how to build a kids catapult


How To Build A Catapult


A catapult was a medieval rocket launcher it was used to hurl stones rocks and even tar covered rocks which had been set alight,they were designed for maximum damage to property and people.

the catapult I am showing you here won't be as dangerous, but it will fire a ping-pong ball about 30 meters.


1) 1 small block of wood approx 6 inches long 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep.

2) 1 springed clothes pin.

3) 1 cube of wood 1inch x 1inch

4) 1 ice lolly stick (popsicle)

5) 1 cap from a plastic bottle.

6) wood glue

Take the 6inch block and lay it on a flat surface

Then glue the clothes pin to it centred lenghtwise (see pic)

When the glue has set glue the 1 inch cube to the open end of the clothes pin (see pic)

Then glue the popsicle stick to the cube as in the pic

Next glue the bottle lid to the popsicle stick leaving enough space to push it down to fire your catapult.

And there you have it a catapult to fire at your toys.

I hope you have fun with your new toy .....jimmy

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misfit profile image

misfit 10 years ago from England

I reckon this must be one of those 'weapons of mass destruction' Bush & Blair were hoping for.

Pity they missed this one - would have given them something to crow about. Tom.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

hahaha tom maybe they could fire water bombs from them ....jimmy

fggg 10 years ago


dakota boyd 10 years ago

I like the catapult very much.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

thanks dakota

jess 10 years ago

thanks for the catapult design... helped my friend and i with a physics assignment

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

glad to be of assistance...jimmy

rence 10 years ago

thanks so much, jimmythejock! your design's simple, but it rocks! :) GOD bless!

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

thank you very much...jimmy

slink 10 years ago

Great project, built 3 of them in an hour for my boys. Not sure about the 30 meters, but they are learning to be artillerymen. Exactly what I was looking for. THanks!

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

your very welcome they are fun though lol.....jimmy

MyBridge 10 years ago

this is very low budget indeed... i had to link this hub to my blog/forum...thanks for the design

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

thank you for the linkĀ it is appreciated feel free to put your blog link in the comments here too.....jimmy

theragincajun 10 years ago

the catapult was very easy to build and it didn't cost me anything. thanx jimmy. you're the man.

theragincajun 10 years ago

i really liked how you designed the catapult. it helped me in chemistry class. it was so easy to make. thanx jimmy you're the man.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

You are very welcome cajun hope you have fun.....jimmy

bebeau 9 years ago

hey jimmy i like how you handle your ideas on making a catapult. it was so easy to build and it was so cheap. thanks a lot jimmy the jock.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland Author

you are very welcome thankyou for commenting.....jimmy

one eyed willie 9 years ago

hey you come up with some amazing ideas for catapults. i wish i had the talent to so all that. you'll be famous in a matter of years for your web site. thanks so a lot jimmy.

jess 9 years ago

wow thanx this well make a good science prject for me once again thanx a lot

Benis  9 years ago

tankx u gave me no ideas for a project

benis 9 years ago

u took my comment off now i am depressed and want to kill myself

mee siam mai hump 9 years ago

thanks for ur guide to teach me how to make a catapult!!!

;uhuoi;va 9 years ago

Thnks 4 the design. real helpful 4 my project.

Jenny 9 years ago

thanks. it will be helpful for my social studies.

Jenny 9 years ago

Thanks a lot. I am for sure to get an A+ on my social studies project.

callum 9 years ago

LOL if you made it giant we could bomb all the schools in the UK then the world..... (sorry i h8 school)

but any way i got a A+on my test im begging my perents to make one for me to keep so i can bomb my little bro with water bombes see ya \!/ Callum \!/ (pain and death)

catapultss 9 years ago

very helpful

I wanna BLOW SOMETHING UP! 9 years ago

Hmm Im trying to build it rioght now for a school project but i cant find any popsicle sticks :O using something else but cant get the piece of wood to stick to the cloths pin! now im using the Use-the-whole-bottle-of-glue tactic he he he ill let ya know if i get it to work

hi 9 years ago


lala 9 years ago

this is a really cool catapult! I would use it, but i have to make one so its powered with a rubber band. O well.....It will help me with my science project tho. It will give me some ideas at least!!!!! Seee Yaaaa aroundddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

lala 9 years ago

this catapolt would be PERFECTO if i didn't have to use a rubber band!

