Design students you better think outside the box


Visiting several Design schools a year and having the opportunity to listen to students’ presentations and look at their portfolios I decided to write few reasons to always try your best to think “outside the box”.

Design students, since few years, seem to be locked into a cultural cage that is forcing them to be too wise when designing their projects; recently I see also projects that look more like real production restyling exercises rather than innovative interpretations.

I see also too many “team projects” with the result that after watching few portfolios I do not know who is responsible for what since they look all alike with the same drawings, renderings and model photos!

The question is: What the hell is going on in Design schools?

So here my list of reasons to think out of the box:

Break the rules and feel free to discover a new world

Be creative because in school you will have the time to do it, at work a lot less

Be curious because if you are not means you are in the wrong place

Don’t be afraid to stand up for your reasons, do not be a sheep

Use your school facility, don’t be used by it

If you are part of a student project team always do your own drawings and renderings, too. It is for you

Think every day that your producing for your final portfolio, it is for your quality

Don’t put your restyling exercise in your portfolio, it will kill you

Be professional because if you are in school you will be at work, too

Think outside the box!
Think outside the box! | Source

A message to school stuff

On the other side all teachers should be very demanding but also thinkers outside the box simply because this is a battle to play and win together: students & teachers!

This is one way to learn from our cultural background to project school & students in e new innovative design philosophy. All with strength and courage, students must feel part of a challenging environment; they are there to learn how to be more creative with strong quality skills and good personalities.

Do it! (At least try…)

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Valentino 2 years ago

Hi LUciano , first Thank you for this because its very useful for me .I have a question , so how to be more creative , how to learn this essence , and to do not make boring sketches which you want to scratch ?

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 2 years ago from Paris Author

Hi Valentino, what it counts is to push yourself your creative talent to its extreme. To do so you have to exercise a lot and the better you get the easier will be to explore better and more creative also must feel a competition feeling that motivates you to be the alternative (compared to others). Most of all you need to develop your passion and love for design knowing that the industry is looking for creative proposals and not for something that the industry is already capable to do by It self.

Valentino 2 years ago

Thanks Luciano , i am not in design school yet but i am already trying to be creative and i am sketching a lot :)

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 2 years ago from Paris Author

Good keep it up :)

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