Study Skills: How to improve your concentration

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Causes of lack of concentration

One of the main causes of missing of what you are reading is a lack of concentration. When your attention wanders words slip by and leave you with little memory of what you have read. You may go through the motions of reading and studying, sometimes for hours at a time but end up with poor results.

  • Not being prepared to read and study
  • A lack of interest in the material
  • The material is too difficult
  • A lack of motivation
  • A lack of suitable goal
  • Too much noise or activity around you
  • Emotional problems
  • Being tired
  • Having to much to do

A major cause of not concentrating is not being interested in the work.If you are studying something you really want to, your attention generally will remain keen. However, when yu are reading something that you consider dull or boring, you will usually find it difficult. This is probably because you didn't prepare yourself properly to work on the task. If your lack of concentration is due to being tired or not being motivated, you may have to postpone the work until a more suitable time. Certainly a wise use of available time to read and study is one of the best remedies.

Fear of failure is another reason for poor concentration. Often the thought of failing an exam or assisgnment starts to take more time than the actual study and this in turn adds to your worry.

Here is a list of suggestions which will help you improve your power of concentration

1. Select a place you like to study and where there are few distractions

2. Plan your study time so that you will have enough time to finish your work.

3. Make sure that you have all the materials and resources you need to finish the assignment.

4. Develop a positive mental attitude to the task ahead. Think about finishing your work and try to do well.

5. Remember your purpose for studying and make this your goal. Question yourself about what you are studying and then read actively for the answers.

6. Work in short sessions of forty to fifty minutes and take regular breaks to avoid getting tired.

7. Make notes and summaries of the main points you are studying and refer to them to check your progress

8. Break your work into smaller units of study and mark each unit off as you complete it.

Study Skills NotePad Photos

I have created some slides that might help you improve your power of concentration, you can print it and post it in your room or just to look once in a while to guide you in your study. (You can also use these slides in PowerPoint presentations.)

IHTH (I hope this helps).

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nagbushan 17 months ago

Concentration hmm it comes only when the exams are near

Paul 20 months ago

To improve my concentration I like to listen to calming background music.

It improves my concentration and at the same time it excludes other background noises.

chen 22 months ago

this is great and helpful to me

Priti 2 years ago

it is very important in our help in whole life.

Rahul Singha 2 years ago

thanks for the post..... and it really works

ritz rocks 3 years ago

it helps a lot friends try these techniques and i asure u that u shall score well all the best and thanks for these tips

manasa 3 years ago

Thanx a lot.I wil try to follow dis n achieve my goal n my lyf...

sallu 3 years ago

thankx.....helpful post

Devang 3 years ago

Ok I vill try this...I wish it will work because I really need help and I hav no option

Amjad sial 3 years ago

useful for those who are de tracked from their goals

vishnu 3 years ago

thank you so much for improving it is a good friend for us

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AdventurousDave 3 years ago

I love these tips on improving concentration :-)

Kevin Mincher has a brilliant strategy for improving your concentration. He coaches students to connect with their 'purpose'. When you identify what's driving you and believe in your ability to learn, then you improve your performance. You can watch Kevin's videos at

Rati 3 years ago

Thank s a lot.

Nivetha 4 years ago

These are very good. But it's a difficult task to follow them. Hope I will

Aastha 4 years ago

Ok i will try out these tips. I think these will help me.Thanks for posting these tips. =)

Curtis 4 years ago

very resourceful this information helped me a lot and will certainly help in the future.

likhita 4 years ago

useful its really working

prasanth.india 4 years ago

Not so good needed much more attention

aklesh 4 years ago

share it all student right now

jinnuperfect 4 years ago

it helps me out

ritika 4 years ago

this was really helpful......!!!!

pooja 4 years ago

I am a medical student n had given my final year exam but unfortunately i have failed in one of my paper although i had prepared well for the subject but due to some out of syllabus question n the change in the question pattern i have failed by 4 mark . M feeling too depressed n cant concentrate .Most of my friends hv cleared the xam . But i hope all d above tips help me to pass my paper. thank s

Utkarsh Joshi 4 years ago

i hope it'll help to get rid of my bad concentration..........

