How to sleep less while remaining focused

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Sleep less

Sleeping less is what many people want to achieve but rarely succeed because it turns out to be easy in theory but when it comes to actually getting up early in the morning we soon skip the resolution and close our eyes again "just for a moment" - and continue sleeping, without really noticing.

So what can you really do about it ? I want to share some of my tips that made me sleep less (I sleep about 4-5 hours a day and that seems to be enough for me to focus during the day and not being tired - but of course getting to the 4-5 hours is a process that will take some time. But let me show you how you could do it!)

  1. Well first of all you need to get rid of the idea that sleeping more than 8 hours is good for you and that 8 hours is the minimum amount of time you should sleep a day - that's simply not true! An adult can easily manage to sleep 6 hours a day maximum without any decrease in health or other side effects. On the contrary, sleeping longer than 8 hours is actually bad for your body and you will feel even more tired during the day, the more you exceed the 8 hours limit!
  2. So the golden rule of sleeping less is to slowly train your body in getting up earlier, if you're sleeping more than 8 hours a day, start by sleeping strictly 8 hours 4 days in a row. It is also important to sleep the same amount of time during weekends! (most people see their weekends as a chance to "finally" sleep more than 6-7 hours but this just irritates your body who maybe finally got used to sleeping less during the past few days and now gets to sleep much longer suddenly). Sleeping longer on weekends is as bad as a jet lag!
  3. Now decrease the amount you sleep every 5-7 days by 30 minutes. So after (4+)20-28 days you should only sleep 6 hours a day. If it is hard for you to get up early in the morning make sure that you always get up as soon as the alarm clock goes off - never snooze!! To ensure that, you may use an alarm clock that motivates you to get up (there are tons of alarm clocks that punish you for snoozing, some have wheels and roll away others connect via wifi to your bank account and donate real money to an organization you hate, every time you snooze - no kidding!) but a good way to get up without having to use a special alarm clock is to just turn the volume up and make sure that you don't use a radio alarm clock but instead one where you can define a song that will wake you up. Because you're more likely to get up to a fast paced song (whether it is opera or a heavy metal track) than to the morning news, not only because your neighbors kill you if you don't stop the loud music early in the morning by getting up as fast as you can ;).
  4. Another good trick is to drink a glass of water as soon as you get up. Then walk right into the bathroom and wash your face using cold water (touching your ears from behind with your cold hands is another "wake-up" trick that you can use all day).
  5. It is also important that you eat a good nutritious breakfast (this energy will keep you awake until the sun rises and from then on staying awake is much easier) and most important: try to establish a sleeping routine by going to bed always at the same time (I know this can be difficult to achieve but just set your alarm clock again for the next day as soon as you get up in the morning and trust me you will want to go to sleep on time at night2 ;))
  6. Well fine now try to reduce your sleeping amount to about 5 hours if you need more time during the day. 5 hours is still a long time! Do you know that Napoleon Bonaparte's servants had to wake him up after exactly 4 hours of sleep so he could reduce his amount of sleep?
  7. Now you could go a step further into the "hardcore zone" of sleeping less. And use a technique that is called "Polyphasic sleep", this technique is used for military purposes, by NASA astronauts and by many famous people (mostly politicians).
  8. Here I recommend starting with biphasic sleep, i.e. sleeping for 3 hours during night and taking one 30 minute nap during the day. But there are lots of techniques. Some prefer 5 equal naps of 30 minute distributed over the day and others use the 2hour-1hour-30minutes sleep pattern. But if you really want to reduce your sleep that much you're probably open for experimenting and discovering what works best for yourself.

That said, sleep well ;)

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early riser 5 years ago

Good advices. One thing to remember though is that quality of sleep is as important (and sometimes more important) than duration of slip. If you get quality sleep you can sleep 6-7 hours and still feel great waking up.

p.s. that loudest alarm clock is bomb :D


suncat profile image

suncat 5 years ago

I am ready to agree with you and it's a well written article.

However I don't think I'm gonna join the company of short sleepers, not yet and not even after you convinced me :))

Happy hubing, I just joined a team of your followers.

lxxy profile image

lxxy 5 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Ohh I've heard of these type of sleeping patterns before. What would I do with all that time? The possibilities are endless! But first, to find me a mad scientist lab kit...

RDSPhD profile image

RDSPhD 5 years ago from Earth Author

Haha but the worst part is once you have all that time it starts to be normal soon. And then you're left thinking "Ah I wish I didn't have to sleep 3 hours a day - that's far too much! man, what would I do with all that 3 hours of extra time if I was a Dolphin and don't need to sleep" ;)

lxxy profile image

lxxy 5 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Haha, a rather interesting addiction in it's self. I'd take up practicing the Force again. It's still not strong with me. :(

RDSPhD profile image

RDSPhD 5 years ago from Earth Author

Haha it's not you! It's the missing midichlorians ;)

But if you practice long enough I'm sure they'll flow through your veins numerous ;)

lxxy profile image

lxxy 5 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Sweet deal!

Actually, Michio was touting this work all up and down, and I'm not finding the Discovery/Science channel version, but there is a lecture on YouTube (Sci Fi or Sci Fi fact I think..) sans the interesting bits. We are getting closer. ;)

Anyway, enough Michio for one day. Haha ;D

RDSPhD profile image

RDSPhD 5 years ago from Earth Author

Hahaha I gotta admit I'm looking for new Kaku and Hawking videos on youtube every day like a hungry wolf ;) Aaaaah sciience, it's so addicting :P!!

lxxy profile image

lxxy 5 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Sometimes I just want to mainline a bunch of info at once. ;D Oh well..maybe someday :)

chank 5 years ago

its cool

Annamie Cureteyz 3 years ago

I agree, it will just actually boil down to sleep discipline. If you have already trained your body that a 5-hours sleep is more than enough, surely your body will not look for the eight hours of sleep anymore.

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