source of behavior

"its all in the behavior"

With a half honest effort and conscious look, one will see humanity has dropped the ball, in terms of being an expression of the best of behavior, that could have evolved from a creation -"Just setting the stage for the discussion"...

Everyone should readily concur, "behavior is tolerated at certain times and then sometimes it is not". You could say, "Behavior is all about timing"...

Well, "Time is not on humanities' side", let me explain this comment...

It starts with the fact that history repeats its self, if a concerted effort is not made to alter humanity's repetition, routine and habit" One has to ask why does it matter...

Now, that is, the million dollar question... "Why is it, time and time again, humanity makes the same sort of mistakes that cause it to decline and fester in its bad behavior that creates the negative human condition we are again experiencing?"

As a matter of fact, "it reoccurs every ten years", "where the bottom falls out of the economic scam," The powers that be manipulate economics until it dissipates into yet another iteration of programed failure due to the same usury behavior that generates all the degenerate conditions that keep reoccurring...

Given a Time-line algorithm of behavior (This is a time-line, set continuum sequence):
Behavior is an attitude temperament as a product of ~
1. reaction/action is a stimulus response which is a product of 2
2. life is the (id ego superego) spirit which is a product of 3
3. present past future time-line behavior is a product of 1 and 2

"What do these three behaviors all have in common?"
1. The Cain and Able Syndrome
2. Pavlov's LAW
3. the monkey and the banana syndrome

All of these behavior-chance mechanisms are the end result caused by choosing an attitude and not changing the temperament which produces the behavior...

The Adam and / Eve tale of greed and envy is of the same strand, thread and string that is used in the above mechanisms to make the human marionettes perform on the stage of life, to the tune of exclusive, selfish evil behavior...

Behavior boils down to a reaction/action, stimulus response which is the product of life as the three-dimensional (id ego and superego) spirit, which is a product of present, past and future time-line behavior. There you have it... We are the product of conditioning over time, the human condition, which controls human behavior is our heritage from the biological genome of our DNA, and, its precursor self as the thoughts of our ancestors as their metaphysical genome DEW (desire, emotion, and will) that drives the mind which prompts the quality, attribute and nature of the spirit world conscience of our condition..

OK, here is a good tale to help you visualize and relate to the biological and mental conditioning mechanisms. You have experienced, it, without even being aware that you have indeed been conditioned to behave in the fashion your surrounding have dictated for you. To perform a part as a character in this melodramatic tale of pseudo-reality in which greed, the antagonist, is disguised as the protagonist; simply the shell game of usury, manipulation and advantage... "How else do you explain what goes on that is not exactly appealing to the soul?"

Ponder this while you read and know there is good and bad conditioning and try to understand the differences are apparent on the spectrum of quality, attribute and nature that influences your reason, choice and decision... The dimension, form and measure of the quality scale is inclusive, selfless civility on the positive side and exclusive selfish evil on the negative side... With this knowledge and understanding lets seek the wisdom of our conscience...

Well lets start with the funny one first, the monkey and the banana syndrome, it is the analogy that fits the behavior syndrome that humanity has evolved with in tack and still conforms to. "When was it acquired?", "Well that is another story that will take some more words to explain; but for the instant lets look at, the monkey and the banana syndrome".

The monkey and the banana syndrome goes like this, its an old tale that has no origin, I found it while stumbling a hub, it said, no one claimed its creation; but it sure meets all the criteria of Pavlov's Law. It should be an experiment some where in the behavioral sciences...

Well, lets get on with the tale. It starts out, that, these monkeys are placed in this cage and a ladder is placed amongst them with a banana suspended from above.

Now, in the beginning of this tale, did I say, it was an experiment? It should be, or maybe it is in reality. I'm quite sure it is the expression, form and function of the reaction/action, stimulus response behavior defining a present, past and future concept of behavior, attitude and temperament...

You see, these monkeys are here in this cage, standing around, with this banana dangling down tempting them to retrieve it and eat like the fruit on the tree of so called, good and evil...

Now, in the beginning when one tried to retrieve the fruit all the rest were sprayed with cold water every time one would attempt to get the banana... This went on until they all learned not to even try an attempt at getting the fruit dangling down above the ladder...