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mishel 4 years ago

thanks for these useful tips

narender kaur 4 years ago

It is very useful.I like this very much.

sonam 4 years ago

I hope i will follow these instrucitons and i will get a good result in my exams.Thanks for giving good tips in studies.

hghghghghg 4 years ago

thanks you this really helped

vineela 4 years ago

it helped me to gain more concentration than before .thanks a lot.

taran singh 4 years ago

nic tips but i cant under stand when i am siting for study 15 to 20 min i will read that all i learn that but some time later my mind is distract for study i think about which things i need in my life like love , sports bike or money . pls help me tell my problem

jakie(mahi) 4 years ago

nice tips frm u sir....i wil be able 2 cary ur words

rahul 4 years ago

superrr vry nice thanks for giving valuable information on how to study thanks...

ronith 4 years ago

it helps us very effectively and helps us to achieve our goals.

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madhu 4 years ago

i am very happy to read this from today on wards i will follow this all instructions

tresia 4 years ago

thx alot,i will make it happn

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good tips to get interest on reading;)

Mukesh 4 years ago helped me a lot to change my attidude.

resham neupane 4 years ago

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louromano 4 years ago

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howtoimprovestudy 5 years ago

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I have read all the aspect given above and from today will do it and later will let you know how it worked over me.



Thank You

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Ishhwarya 5 years ago

ya let me see whether it works .if it works ill be grateful to you all.

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It also good improvement for poor students....

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Yes it is really nice and also helpful to a study.

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very useful tips for concentration.

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these tips are really good , but what matters is ous positive attitude .

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these tips are really good............

i can follow these tips and i can improve my concentration


Hemant Sharma 5 years ago

hi my name is hemant sharma thanks for this sugession thank you

arunima 5 years ago

listening to music helps reduce tension and we start to enjoy what we study... that's a personal view.... if you want to study with full concentration then think that what you are studying will help you out in one way or the other later sometime when you really need that skill....

Sarada 5 years ago

Thanx for good tips i will try to implement them

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gajanis786 5 years ago

Excellent informative hub....all very useful tips. I will definitely encourage my son to read and benefit from this article.Thanks.

shubham  5 years ago

lisening music during study is bad habit . i think it is the main cause

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Ernestasm 6 years ago from Lithuania

I agree with your opinion. I also write hubs about education.

Harish TS 6 years ago

Hi this Site is very useful for me,especially for students.

Khaja Moinuddin 6 years ago son is in college and struggling with his study habits.

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thanking you for giving the tips improving my concentration

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astigpinoy16 6 years ago from Philippines

great hub, it'll help me to improve my concentration.. keep it coming. 6 years ago

thank you for this article. yes it really works to get concentrate in studies.

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u can also concentrate and try for focus

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MM Del Rosario 6 years ago from NSW, Australia Author

Well, it has been a pleasure to share some tips on study skills, For all the students who visited this hub, I hope this will help you. Good luck on your exams and all the best in the future.

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It's really good..

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MattW 6 years ago

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mathan42 6 years ago

very nice information on improving concentrating...liked your tips...I admit with you on fear of failure thing....check out my hub on study techniques at

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it works i advise everyone to do these tricks!!!!!!!!!1 amaging!!!

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looks gr8 ,will try to apply them.


zakir 6 years ago

the problem that i face is that i cant concentrate on the lectures given by the professor be it any subject even the one i am most interested in, i cant concentrate and tend to forget things quite easily, if any can help me with this i would be grateful

malli 6 years ago

Its very good article thank for publish

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dis really works..

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Rudy 7 years ago

Listening to music can improve your concentration too. Had amazing experience with Study Aid music..take a look through my link..

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franciaonline 8 years ago from Philippines

This hub is very useful. I'm sharing your thoughts with a nephew who is in college and is struggling with his study habits.


vaibhav gupta 8 years ago

very good and comprehensive to understand .comprises of practical things.

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