If i didn't, i would totally use urs!!! not to be a copy cat or any thing.....LOL

9 years ago

i lile it besides the buch coment

Delina 9 years ago


It was easy to build compared to other catapults, materials were not costly and I hope it reaches my target.

ashlee 9 years ago

is 30 meters really far also this is a cool idea i just might use so of its features to add on my own catapult

Amanda 9 years ago

thanks for giving me this idea a 86 on my science project but i had to have a poster board and other stuff for it.with out you i prabably would have failed no other websites i understood.THANKS

trainlover00 9 years ago

thanks a lot but it would be better if there was more than one design. otherwise this is the best and easiest catapult design

Bob 9 years ago

Thanks! That saved my history grade

maddy 9 years ago

hey thanks a lot 4 the design helped me a lot when it came 2 a science assignment

Yeah 9 years ago

Can you email me how to build catapult with rubber?

wow! 9 years ago

Thanx alot you sved my science homework..i didn't think it would get done in time time! there are lotsa people whos home work you saved aren't there! you are a hero

rockwell 9 years ago

thanks for the tips. I really need it badly for my physics project.

haley starkey 9 years ago

hey can u help me with my catapult?

john 9 years ago

it is a terrible catapult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam 9 years ago

I`am going to get ready to make it.

what's uper  9 years ago

Can u make this with a mouse trap?

Ann and Kyrstin and Ali and Abbie and Sarah 9 years ago

thanks so much u helped us win

ian 9 years ago

cool catapult I really like the design, it is easy to biuld and very cheap but I made a homemade clothes pin and I san barely pinch it down to catipult it! this time I'll make it out of a normal clothes pin.

GoochGoblin 9 years ago

thanks for the blumkin

trimini 9 years ago

those catapults look easy

matt 9 years ago

can this really launch a ping pong ball 30 meterS?!?!?!!?

Marc & Ben 9 years ago

How big is this catapult, cm² wise...?

Thank-you JimmytheJock.

AKA joco 9 years ago

hey this is great it is perfect 4 the project i'm doin' you see my 6th grade class and i are learning about greece and we are supposed to make a catapult and well this is just perfect!!! thanks!!!

B and Z 9 years ago

Can this thing launch a Golf ball 10 meters?? I need to do that for a physics assignment.

Science Project 9 years ago

This is aperfect science project for elementary students withn some history and science combined. Cute and with sense .


sithlord 9 years ago

its asomeithelmed me get bak at my dad its snowing here in glasgow he shoved snowballs in my shoes and when put them on.....

i have a name for it jimmys snowballlauncher kool init

Shawn 9 years ago

What is the range of the catapult?

bob 9 years ago

hey thx jimmy this really helped you rock my sox of!

mango06 9 years ago

hey jimmy it didnn' treally work out for us but it gave me a really good idea thx for everything

joe 9 years ago

how far does it launch

George 9 years ago

Thanks for the guide

Lilly 9 years ago

thanks so much my project going t be a succes YES: )

patrixk 9 years ago

think you

Grateful parents 9 years ago


Both my kids are involved in a science week and are having a ping pong ball catapulting comp this week. Was looking at doing something based around a mousetrap but this was so much quicker, easier and it worked, plus there's less chance of a trip to casulty with severed fingers!!

Made one or two little design alterations, used an egg box and cut the ball holder out. Plus we didn't have any wooden pegs but used plastic instead and drilled two little holes one side and screwed the peg to the base.


the girl next door 8 years ago

I thought the cataplut was good and mine went 35 meters

abi 8 years ago

Thanks for the great catapult idea! I need to make a catapult for school and this one is simple and with defintley work!

wickedluvr 8 years ago

thx jimmy, wicked catapult

dramafreak444 8 years ago

if u have some toiome could u tell me how far it shoots mashmellows its for my school project?????

meeee 8 years ago


cowsrock4somereason 8 years ago

Hey Jimmy! This is a great explanation, it helped me a lot. We are building these in class and its a little tricky, and I love how it is so simple; being that I'm only in the 8th grade! Thanks again.

<3 cows

jill 8 years ago

yo hommie that shizzz is amazing lol

Blah man 8 years ago

Great catapult design!

