Educational Principles of Trust


Educational Principles of Trust

Why should teachers trust other teachers? Both principals and teachers seem to agree that confidentiality, communication and relationships are necessary in order to develop a high level of trust. Teachers hold the idea that confidentiality was a requirement in order to develop a trusting relationship with their principal. On the other hand, principals believe that the trustworthiness and credibility of the teachers were the key characteristics necessary for developing trust. In order to create a climate of high trust between both teachers and principals there were several appropriate strategies that must be developed within the school system.

Today’s educational system seems to based on the assumption that teachers are not particularly interested in teaching students. There appears to be a breakdown of trust, not only between principals and teachers, but also between the government and the teaching profession. This idea has created an education system that is based on hyper -accountability and micro-management by external agencies. This type of negative control has led to the constant high-stakes testing that creates pressure on teachers and students, as well as principals. It can be said that these agencies look for what is wrong with the educational system, rather than looking for good practices on which to build school development and creating an atmosphere of trust by strengthening teaching and learning.

If trust is to be developed within the school system, the teacher’s ideas must once again be respected and teachers should be viewed as scholars and not just someone who merely implements a curriculum dictated by an expert from outside. Teachers should be given ownership over how they teach . In turn the curriculum will become more innovative and creative, emphasizing critical thinking skills, and not memorization of facts. This will also lead to more trust between teachers, principals , students and parents.

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