Exploring Space Or The Oceans, Which Is More Valuable?

Life Under The Sea
Life Under The Sea

Exploring Space or the Oceans, which is more valuable? In order to determine which is more valuable we first must determine what value means and how it is important to us as humans. We have to determine if the value we seek is to be qualitative or quantitative? If it is to be qualitative then exploring under the sea would be more valuable. If it is to be quantitative then exploring outer space would be more valuable.

Why do I categorize value into two different groups? The reason is because I am attempting to answer the question using the psychology of human nature. Man seems to always be transfixed on finding existential answers outside of himself. Is that a normal human trait? I don’t know. All I know is that somewhere along the line of human history someone said, "In order to understand yourself you have to study your surroundings". That statement however is only true to a certain extent.

The human body is still very much a mystery but instead of focusing our research into figuring it out we are busy trying to make robots and artificial intelligence. We are simply imitating what has already been done. The human body is already the most sophisticated feat of genetic engineering in existence. All we need to do to keep it going is eat, sleep, and procreate. I don’t think that in all our trying we will ever be able to duplicate that.

Exploring the Oceans of the Earth in order to insure humanity's longevity fits into the same analogy. We are 70% water just as the earth is approx. 70% water. Why skip to outer space before we fully understand the hugely unexplained mysteries of the oceans and how human existence is connected and dependent on it. The oceans also hold the majority of life forms on the planet. There are literally millions of species of plant and animal life that have yet to be discovered in the Oceans. Many of those life forms may hold important clues to our existence.

When we continue to seek answers further away from ourselves we are operating in more of a quantitative capacity. That is because our consciousness is increasingly being geared more toward personal gain and self gratification. I am not saying that we should never venture out into space. What I’m saying is that when we focus our attention, or should I say, when those in power focus their attention toward space it is mostly for monetary gain. They have exhausted the wealth of the oceans and are now looking toward space as the next “Gold rush”.

Currently, scientific exploration has little to do with actually exploring space. NASA for instance has had to cut funding for research over the past 10 years. The Space Shuttle Program has also been shut down. The main seasons for governments investing in space exploration now is for either military supremacy or mineral exploration. Like the explorers of old in their tall ships searching for new bounty, the government agencies today are eagerly searching for valuable resources to stake their claim on. At the same time they fool the people with romanticized stories of “Earth Like planet" discovered “not far away”.

Since the origin of Mankind we have been looking to the heavens and wondering about the planets and stars and if there is any other life besides us. For these reasons I know that space exploration will be inevitable. At this point however, I feel that we need to learn more about human life by focusing our attention inside ourselves and on our immediate surroundings instead of wasting billions of dollars on things that are not addressing issues such as; healing the sick, feeding the poor, and stopping the senseless wars.

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

Thanks for answering my question. I really like how you ended the hub with this sentence: "At this point however, I feel that we need to learn more about human life by focusing our attention inside ourselves and on our immediate surroundings instead of wasting billions of dollars on things that are not addressing issues such as; healing the sick, feeding the poor, and stopping the senseless wars." Voted up, interesting and will share with my followers.

tarajeyaram profile image

tarajeyaram 4 years ago from Wonderland

There is a whole new realm within ourselves that we can explore through various mediums of which is spirituality. And by doing so we will be able to appreciate our surroundings even more. Personally, I would choose to explore the underworld of water inhabitants over the peculiarity of space. I think it would be more valuable to our life here on earth of we appreciate our time and the vastness of the universe. Its beautiful to think that we exist in a universe that is so complex and vast. Beauty and excitement lies within the realm of the unknown. Thanks for sharing your inquisitive mind with us all. That was a well thought question along with your commentary that we should explore within ourselves. Thanks one more time. I would vote this up if I could.

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