How To Say I Love You in Different Languages

Simple yet timeless, "I love you" will never fail when you try to express your love to that special someone.

You may like to surprise your husband, wife, girlfriend / boyfriend and say those three words of endearment in their native tongue. Here is a compilation on how to say "I love you " in different languages.


1. Arabic - Ohiboke / Nohiboka

2. Burmese - Chit pa de

3. Bulgarian - Obicham te!

4. Chinese - : Ngo oi nei (Cantonese)

5. Croatian - Volim te!

6. Danish - Jeg elsker dig!

7. Dutch- Ik hou van je!

8. Filipino - Mahal Kita / Iniibig kita!

9. Finnish - (Mä) rakastan sua!

10. French - Je t'aime!

11. German - Ich liebe dich!

12. Greek - S'ayapo!

13. Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia 'oe!

14. Hindi - Mai tumase pyar karata hun

15. Hungarian - Szeretlek!

16. Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu!

17. Irish - t'a gr'a agam dhuit!

18. Italian - Ti amo!

19. Japanese - Kimi o ai shiteru!

20. Korean - Saranghamnida!

21. Latin - Te amo!

22. Lebanese - Bahibak

23. Malaysian - Saya cintamu!

24. Mandarin - Wo ai ni!

25. Norwegian - Jeg elsker deg!

26. Polish - Kocham ciebie!

27. Portuguese - Eu te amo!

28. Romanian - Te iubesc!

29. Russian - Ya tyebya lyublyu!

30. Serbian - Volim te

I LOVE YOU for the part of me that you bring out.

31. Spanish - Te amo!

32. Swedish - Jag älskar dig!

33. Thai - Phom rug khun / Chan rug khun

34. Tongan - 'Ofa 'atu

35. Turkish - Seni seviyorum!

36. Ukrainian - Ya tebe kokhayu!

37. Urdu - Main tumse muhabbat karta hoon!

38. Vietnamese - Anh yeu em / Em yeu an

39. Welsh - Rwy'n dy garu di!

40. Yiddish - Kh'hob dikh lib!

I hope you enjoy the list.

If you want to add/ correct the translation or if you know other languages or dialects, please feel free to leave a message on the comment box and I will update the list.

Say it ! !

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ose 5 years ago

thank for that know i can say i love you in my launge

Janina1996 5 years ago

In finnish it is: Minä rakastan sinua.

Swedish: Jag älskar dig.

corazonyalma 5 years ago

Latin should be: Amo tu, not te amo.

Danni Boo'♥ 5 years ago

i can only speak spanish, and a lil of chinese. Ti Amo and Te Amo!

Spanish= Te Amo?

Chinese= Ti Amo?

Emglish= I Love You ?

Prajwal Ratna Rajbhandari 5 years ago

Ma timi lai maya garchu.... Nepali

T CHOCOLATE 6 years ago


Yeahnush 6 years ago

In Persian it is " Ma tura dust doram"

bob marley 6 years ago

i always thought "i love you" in tongan was "oku ou ofa atu kia koe"

*will check with Tongan friend on that one tho.

anonymous 6 years ago

this isnt what i was really looking for but it helped im trying to learn how to say i love you in many different langauges for my boyfriend and family...

icelandic- eg elska pig pronounced jeg elska thig


africaans-ek is lief vir jou

ek het jou lief

albanian-te dua

czech-miluji te

anonymous 6 years ago

the language it's not ilonggo i is infact called HILIGAYNON.. ilonggo is referring to the people living in iloilo..

aLexis29 6 years ago

in (illonggo)gna plangga ta ka....

love it...

Bebe 6 years ago

How about Samoan....

Somoan-Alofa Ia te Oe

Amber 7 years ago

Wo lw Ni Chinese

IkHou Van Jou Dutch

Mina" Rakastan Finnish

prime 7 years ago

cebuano (filipino dialect): gihigugma ko ikaw

CARL WANG 7 years ago

CHINESE : wo ai ni ( mandarin?

dye4mahsohle 7 years ago

hello..nice one..thanks to you :D

. . .hI. . . 7 years ago

. . .hehehehe. .

In bsaya ginahegugma kita. .

8 wAs aWESome

Anonymous 7 years ago

i love you in Bengali is 'Ami Tomaye Bhalobashi'

yaniv 7 years ago

"Ani ohev otach" (when boy says to girl)

and "ani ohevet otcha (girl say to boy :))

thats the when you say it in hebrew :D

Chia 7 years ago


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