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As I pick up my pen to write about this topic, it just dawn on me that some people may not be able to live forever, even those who may think that they know it all, may still fall at the road side.

 Then I dropped my pen to ponder over the topic, to see if what am about to write is really realistic to many. As am still pondering over the topic, an idea just struck me; and that idea was really got me going.

  The idea that struck me was that anyone if not everyone who wishes to live, will actually live forever, by following this simple thinking technique. The steps that are outlined here may not be what many people will be hoping to see, but it sure do have effect on your life and how long you spent it.


Steps on how to think and live forever

  1. Think about God:- when I say thinking about God, I know that the first thing that will run to your mind ,maybe “yeah but I do think about God” You may have been thinking about God, but how have you been doing the thinking? Do you think about God positively or negatively? The reason why this question is raised is that many people only think about God when they are faced with difficulties in life. That is not the right attitude of thinking about God, You have to think about God as the beginning and the ending, which means less worry and longer life. Because you believe that God is already in that plan, you will be so relaxed that worriness will be a thing of the past for you.
  2. Think Of Yourself:- This does not mean selfish thinking, which majority of people do. When I talk about thinking of ones self, what I mean is that you have to consider so many aspect of your life, which you may be affecting by taking that action, so you have to think of your self positively. Put yourself into consideration in all your dealings, always remember the son of whom you are. Don’t do what will bring regrets and sorrow to you. Always strive to be the best you can in life so that you will be remembered I life forever.
  3. Think About Your Health:- Your health should be the number one project in your agenda. If you cause yourself a break down, then you will have no one to blame but yourself, for not being healthy enough. So what you do, is to avoid so much thinking as this affects your health, only think on things you can have changes to. Don’t engage in activities that is dangerous to your health, like smoking excessive drinking, drug abuse, all these can have a serious effect on your health. Don’t eat excessively, its not ideal and its hazardous to health, so run away from things that harm your health. Don’t engage your self in exercise that can cause health complications. In all you do remember your health comes first.

4.   Think About Your Family And Friends:- Your family is your backbone, you always fall backto them anytime any day. Your friend and family are people that can be there when the going gets rough. Carry them along as this will bring more joy, peace and harmony in your life. You need these people to achieve a lot in life in as much as they too may need you. Think about your family with, it helps promote a healthy relationship between you and your family, and in doing this you would have achieve a total peace of mind, that keeps you thinking with ease and live forever in the minds of those that loves you.

Continue With Positive Thinking

  1. Think About Others:- Thinking about others has a lot of benefit attached to it. When you think about the other people, the tendency of you cheating, hurting them will be minimized, thereby creating a lasting impression on the hearts of those that comes across you, either in business, work place or on the road. Put the other people in consideration when transacting any form of business. Be fair in all your dealings with others, then you will found out how easy it is to think and live forever.
  2. Think Of Your Nation:- Your contributions matters a lot to the nation in general. The impact you made in your country will be remembered forever, it will never be wiped out. If most of the great people we here about have thought just about themselves, then you and I wont even know such a name has existed before. Martin luther king did not only thought about himself, and that is why he is being remembered till date. The bottom line is think of what you can do now, take an action and have your name imprinted in the minds a billions of people nation wide, and history will always do you good forever.
  3. Think About The Poor:- In every society, the poor will always be there. People who finds it difficult to feed three square meal, people who cannot provide for themselves, people who don’t have hope of living. Think about them and found out the best way you can help them, even your words of encouragement means a lot to them. So many people don’t bother themselves with the idea of thinking about the poor, and that is why we have so much poor people in the world. By so doing you may have help save a soul, and that soul will remember you forever.
  4. Think About Your Finance:- In life if you don’t plan anything you do, then you’re definitely heading for doom, so also your finance. Don’t think about your finance as if it’s the only source of living. The money is only to provide for all your needs and not to cause problems. Though money answereth all things, but then loving money too much may also be a serious that money can not solve. Protect your finance, in fact protect it as if there is no tomorrow, but not at the detriment of your life, cause life is so precious to be wasted. Think about your finance the healthy way.
  5. Think About The Future:- Never you ! I mean never compromise with your future. If you fail to think about the future, then the future will fail to think about you. Thinking about the future does not mean you denying yourself the basic things of life, what it means is that for you to think and live forever, your future must be included to achieve the goals which you might have set for yourself. Your future could mean so much, it either brings pains if not well planned or joy if well planned. Many talks about the future, but do they really implement what they talks about, if only 30% of the world population would think about the future, then I would see no reason why we still have so much nuisance on our street today. Because the parents of those children failed to plan for the future, that is why we are all suffering from the effect.

Now as am about to drop my pen another idea struck me, guess what the idea is? The idea is, of me actually living for ever, even as a great thinker.

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