Top 5 weird animals of the sea

Weird Marine Animals

These weird sea animals keeps the depths of our ocean alive. These weird animals of the seas are what gives life to 71% of our earth. Whether they are ugly or frightening, interesting or miserable, weird or beautiful, there is one thing in common that they are all truly magnificent. These are top 5 weird sea animals that are the real beauty of our blue oceans.

Blob Fish

The blob fish is the most miserable looking fish you could ever see. The blob fish inhabits the deep waters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania. This animal is as lazy as it looks. Gelatinous flesh and no bones, this fish floats over the sea floor and swallowing anything that comes towards it.

The blob fish is at the verge of extinction because of excess fishing in the area. The blob fish gets stuck in fishing nets with other animals. This fish which usually inhabits waters below 800m can't survive if dragged up.

Pictures of Blob fish

Blob Fish
Blob Fish

Pictures of Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark
Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark

The Frilled shark is one of the most rarest species of sharks in the world. With an eel like body and deadly typical shark jaws, the Frilled Shark is a perfect explanation for the famous mythical sea serpent.

The frilled shark is a 'Living fossil'. This is because it was long thought to be extinct and was known only through fossils. It was until 2007 that the world witnessed a living frilled shark.

The long jaws of the frilled shark allows it to swallow any prey as long as half its own size. Its main diet include squids and small sharks.

Picture of Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy sea dragon
Leafy sea dragon

Leafy seadragon

The leafy seadragon is a marine fish which is actually a type of sea horse. It is found off the southern and western coast of Australia. The leafy seadragon got its name because of leaf-like projections which cover its whole body.

This weird creature has a magnificent camouflage ability. The leaf-like projections on its body help in camouflage. The pectoral fin on its neck and the dorsal fin on its back propels it smoothly through the waters. These fins are completely transparent hence the leafy seadragon gives the illusion of a floating seaweed.

The eggs are not incubated by the female. Instead the female lays 250 eggs and puts it into a pouch under the tail of the male seadragon. The eggs hatch after about 8 weeks but only 5% of these grow to maturity.

Pictures of Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid
Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is probably the most weird sea animal in the world. Its name itself is enough to give you a bad feeling. But the truth is that the vampire squid is really a harmless animal.The vampire squid or "the vampire squid from hell," gets its name from its characteristic appearance. It is typically deep red in colour and its arms are attached, like an octopus, and when they are outstretched, resembles a cape of a vampire.

It is found in most of the tropical and temperate oceans under the depths of 600-900m. The body of a Vampire squid is covered with light producing organs called photopores. These photopores are capable of producing light for a fraction of a second to several minutes. These photopores are a great weapon to the vampire squid who uses it with magnificent expertise to create wonderful effects.

The most weird thing about a vampire squid is the way it catches its prey. Some experts say that a vampire squid hypnotizes its prey with it photopores. Also when attacked by a predator, it sprays a sticky cloud of bio luminous mucus instead of ink. The predator dazed by these light emitting particles, gives the squid enough time to escape.

Angler Fish

Large frightening jaws with hundreds of sharp teeth, dwelling the darkness of deep oceans and standing out in this darkness with a luminescent organ on its head, the Angler fish has such a bizarre appearance that it can make you wake up, shouting in cold sweat.

The angler fish uses its luminescent pole to attract its prey. Thanks to its giant deadly jaws, an angler fish can swallow any prey twice its own size.

Probably the weirdest fact about an angler fish is how it mates. The female angler fish is the one who possesses large jaws and luminescent pole. The male is much smaller and lacks these characteristics. When the male and female angler fish mate, the male angler fish pierces its sharp teeth into the female's body and attaches itself to her. Once the male attaches itself, he loses all his external organs. After that he loses its internal organs as well, except for its testes. The weirdest part is that a female angler fish can have up to six males attached to her body at a single time.

Pictures of Angler fish

Angler Fish
Angler Fish

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J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

This is a really cool and interesting article! The only animal I was aware of was the Angler Fish. Great job! Thanks for the education! Voting up and sharing.


anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks for stopping by JSMathew.

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks Pinkish.

My Footprints profile image

My Footprints 5 years ago from MY

Great hub. The angler fish looks deadly. Interesting facts of the sea animals.

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks Footprints.

Farmer Brown profile image

Farmer Brown 5 years ago

Thank you for these awesome examples of how different species evolve to occupy such specific niches in their ecosystems and communities. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder eh? As a fish person I was thrilled to be introduced to the blobfish!

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank you Brown.

doodlebugs profile image

doodlebugs 5 years ago from Southwest

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me. I love the Dragon Leaf fish.

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thats true. Nature is truly amazing.

Mikey Bo profile image

Mikey Bo 5 years ago

The Blob fish looks so sad, I almost want to pinch his cheeks to cheer him up. That would probably feel really weird, though.

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Hehehehe!!! Go on Mikey. ;)

ChilliWilly profile image

ChilliWilly 5 years ago from Kaunas, Lithuania

Oh my God, their so scary, especially Angler fish. Thanks for sharing!

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks for paying a visit Chilli Willy.

Writing By Cyndi profile image

Writing By Cyndi 5 years ago

Awesome and Fun Hub :)


anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks for stopping by Cyndi.

khowald88 5 years ago

the blob looked like a humans face if they were at the bottom of the see

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank You for paying a visit and commenting Khowald.

gabriel 5 years ago

wow that's so cool

GrepoTWPlayer profile image

GrepoTWPlayer 4 years ago from Ireland

the blob fish looks like a cross bread between a jellyfish and a human ; )

anasshad profile image

anasshad 4 years ago from Pakistan Author

LOL! But Isn't the Blob Fish cute ;)

profile image

dekrue 4 years ago

Just another example that nature isn't always pretty. Some very interesting creatures!

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Oh my some more uglies or are they so ugly that they are classed as cute??!!

Enjoy your weekend.


Kofantom profile image

Kofantom 2 years ago

I didn't know about the vampire squid. Looks really interesting! You may also want to add Promachoteuthis Sulcus on your list, here's a hub I made a few weeks ago about it:

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