The Alamo

The Alamo was a famous event in American history took place at an old mission in San Antonio, Texas in 1836. The mission (founded by Spanish priests) was called the Alamo.

At this time, Texas had not yet become part of the United States of America. It was one of the Mexican states. Mexico had been ruled by Spain until 1821, when it became free. In 1835 a group of American settlers in Texas revolted against Mexico. They wanted to set up an independent state of Texas. Volunteers from the United States came to help them. The rebels captured San Antonio and turned the Alamo into a fort.

Early in 1836 the Mexican general, Santa Anna, attacked the Alamo with 4,000 soldiers. Inside the fort were some 187 Americans, among them the frontiersmen Davy Crockett and James Bowie. Their leader was William Travis. For 12 days the defenders fought off the Mexican army, but eventually the Alamo was captured. Women and children were allowed to go free, but all the men defending the Alamo were killed.

Six weeks later the Texans, led by Sam Houston, defeated Santa Anna's army at the battle of San Jacinto. Texas was free. For a while Texas was an independent state, but in 1845 it joined the United States.

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