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Designing Rooms For A Teenage Girl

Designing rooms for female teenagers can be a pretty tough task, especially as this type of audience tend to be very picky, or in some cases, they want to be really stylish in their own accord (often probably).

Designing Tips

Since it can be pretty hard, I've got listed a few tips that will help you get the ball rolling when designing a room for a teenage girl.

  • Know what she wants. Of course, you'll need to know her personality, as well as what she likes and what she hates. This will pretty much give you the overview of what to design for her.
  • Know her passion. What does she do for a hobby? You must at least know this information beforehand. It's always a good idea to build a design based on her passions in life, as she'll really like it. Also, does she have a favorite cartoon, anime, or drama character? Incorporating these will always be a good idea.
  • Mix and Match. Picking random things and having them match can be a fun way of designing a room, but since this is trial and error, you'll probably waste a lot of time trying to find that perfect design match. Anyways, it's always worth the try.
  • Go for light colors. Most of the time, a bright mood will deliver good designs (most of the time only!). Take note however that color picking should depend pretty much on the personality of the girl, as if she's like a little bit rebellious or something like that, then a dark color surround would be ideal.
  • Go simple. Although having a lot of colors and such can be pretty eye-catching, it's always suggested to go for simple themes, like those with a lot of white (or any light color) spaces. You might say we're going for a moderne' look for this, well actually, that kind of style really isn't bad!

Where To Find Designing Ideas?

If you're running out of ideas and want to ponder for some more, there are a lot of things you can do. Like:

  • Browse the net. Here, you should go about browsing sites, reading reviews and blogs, as well as going about forums. The internet can be a good source of information for just about anything, it's just the matter of clicking and browsing the right sites. Here's an example of a teenage girls room design site.
  • Talk with the one you're designing for. Yeah, if you're out of ideas, you better inform her, as she'll probably have something that would spark your creative mind.
  • Consult with friends, family, or anyone close to her. If you don't want to consult with her directly, then you can go about someone who's close to her. You can get many designing ideas this way.

There are a lot of ways to think get creative ideas. Heck even having a coffee or tea would be effective for some. It's just a matter of imagining things, combined with a little sense of creativeness of course.

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