a number has a different value, depending on its place within the number. For example, in the number 4352, the 4 has a value of four thousand, the 3 has a value of three hundred, the 5 has a value of fifty and the 2 has a value of two (often described as two units or two ones).

When children learn about place value, it can lead to an "aha!" moment when they realise that they don't have to memorize sums for all the numbers they can think of...once they know that 4 + 3 = 7, they can apply this to 40 + 30 = 70, 44 + 33 = 77 or 4000 + 3000 = 7000.

Playing place value games will help children to reinforce their knowledge of place value.

Place Value to 100

A good knowledge of place value is essential before moving on to double-digit calculations or working with numbers which have decimal places. Reading from right to left, the value of each number is multiplied by ten. For example, 1 = one unit, 10 = ten, 100 = one hundred, 1000 = one thousand, 10000 = ten thousand, 100000 = one hundred thousand, 1000000 = one million.

With decimals, the same pattern continues. If you start form the decimal point, each place value is one tenth of the value of the place before it, reading from left to right, e.g. 0.1 = one tenth, 0.01 = one hundredth, 0.001 = one thousandth and so on.

Learning through maths games is much more fun than just doing sums!

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jonixk 8 years ago from Lisbon

I remember this game when i was a young kid. Thanks for this information caspar

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loved this review, keep on the great job

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