The Rise of Nazi Germany: An Interactive Lesson

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Reparations, Inflation & Depression:

*The end of the First World War resulted in the Treaty of Versailles (Pronounced Ver-sigh). The treaty was very unfair to the losers. So much so that President Wilson withdrew from the proceeding in protest. The treaty was forced upon Germany without any concessions to that country or representation by that country in the proceedings. It was a "sign this or else" situation.

*The treaty forced reparations upon Germany in such high amounts that it economically hurt the country drastically even before the start of the Great Depression.

* Hyperinflation resulted. Hyperinflation is inflationthat is very high or "out of control". Inflation is an economic term defined as the rise in the general level of prices of goods and services (such as food or electricity) in an economy over a period of time.

* As a result life savings where whipped out over night.

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Those are stacks of money.It literally took two or three of these bundles to buy food for a day.
Those are stacks of money.
Those are stacks of money.
It literally took two or three of these bundles to buy food for a day.
It literally took two or three of these bundles to buy food for a day.
Hitler was viewed as a savior by many Germans and for good reason.
Hitler was viewed as a savior by many Germans and for good reason.

Adolf Hitler, Leader & Savior:

*Lack of leadership and political fighting worsens economic situation. The Weimar Republic (pronounced Vi-mar) was a slap dash governmental form thrown together at the end of the First World War by political and military officials who didn't flee for fear of reprisals for the war.

*Hitler’s combination of political manipulation and strong leadership brought him to power. He took over the Nazi party (which stands for the National Socialist Party in German) and only used its ideals to accomplish is goals. He used popular symbols and ideas to increase the popularity and image of his party.

Project: Research the original meaning of the swastika symbol. Are there any non-Nazi groups that still use it? You may be surprised by the answers.

The Nazi Philosophy:

Something to consider. According the the Nazi philosophy what other groups of people were considered sub-human?
Something to consider. According the the Nazi philosophy what other groups of people were considered sub-human?

“Lebensraum” or Living Space:

*The need for more room for the German race to grow. Initially it was a move to regain territory lost due to the Treaty of Versailles. After this the move into areas that were occupied by "non-Arian" peoples. Nazi philosophy views such people as good servants or workers for the supreme race while other races such as the Romani (also know as gypsies), Jews, black Africans (and other dark skinned races), mentally or physically disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses (and other dissenters due to religion such as Mormons) and homosexuals were viewed as sub-human and were experimented on, imprisoned and exterminated.

*Germany evolved into a military dictatorship as a result. Since the Weimar Republic was not a natural evolution of German politics this left a very intrenched warrior class feeling disenfranchised and frustrated. Add to this the constant changes in the republics political structure due to a lack of stability and the German people embraced strong leadership after living in relative chaos for several decades.

And now a ligher look at the events of the Second World War.

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avorodisa profile image

avorodisa 5 years ago from Russia

This is like reading a history book. Interesting!

ibbarkingmad profile image

ibbarkingmad 5 years ago from Utah Author

Is that good? I was thinking this would be useful as a tool for teaching when I finish my degree and start teaching (in about a year).

twodawgs 5 years ago

Pretty neat! I was wondering if there was a way to create interactive tutorial hubs.

ibbarkingmad profile image

ibbarkingmad 5 years ago from Utah Author

This is a first attempt. I think I will try again. I think I may be able to do better now that I have given it a try. I wish there was a way for me to set the deliver of the results from the quizzes to me but as of right now that appears not to be the case.

gjfalcone profile image

gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

I enjoyed you hub, it fueled a few questions I'm gonna look up. Thanks.gjf

platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

ibbarkingmad, this is an excellent hub. I was having a conversation with friends just last night on The Treaty, Homosexuality,and the 200 thousand African that people either are unaware of or refuse to discuss, who died in the showers of Nazi Germany. Again, this hub was excellent. Matter of fact American is ripe for such an occurrence. Wish I had this book in my collection.

ibbarkingmad profile image

ibbarkingmad 5 years ago from Utah Author


I got a lot of my base information from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer (great book! See above Amazon link) and then got my additional information from extensive study on the subject. Despite the fact that the Second World War is the war that had the most impact of any war on the face of this little planet I have found that too few people actually understand the rudimentary aspects of why Hitler came to power. I feel stupid about forgetting about Blacks and I am editing the hub accordingly.

Ausseye 3 years ago

Hi Yourbarkingbrillinat:

History has its records while we humans have our victories, humans serve humanity better than any political droll. Very few rulers have ever passed the humanity test Hitler failed I very badly, a dunce was the verdict. Mind you he was a vicious excuse for a human being. Few individual showed some courage in standing in his way, but the socialist mob we a little too naive to fathom his intent, you left them as low life in Germany nobility. Socialists were the enemy of the state and deserved what they got, swash those vermin and make them fly the country. Awesome effort but now you must go back and include socialists in your account, love you victory over word, thoughts and other peoples opinions. Some parents are true gems, damn glow in the dark they do……love your work.

ibbarkingmad profile image

ibbarkingmad 3 years ago from Utah Author


Socialism, while present, was not the major factor in the NAZI party despite that fact the NAZI translated into English is the German National Socialist Party. The reality is that while the NAZI party did indeed to many a socialist like things, they were more Fascist in their political approach. Even that isn't fair to Fascists because the NAZI regime under Adolf Hitler was insane. Essentially anything that did not have the stamp of approval from the NAZI party was questionable at best, evil at worst. I highly recommend you read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. This book reveals a lot about what NAZI Germany was and is a great read. Since it was written shortly after the end of the war by a REAL reporter who had access to REAL documents and facts, there is no politically correct bias and lots of truth.

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