Elementary Racism Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Objectives

Goals: The students will review and complete writing a structured paragraph using all the steps they have learned while also addressing that change is possible for eliminating racism, but it all starts with their actions. The students will also learn what stereotypes are and how to eliminate them.

Time Required: 1-1 ½ hours

Materials: Poster boards, markers, sharpies, pencils, and lined paper.

Introduction: The teacher should review the process of writing a paragraph (pre-writing, writing, editing, and publishing). (4 minutes)

Lesson Plan Methods and Procedures

Methods/Procedures: First the teacher will start the class with a discussion about the books that they have read up to third grade. Have them critically think about the races, language, and stereotypes that might have been in them. Ask them if they know what stereotypes are, (a commonly held public belief about specific social groups, or types of individuals.) Tell the students that stereotypes can be bad and good but we want to eliminate the bad ones. Examples could include "all White people are obese and lazy, all African American people steal, all Asians do is study, all Muslims are terrorists, all Native Americans are illiterate, and all Latinos are dumb." The teacher should address just because one of their friends said something about another race doesn't mean it's true for that entire group. Bring up the example of picking a certain characteristic (hair or eye color) of the students and say they all pick their nose or are bad spellers (for example). Choose something that is completely ridiculous but tell the students that just because one person saw a white person picking their nose, they all do. It will help them comprehend the negatives of stereotyping. (20 minutes) After that discussion, tell the class that they will be writing an important letter to the principal about having more diverse books and/or ones with less stereotypical characters in them. They must make an outline first and write a one page paper on why they think that. This will give them practice for the publishing stage of writing while doing an action for change. (15-20 minutes) Have the students talk about their ideas for change that could happen in the school. Tell the students that as a class they will be making 5 posters to put up around their school. This poster could show statistics, ideas, pictures, or whatever they think would be most effective on addressing the issue of racism. Have the students draw an outline individually first of what should be on the poster. As a class, agree on the content that would make the biggest impact on for the students at their school. (20 minutes)


Closure: If the poster is appropriate and uses proper grammar, punctuation, and uses structured sentences/ paragraphs then you can go as a class to hang them up in the halls (with the principal or schools permission) or if that doesn't work out, hang it in the teachers classroom. (5 minutes)

Assessment/ Evaluation: The teacher will evaluate the student's letters to the principal on using proper grammar, punctuation, and structured paragraphs. Also the teacher can evaluate the posters and discussion involved in the lesson.

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