short-cut format of tense(easy to learn)


Present Simple: Subject + Verb (Present) + Object + Extension.

Present Continuous: Subject + Am/Is/Are + (Present Verb+Ing) +Object +Extension

Since = point of time

For = period of time

Present Perfect: Subject + Has/Have + Verb(P.P)+Object + Extension.

Present Perfect Con.:

Subject +Has Been/Have Been +(Present Verb+Ing) + Object+ Extension + Since/For + Time.


Past Indefinite: Subject + Verb(Past Form) +Object +Extension.

Past Continuous: Subject+ Was/Were+ (Present Verb+Ing)+ Object+ Extension.

Past Perfect: Action – 1 Sub + Had + Verb (Past Participle) + Object

Action – 2 Sub + Verb (Past) + Object.

Past Perfect Con.: Action – 1 Sub + Had Been + (Verb+Ing) + Object + Since/For + Time

Action – 2 Sub + Verb(Past) + Object


Future Indefinite: Subject+ Shall/Will+ Verb (Present)+Object.

Future Continuous: Sub + Shall Be /Will Be+(Present Verb+Ing)+ Object.

Future Perfect:

Sub + Shall Have / Will Have + Verb (Past Participle) + Object+ By/Before/ Till/Until + Sub + Verb (Present) + Object.

Future Perfect Con.:

Action – 1 Sub+ Shall Have Been/ Will Have Been+(Verb+Ing) +Object+ Since/For + Time

Action – 2 Sub + Verb (Present) + Object.

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thank you

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awesome it is

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What the HELL is this.....

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no clarity verb forms

verb forms in the form of v1 v2 and v3

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Thanks... Helped me a lot

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