A Must-See Korean Romantic Comedy

Jeon Ji-Hyeon as the Sassy Girl
Jeon Ji-Hyeon as the Sassy Girl


Based on a series of true stories posted by Ho-Sik Kim on the internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. It was later transformed into a best selling book. The movie follows the book closely.

Gyeon-woo is a kind-hearted but at times a naive college student who keeps getting into trouble. He talks to his friends about his type of girl. A girl with long hair, pretty, and slim. On a train he's staring at one but the girl looks intoxicated and drunk! Yukk! But he hates women who's seen drunk especially in public places. The girl called him "Honey", and she passed out. The passengers thought he's the boyfriend thus he was compelled to help her. Fate indeed played games on him. From the moment he set eyes on her his life totally changed. He thought when he's with her he never knows how the day will turn out.

It is a love story, yes, but most of the scenes that these two spent together is so hilarious, Gyeon-woo being the bullied one.

Here are some of the memorable and entertainingly silly scenes:

At a fast food chain-

Girl: What do you want to order?

Gyeon-woo: Cherry Jubilee...wait, I'll have Mango Tango...or Shooting Star. Jamonka Almond's good, too. I'll just have a Love Me.

Girl: You wanna die? Drink coffee!


Inside the train-

Girl: Do you know why the sky is blue?

Gyeon-woo: Because of the reflection of sun shine?

Girl: Nope. It's for me! I want it to be blue. So it's blue. You know why the fire is hot? It's all for me. I want it to be hot, so it is. You know why we have four seasons in Korea?

Boy: Because of you.

Girl: That's correct! And why you were born here? It's for me as well.

Gyeon-woo: What? That's nonsense. I was born before you.

Girl: You know the word of "worship?" John came first in order to prepare for the birth of Jesus, huh?

Gyeon-woo: Ah, yeah,well, I know!

Girl: So get ready. (for the multiple slaps he'll receive because he lost the game they're playing while observing passengers.)


*One day the Gyeon-woo wanted to take a sweet revenge on her but it turned out to be a disaster. He thought it will be his turn to be carried on her back but it did not happen. She came to bail him out of jail instead, and received more beatings, ugh!!


*On the girl's birthday Gyeon-woo and the girl went to a theme park to celebrate it but they were taken hostage by a "broken hearted" deserter! And even this deserter was no match with the girl. H

She even made him cry!


At the Theme Park-

Gyeon -woo: Excuse me, sir. How about letting her go?

Deserter: If I say no?

Gyeon-woo: Let me go instead.. (how do you think the girl would react after the ordeal..? Hmm..)


* The girl likes to write. He shows the synopsis he makes to Gyeon-woo, and it always makes him nervous. If he makes mistakes about his comment, he's dead!

After reading one of the girl's synopsis-

Gyeon-woo: You know what novel touched us when we were teenagers? 'Shower' by Hwang sun-won. It shaped our people's sensibility in their teens. Koreans like sad movies because of 'Shower'.

Girl: 'Shower'? What's sad about it?

Gyeon-woo: It's sad when she asked to be buried in the clothes reminiscent of her love. I couldn't sleep for one week.

        Girl: The ending sucks. Gotta change it. ( Her version of this story's ending is that the         girl  asked to be buried, together with her love, alive. Diggers have to knock the screaming guy to hasten the process).

Girl: It is sad... (Gyun-woo stared at his bizzarre woman with a worried look..)


Gyeon-woo monologue-

If I sleep out, my mom beats me with whatever's in her hands. If she's sweeping, it's a broomstick. If she's cleaning, a vacuum cleaner. When I'm lucky, it's a cucumber or eggplant. So I have to come home on time.


*The boy talked to the girl's blind date and gave him "10 Rules To Follow" to make the girl happy-

1. Don't ask her to be feminine.

2. Don't let her drink over 3 glasses. She'll beat someone.

3. At a cafe, drink coffee instead of coke or juice.

4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't. ..

7. Also, be prepared to go to prison sometimes.

8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly. You'll feel better.

9. If her feet hurts, exchange shoes with her.


The plot is simple and direct, and with a fruitful plot and unforgettable moments. The more you see, the more you enjoy the film. And I haven't touched the 'love story' part yet. In the next half of the film we will understand why the girl behaves the way she does. And why despite their intellectual differences the girl just can't let go of Gyeon-woo.

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Violet Flame profile image

Violet Flame 6 years ago from Auckland, NZ

omg......I can't believe I even found "My sassy girl" on HubPages! It's my very favorite Korean movie. Hack, it's one of my favorite romantic comedies, period! Another one of my favorite Korean movie is La Mere (spelling?) which was later turned into the hollywood version "The Lake House" but with much inferior quality.

I didn't know My sassy girlfriend is based on a true story, how astonishing! She is one of a kind.

Alta5656 profile image

Alta5656 6 years ago from Davao City, Philippines Author

Hi Violet Flame, thanks for dropping by. This film is also one of my favorites. You can watch it over and over again and still laugh at the scenes. Have you seen Binjip (or 3 Iron)? It's another beautiful love story. You must watch it. I'm sure you will love it, too.

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