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Need some inspiration for your TEFL Classes?

You've come to the right place if you're looking for some fresh ideas for your ESL Classroom. There are so many sites out there to help you in your ESL Lesson Planning. However, there are so many that it can be overwhelming to search through them all, only to come away with nothing useful. This site will show you the ones that are helpful, and free so you won't waste your time. Games, activities, handouts, teacher training: it's all here! You could spend days exploring these sites and still have more to discover.

ESL Cafe is the ultimate Teaching ESL Website

ESLcafe is the best site for ESL Teachers. Their job boards are the most popular in the world. Their country-specific forums are very popular. I also use the "Idea Cookbook" once in a while if I'm looking for games or ideas for my class. And I've referred students to the "student forums."

ESL Cafe

The Wealthy English Teacher

The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future
The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future

Teach, Travel and Secure your financial future. Perfect for beginners.


MES English: Everything ESL Handouts

MES English is a fabulous site if you're looking for handouts/printout for your classes. The handouts range from coloring to phonic to certificates, flashcards and games. I always look here before making up my own thing.

MES English

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ESL Speaking: Board Games

Discovery Puzlemaker

Puzzlemaker is by far the best site that I've found for making puzzles. Crosswords and word-search as well as a variety of other ones. It's fully customizable and easy to use.

Puzzle Maker

Breaking News
Breaking News

Breaking News English

Breaking News English is the site for you if you teach adults. They have current news stories in 2 levels, easy and difficult. They also have lots of engaging activities to go along with them

Breaking News English

EFL Classroom

EFL Classroom is a most helpful site from David Deubel. It has everything you could possibly want from teacher training to practical resources for your classroom. My description won't do justice so you should really just check it out.

EFL Classroom

ESL Speaking Activities
ESL Speaking Activities

ESL Speaking: Activities, Games, and Resources

ESL Speaking is the site for you if you teach any speaking or conversation classes. There are games and activities for kids and adults, as well as links to other resources and conversation or speaking textbook recommendations.

ESL Speaking

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Heads up English

Lots of good stuff on here, with professional development and excellent lesson plans so that your class is all ready to go with minimal preparation.

Heads up English

ESL Speaking: Role Plays

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ESL Writing by Rob Whyte

ESL is an excellent site from a university teacher in Busan, South Korea. The author, Rob Whyte also happens to be a Lonely Planet author and has written for lots of other publications as well. There are lots of ideas for writing, speaking and listening activities. He also has a nice link section, where you can explore other quality sites for even more ideas for your ESL lesson planning.

Be sure to check out his fabulous teacher's resource pack which contains word puzzles, logic puzzles and trivia on a variety of topics especially designed for ESL students from beginner to advanced.


Learning For Life by Andrew Finch

Learning for Life is a helpful site from Andrew Finch, a long-time professor in Korea. He is a popular presenter at TESL related conferences around the world. I like his site best for its alternative-style assessment ideas and his teacher development section.

Learning For Life

ESL Speaking Activity: Just a Minute


Task Based Teaching-David Nunan

This is an excellent site from world-renonwed David Nunan on task-based teaching. It's part of a course he's offering and he's graciously posted it online for public use.

Task Based Teaching

Presentation Expressions

If you teach presentations and public speaking, this is the ultimate resource! Videos, tips, and plenty of other good stuff.

Presentation Expressions

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What's your Favorite Site for ESL Lesson Planning? 8 comments

AbigailsCrafts LM profile image

AbigailsCrafts LM 6 years ago

Nice list, I've found some new ideas and inspiration here!

I use Genki English a lot - I'm not a member, but their games pages have lots of fun ideas.

anonymous 5 years ago

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ESLinsider LM profile image

ESLinsider LM 4 years ago

If you don't mind I'd like to share my site. It includes resources to teach English in Asia and 100+ how to teach English videos.

anonymous 4 years ago

Check this ESL English site, too:

PennyHowe profile image

PennyHowe 3 years ago

I am really impressed with this lens. I have been looking for materials to teach English here in Mexico. I have used many of those listed above and find them wonderful resources. I am still trying to find a course that would not need much to supplement it. The other day I spent a long time checking out the Genki English and was rather impressed. Does anyone have any feedback about using this course? I look forward to hearing from some of you. Thanks once again for a fantastic lens.

PennyHowe profile image

PennyHowe 3 years ago

The MES English site has fabulous printables.

BenGlickman 3 years ago

ESL101 has hundreds of free lesson plans and teaching resources:

Paul Hefford profile image

Paul Hefford 2 years ago

Good recommendations.

I've also used shenanigames and had a lot of success with their task based lessons.


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