Its awsome

Fireman Fred 8 years ago

Hey nice project i really like it thax......jimmy

sezza#254eva 8 years ago

Hello this so cool!

conichewaa 8 years ago

asome dudee

Melinda 8 years ago

I love your catapult! for my shop class i have to make one and it has to hit a 6 foot target and i had no idea how to build one but thanks to you i know how to now ,so thanks your help is Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tikatakawitha 8 years ago

Thanks for the design. My 10 yo son needs to build one for a Webelos badge.

omg! 8 years ago

this looks so weird i hope it works ! luv u !

cock punch 8 years ago

can u put rubber bands on it to make it stronger

????? 8 years ago

does it really work? can i launch a marsh,allow across a gym with it???

SARE  8 years ago

IT's cool

adriana 8 years ago

dose it work]

Jimmie Johnson 8 years ago

this thang works like a son of a bitch

LOLA 8 years ago

Thank you 4 designing this catapult it is so simple and works really well!! I nneded 4 a science project and couldn't find any other working ones!! Thanks!!

achoo 8 years ago

achoo nice....

mee 8 years ago

hey it looks great

me :) 8 years ago

hey i need a catapult for me school science project but i dont think that it will be big enough to launch a tennis ball, thanks any way :)

lallallallalllaa 8 years ago

thanks i need this for my S.S catapult contest which is a drag! :)

JACQUES 8 years ago


Mark 8 years ago

This catapult was great, I really do thank you.

hanna montana 8 years ago

omg i love shoping on the inneternt and i thought it was the beat thing senccs the fall fashion lines by runway chill my fans now i got catopolt

8 years ago

so could this fire a koosh ball 8 meters? i need it 4 my physics project...

I (again) 8 years ago

plz respond bc i REALLY need 2 kno: can it shoot a koosh ball 8 meters? post it somewhere on ur thing plz n that way my physics teacher won't kill me!!! >_<

jj 8 years ago

yes it can

ll 8 years ago

love you

I (like 4 the millionth time) 8 years ago

groovy. (i guess ill just have 2 trust u w/ my physics grade, random person)

beth 8 years ago

i LOVE your design! my boyz love it too. lol- beth.

kt 8 years ago

thanks, this was the easiest design i could find! Hope it physics grade depends on it!

dsafsadf 8 years ago

you can use a mousetrap

Thanks A lot 8 years ago

Thanks :) This will help lots for a project at school.

Anna 8 years ago

Thanks for the idea! it helpep me with our catapult project a lot!

hiuyfuyt 8 years ago

how far it fire

dd 8 years ago


enrique  8 years ago

how far does it really go?

this catapot rules 8 years ago


Nutelal 8 years ago

This rockz! My phsics grade depends on this but it really works! Awesome!

sup 8 years ago

love it

Draco Gale 8 years ago we have to build a catapult and my group sucks except for 1 thnx for the easy design...maybe i won't fail after all! THNX jimmy!

Lexi 8 years ago

the catapult is great it got me an A on a science project! Thankz

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 8 years ago from Scotland Author

Congrats on your A Lexi well done.....jimmy

Lexi 8 years ago

the catapult is great it got me an A on a science project! Thankz

bob 8 years ago

it would be really cool if you could make a catapult thats bigger

christian  8 years ago

nice catapult

halo 8 years ago

thanks this helps a lot w/ science project

thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 years ago

This is awsome!!!!

thanksss! 8 years ago

o my gosh u r a life saver! i had to do this for a school project and it was so last minute and the easiest thing to put together!!!

poop 8 years ago

you are fat

Ur Face 8 years ago

Ur a failure in life that spends their craoy life in dumb websites surfin the web with no hope of a life. Ur a turd

ptrpogjfe 8 years ago

jimmy the jock is gay

funnybob181 8 years ago

Guess what jimmythefreak. Your face remind's me of your mom's butt engraved on my grandma's meatloaf. Go spend your time somewhere else and do something else than make crapy "catapults".

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 8 years ago from Scotland Author

poop, Ur Face, ptrpogjfe and funnybob181 thankyou for your wonderful contributions to this page, I have your IP Logged and I know that these are all from the same person, i love you too glad you love my "crapy "catapult".....jimmy

me 8 years ago

hey do you how to make a trebuche some kids in my class made a this same catapault but i want to know how to make a trebuche

Ulul 7 years ago

Hi there jimmy,

thanks a lot for the design. I really appreciate it and it helped me a lot for my science project. If u have more designs just post the link to the website here thanks men.

koolmoon1 7 years ago

got more

Ray Van Camp 7 years ago

I think it would be perfect for food fights.