After, the initial programing, and all the monkeys present were conditioned not to attempt to retrieve the banana one monkey was replaced with a new monkey that did not know the drill... This monkey enters the cage, sees the fruit; and thinks it looks like its the day, no one else is paying attention to this food dangling down, so up the ladder; but before a hand is placed on the ladder the others attack and stop the attempt, preventing the new monkey from obtaining and eating the fruit... Every new monkey learns this same attitude adjustment lesson and as soon a new member heads for the the ladder the social structure is ready to keep the condition the same because of the instilled temperament developed by past conditioning... So, soon no cold water is necessary to condition the new monkeys; now, and in the future any new monkey is conditioned by the temperament (will) of the social group that has no memory of the process or reason, choice and decision that got them into the behavior they exhibit. You see, present past future repetition routine habit is learned behavior based on attitude and temperament...

The present paradigm of behavior condition is a remnant of our ancestry that did not possess the tools to deal with reconditioning their behavior to improve the general welfare of the group, the whole of society, the world, the global family.

In the past, before sense was made of the human-condition, humans were programed to react and respond to the stimulation of greed, which in the past was a survival instinct based on raw need, immediate life and death threat... Today there is none such thing except that which has been concocted by perpetuating the old syndrome...

People, we, have not evolved away from the raw survival threat conditioning of our ancestry... It is time for an intellectual revolution based on this revelation... You see, "The forest and the trees are the same, it is one thing". With probability, iteration and permutation, its basic construct is the same; but it is what we make it to be or not to be by our behavior, attitude and temperament, this is the question.

"What is it that humanity wants from its life?" "What is the purpose, motive and intent of its existence..." "Let the past go, its old and decrepit, there must be a new beginning to end the syndrome of negative behavior that has pit the world against itself." "It makes no sense, there are trees; but no forest, there are people; but no unity..." We are body, mind and soul of the spirit of existence. "Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?" The greed notion must end if humanity is going to exist further into the future... Human behavior must be reconditioned to respond to the needs of its heirs. Humanity needs to reinvent its condition and not be a slave to its past conditioning...

Defining Sovereignty

Bill of Rights

Make a Big Difference

Look here: email these people media matters

and; coffee party

and tell them this ~

Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party create?

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

Political Correspondence Needs To Be In The Following Format

To State Issue ~ It must have ~ Solution, problem and answer ~

Statement of elements describing debate issue:

1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

In this format it can be tracked in a database so people can see the deviations and or consistencies in the rhetoric and dialectic presented...

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love321 4 years ago

this artical kind of reminds me of the time i saw my brother naked in the garage, he gracefully galloped into the kitchen and made me a sandwich and it really helped me realize who i am today, thank you for helping me remeber this with this artical, well writen..

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

kimh039, I am happy you found the essay, and I am pleased you had fun with it... Thank you for taking the time to read and comment...

kimh039 profile image

kimh039 5 years ago

Loua, I landed here from your twitter post - and re-tweeted it.It reminds me a little of the story of sour grapes - regarding giraffes who couldn't reach the grapes in the tree so they decided they didn't really want grapes and grapes aren't all that anyway....well, something like that. This hub was a little fun and a little serious; a fun way to think about something serious, perhaps. Thanks:)

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Ron, thanks for the visit and the comment; but don't count on stimulus response reaction unless you just want tricks played by unwitting participants, it takes thought to change one's behavior to include the rest of the universe one resides in... Good luck with that though....

Ron 5 years ago

It's Funny, that before I read the exercise of the Monkey and the Banana, I had coined this phrase. I moved to the Philippines a while back and was always trying to get things done in a timely manner. When I would ask for something done i was told it would probably take 3 months. Example, waiting for new Car Registration. One has to wait a very long time for the plates. maybe 4 months or longer.So I always pictured, Monkeys sitting in an office and holding a banana and blinking a lot. Not doing anything, just holding on tightly to their banana and blinking. Now I must rethink my whole new theory Maybe a Hose and Water will do the Trick???

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Humma Ofi, thanks for coming by and proving encouragement...

Humma Ofi profile image

Humma Ofi 6 years ago from Detroit, MI

You definately have a way of making one think. Keep up the great writing and inspiring minds to question the way things are.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7, thanks for being so gracious; and I am grateful for your kind remarks...

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Wonderfully informative hub, making us all think more deeply about the reasons we are here.

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