top 10 reasons to become a teacher

Why be a teacher?

1. The schedule is hard to beat. Yes my wife is crazy busy, but for two whole months she is off. That makes planning vacations alot easier.

2. The pay is decent. No, you won't make six figures, but you will usually see raises, and have opportunities in state retirement programs, healthcare programs etc.

3. The people you work with everyday have comitted their lives to something bigger than a job. Everyone has committed to education, and they aren't there for themselves.

4. You are a respected member of the community. My wife gets discounts, promotions,, etc for being a teacher. People love teachers because of the sacrifices teachers make.

5. You have the opportunity everyday to be creative. Many jobs are monotonous, but as a teacher you can try new methods, innovate, etc all in the hopes of teaching kids valuable lessons.

6. You will be recognized everywhere you go. People everywhere will remember you as their teacher. It's a great feeling being stopped in the store and told what a great teacher you were/are.

7. You have an opportunity to outlive your own life. The impact you make on children will last well into the future.

8. You always have opportunities to advance in your career. Masters, Doctorate, EDD, all will help you advance in your teaching career.

9. Your life will be lived for others, not just yourself.

10. Your dedication and hard work will pay off in the lives of countless young people in ways you could never imagine.

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Joe 4 years ago

1o reasons to be teacher

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