Marty 7 years ago

Nice simple catapult. Didn't make 30 meters, but sprung some ideas.

????? 7 years ago

i put 5 closepins and it works

it went 80 meters

anon 7 years ago

Thanks so much for the tutorial. My nephew will love to have these at his knights themed birthday.

Lori 7 years ago

This was help. Thanks

mk 7 years ago

thank you so much

terifo 7 years ago

Thanks for such an easy plan for a catapult!! Someone posted using 5 clothespins to make it go further, but where would you put them?? My son's teacher is having them launch golf balls. Would extending the launch arm make it go further?? (longer lever?)

Thanks again!! We just finished making balloon powered trash cars and it was frustrating for my son with Aspergers. Hopefully this will be easier!!!

Madeline, Lisa, and Wendy 7 years ago

Thank you very much for this design! My friends and I needed a simple design for a class project. This makes it so much easier. I will let you know if we win :D

Carmen 7 years ago

hey im doing a physics project and this is like the most simple design i have seen yet..but will it be able to launch a hackey sack 15 feet?

Andrewtheballer 7 years ago

I need to make a medieval catapult for social studies, can this launch a big marshmellow at least 7 feet.

Andrewtheballer 7 years ago

It Works!!! thank you for the idea all though I changed the catapult. I realized that the clothes pin doesn't have very much force to it, so i replaced it with a "Chip Clip." It launched a marshmellow almost 9 feet and is really fun to bug my dogs with!

tom 7 years ago


freddle 7 years ago

thanks i got an a+on my project tht is sweet

Rachel and Samantha 7 years ago

Hey Jimmy

Thanx so much for the catapult plan, you helped us make a great catapult for our D.T project although i must admit ours looks a lot better than urs!!! haha xx

Coast Mastah 7 years ago


Kristal Mccloud 7 years ago

This didn't help at all I need a catapult that launches like 30ft So other than my D- it got me it was neat but really it needs t launch farther

dane 7 years ago

thanks its really cool i used it for a project for highschool and its easy to make. i hope i get a good mark.


dane 7 years ago

thanks its really cool i used it for a project for highschool and its easy to make. i hope i get a good mark.


Blake 7 years ago

I have to do this for tec

tim harris 7 years ago

Hmmmmmmm, Interesting! D&T at a Hampshire school have built a spring loaded catapult just 1.5 mtrs tall. It fires a cricket ball 215mtrs. Donating it to the sports dept for catching practice. Year 7 will naever be the same.

harry parra testies 7 years ago

wow... soooo cool!!!!!

Ray 7 years ago

thanks for your help dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 7 years ago

thanks you helped me with my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alec 7 years ago

Thanks so much i was biting my fingernails to find a catapult i just think it could go abit further

Georgia Henry 7 years ago

That desine is fantastic for projects and it,s not hard and im 10!

Dan 7 years ago

how far can it launch a marble?

purple 7 years ago

will it lauch a big marshmellow?

Chr1stianMcquir3 7 years ago

Awseome thanks for the idea

Chr1stianMcquir3 7 years ago


Nick 7 years ago

I honestly think I might try this for my physics assignment, it seems like a simple, yet effective and clever simple machine, thank you.

paige 7 years ago

will this work with a golf ball? do you think it could go about 10 meters with a golf ball?

kisgen 7 years ago

how far will it launch a marble?

skyandbray 7 years ago

awesome i used a large lego for the big block and a broken stamp for the 1 inch and elmers glue

urlbob 7 years ago

thanx jimmy

help! 7 years ago

i need to build a catapult for pingpong balls. any help??

Sally Joe 6 years ago

THis is rad!! :)

nr 6 years ago

nice trap

booby 6 years ago

omg this is so kool how long u been doing this i doing sciece prodject on catupults

Bob 6 years ago

What's up.thx 4 the Idea

AmyRose123 6 years ago

its all right

njblb 6 years ago

does it work with eggs???

