The Hurricane Supplies and Tips That You Will Need

The Hurricane Supplies and Tips That You Will Need

If you live near the coast, you are at risk of possibly being in the path of a hurricane one day. This goes for anyone living in the Caribbean, Florida, the Gulf Coast, the Mid-Atlantic States, and even the Northeast coast. Hurricanes are massive storms that are formed primarily between June and November in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The peak time for activity is around September, when storms are formed quite frequently due to the warm water. As we all know from recent memory, hurricanes can be devastating to area, flooding streets, knocking down power lines, and destroying homes. The best way to be prepared is to have hurricane supplies ready for you and your family.

The first thing to do is before hurricane season begins; make sure you have proper hurricane supplies for your home. Examples include flashlights, batterys, portable radio, water, and blankets. These items can be purchased cheaply ahead of time and will allow you to be ahead of other people in terms of readiness. As soon as hurricane season begins, pay attention to your local news and the Weather Channel to see if storms are forming and where they are heading. As stated earlier, late summer and early fall is when the frequency of storms forming increases. When a storm forms, pay attention to its path, especially if is near you. Within 48 to 72 hours before landfall, the National Weather Service will issue watches and warnings for a given area, which is likely where the storm will make landfall and impact the most.

As soon as this happens, you should immediately go to the store to get further supplies. Get more water, food, blankets, and other supplies you will need. If your home does not have storm shutters, then put plywood over your windows and move your outdoor objects indoors so that they do not become flying projectiles. After you have your supplies obtained and your property protected, all this is left to do is hunker down and wait. If you are in a high risk area, you may be forced to evacuate and go to a hotel or shelter. Make sure to bring supplies with you, no matter where you go, because it could take days or weeks for things to get back to normal. If you stay at home, be wary of potential thieves and looters, so if you have a firearm, make sure it is secured and ready to defend you and your property. If you follow these tips and gather the necessary hurricane supplies, you should make it through the storm as smoothly as possible.

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