the other me

from AndYaDontStop
from AndYaDontStop

The other me

the other me

the other me seems to be always talking.forever.if i do like try and shut him up, you can be sure the resentful bugger will bug me do death about it.

its not just the incessant crap he keeps dribbling out of my mind (or atleast what i think is my mind) its also the effect it has on my well being.  I may want to debate a hundred things with you, but really with my self?  that is taking things and thoughts a little too far.

the need to talk to the other me is so intense, some times i miss the other me.its like when he is not around or just not interested, i feel like the better part of me is missing.

the other me could surface anywhere, anytime. in the shower, driving my car, in the middle of a corporate presentation, but mostly when i am alone and when I need to make a decision.  that is when he strikes, the other me.

here are my suggestions for you to control and maybe use your other me well.

1. listen

2. dont argue

3. discuss with another soul too

4. sometimes just trust 'the other me'


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