Asldjhcv 6 years ago

Awesome idea i have to make a project for school today and i forgot about it until now and its due today!!!!! But i made this and now its all goood!!

tasha 6 years ago

omg ive never seen one of your things lol

wyatt (rad guy) 6 years ago

it only goes high not long

margeincharge 6 years ago

How far can this launch a small bean-bag?

daniel slonimsky 6 years ago

can you make a catapult made of metal

dd 6 years ago

thamks a lot for the information it really helped me a lot.

bashar.m 6 years ago

man thanks a lot man u helped me so much with my physics project thanks a lot man

Tayla 6 years ago

my dad won't let me make on right now but ill convinse him


hi 6 years ago

I'm making this for my science project! My uncle is cutting wood up for me right now! Hope it goes far so I can win! Thanks Jimmy

Liberty 6 years ago

before i make one how far does it shoot?

some kid  6 years ago

thanks you helped me with a extra credit asighnment

JUST SOME LOSER  6 years ago

This thing really helped me a lot thanks for this site!

bill 6 years ago

you are great this rocks

lauren 6 years ago

awesome design! keep up the good work!:)

kkawesome101 6 years ago

this saves my science grade!

Darren Lockyer 6 years ago

Looking at building it..... is it good?. Sorry about loosing the game...

JellyBean 6 years ago

thx jimmy! I hav seriously 7 days to mak dis and will b headn down to my local bunnings soon..... dude u rock..... PS b4 i make it how far dose it go at its max?? we r ment to make it the best we possible can..... screw u who were insulting Jimmy... some ppl need his help :P also thx ????? for the Idea... will try it...... OMG thx guyz......Im usn this for my science project... it worth 75% OF MY GRADE! hope dis worx :)

Angel93134 6 years ago

Dude u rock! this is helpn loads! WOOT WOOT :D

Quinn 6 years ago

Jimmy you are the man!!!!! it took me 5min to make i used it for my science project. i think that you made a typo though. mine went a yard at the most. anyways thanks jimmy

ey yo name is drake 6 years ago

@jimmythejock -thanks for the info, your a lifesaver ;0 .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps my grandson wants to know if that is an egg in the picture?

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Drake it is a ping pong ball in the picture, thanks for your comment, take care and have fun.....jimmy

kiwi8993 6 years ago

can this catapult make a shot of 10meters distance??

needs help 6 years ago

can it shoot an egg over a short wall??? and how far???

its for my physics project and its already late...

Carriella 6 years ago

Hey! I need some help... I have to ulid a catapult that can shoot a beanie baby (about the weight of a lemon) 33 feet. In great need!!! So you think this could shoot it that far?? What if i double the measurements and all?

Death_Therapy 6 years ago

That catapult looks pretty cool im going to do it on a school project

Alexis_angel177 6 years ago

this awsome

Cookie Monster 6 years ago

how long does it launch

Marty 6 years ago

Yayyyyyyy We r making this for math carnival thank you for putting it on her- booger

Troop 31083 6 years ago

Will be using your design for a Girl Scout Camporee Station. Thanks for including the dimensions of the wood pieces! Now I know why I've been saving popsicle sticks and clothespins!

tryston dennar 5 years ago

does it show kinetic energy potintial energy and energy tranfer

the guy next door 5 years ago

i wounder if that thing really shoots far

Dobby 5 years ago


charlotte 5 years ago

is this as easy as it looks

jessica 5 years ago

Hi jimmy(: how can you automaticly get the ping pong ball to leave the catapult by just simply pushing a button or pulling a pin for example?

Amy Carr 5 years ago

Thank you, Jimmy! You are a lifesaver! :)

777 5 years ago

how much does it weight

5 years ago

rock on! i love this site! you guys rock! i am soo excited... From Africa

tessa 5 years ago

i will make this

lil girl 5 years ago

can you show me how to make a catapult make a 200g bag of rice go 40cm high and 4m long

shaymin 5 years ago

I got an A++++++++ for my report

finlay parish 5 years ago

thanks for that catapult design helped my bro out a lot

5 years ago

thx u realy helped for my last min project

rhannon killsplenty 5 years ago

at cool hi

I LOVE THISS!!! 5 years ago

hey jimmy. you just saved my gade 7 progect on romans. ill get back to you in 4 weeks and tell you how it went :)

idk 5 years ago

i love this desin

Man in the sky 5 years ago

it was awesome thanks it made a really awesome science fair project

smellmyfart101 5 years ago

i got a A+ :)

Shannon 5 years ago

How far does this shoot ?

malia 5 years ago

mines not accurate? how can i fix it?

malia 5 years ago

mines not accurate? how can i fix it?

Jose 5 years ago

GOOd got a +A

amy 5 years ago

hi, does anybody have a video of them using this catapult?

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