using the six language arts in a pre k classroom

Using the Six Language Arts in a Pre-K Classroom


· Read stories aloud and discuss for comprehension

· Listening Center –use the tape playing/CD player and head phones along with familiar books, stories, poems, and music


· Create a Monday ritual of allowing students to share their weekend experiences orally

· Show and tell – encourage students to use language to discuss favorite items/events

· Discuss stories read in class either as a group or one-on-one

· Frequently ask open-ended questions that require students to elaborate their thoughts and feelings

· Puppets/Felt Board/Dramatic Play – provide plenty of opportunity for students to use language while role-playing or during imaginary play

· Encourage dictation on all written/art work

· Repeat student statements and questions in proper English, but don’t make them repeat the correct question/statement (e.g. if a student says, “I ain’t got no crayons,” the teacher would repeat back, “You don’t have any crayons”).

· ALWAYS model proper English during instructional time

· Engage students in storytelling, whether they are retelling a familiar story or making one up. Teachers should model this skill by telling stories as well, not just reading from books.


· Include as much environmental print as possible in the classroom: -Label everything from tables, chairs, doors, windows, etc. -Cereal box books – cut the front of several popular cereal boxes and bind together to form a book. This is a great beginning of the year activity. Allow each student to bring in their favorite cereal box. It provides the materials you need to make the book and allows students to share something about their preferences.

· Word/Picture cards – get some cardstock and jump onto clip art. Resize pictures (3” x 5” are a nice size) and print. Label each card with a matching word or phrase and cut apart. Laminate for durability


· In every learning center provide writing materials -Pencils/pens/markers/crayons in a variety of colors and sizes -Paper in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and with/without lines

· Chalk boards, chalk (white and colored), and erasers

· Dry erase boards and markers

· Make every piece of written work a celebration. Frame it with construction paper for aesthetic appeal and choose a place of honor for written works

· Dictation connects written work to spoken words


· Pictures convey meaning and should be very well used in a Pre-K classroom as most students are in the pre-reading stages

· Films, videos, and DVDs -Remember that many students sit in front of a television at home, so this is not something they need to do at school as well. Films, videos, and DVDs should be relevant to the topic of study or learning activity.

· Internet offers great viewing opportunities through many websites, just be careful and mindful of the age of the students. Use only Internet viewings that you have prescreened for content.


· Sites I like to use in my classroom are:

o Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures

o NASA Kids' Club

o National Geographic Kids

o PBS Kids

o Pete’s Power Point Station

o Signed Stories

o Starfall

Visually Representing

· Display and discuss students’ work. Make everything they do important because whether it seems relevant to the teacher at the time or not, it is important to the student

· If computers are available, encourage students to use such programs as Kidspiration or Inspiration

· Create charts that include words and pictures with students and display them in the classroom

· Recreate favorite stories by making class big books

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Very helpful parents and teachers to know.Thanks for sharing

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