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North west country

Well here I am again...hogging the hub..but thought you might like to view my area in this wonderful world???

Well this is the top most place on the states map. Seattle is 2 hrs away by ferryboat ride or driving around the Puget Sound. We have water surrounding us everywhere..I can see Victoria Canada from here also.

Fishing, crabbing, oysters, clams, halibut, goeducks,rockfish,salmon, just about all you could want. Must add though it has slowed down greatly in the last 5 years. Too much growth and over fished....Sad.

We were a desert 107 years ago and then they began the irrigation to the land for the farmers.. to help feed the loggers...Highway 101 ran through town till about 5 years ago and they put in a by-pass, good for traffic to a town 15 miles away called Port Angeles..and also for the local businesses, not having all the logger and big trucks going through the town.

I have been here 21 wonderful years...the Population was 5000...now I couldn't tell you what it is...too many though.. Oh dear we have Home Depot, WalMart, Costco,Petco,Office Depot, And on and on..Not sure I should be advertising here.???

We have the Olympic Mountains which protect Sequim ( which means calm waters) in indian language. from most of the bad weather. Port Angeles which as I said is just 15 miles away gets like 30 inches of rain and we get maybe 10. Although when I went to leave this a.m. for church it was snowing.. It can get very cold and very hot...well to us it is hot in the 80's.

We have many farmers, Organic farmers, farmers market every Saturday, Lavender, crafts, horses, cows, loggers,stores banks...more churches then bars right now..and a lovely spot to live in. I will share some photo's if I am smart enough to display them...here goes G-Ma :O)

The boy is a child named Andrew that

I have watched since he was 4 months old....and he is on my front porch. Well l live on an acre in the country. This was a dairy farmers land to begin with and to a point still is..but much of the farming has given way to houses....sad, :O(

However we get lot's of sunshine here, very wonderful beaches, bald eagles every where along with wild Elk herds, coyotes,raccoons,deer,birds of all kinds,rivers, mountains, skiing and wonderful friendly people. Wanna come visit me?? Glad to have you...G-Ma :O)

P.S. I just figured out if you click in the middle of the big photo it gives you a full view...wow is that sweet :O)

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MM Del Rosario profile image

MM Del Rosario 9 years ago from NSW, Australia


this is very interesting, do you know that Ihave never seen a cayote in my life  (aside from pictures) .  By the way what is a halibut?


G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free Author

It is a big bottom flat delicious fish G-Ma :O)

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