Hindi Songs Replete with Patriotism


Patriotism is a sense of belonging to a nation. A patriot feels to do everything for his nation. Someone who lays down his life for the nation is the most patriotic national for the country. Many Indian hindi songs have been devoted to this patriotism, especially the patriotism of our Army, which has always won us laurels. They have won us victories despite facing trecherous climate. The battle that India fought in Kargil, Dras cost us the lives of several soldiers. Dras is the second coldest battlefield in the world.

The patriotic Hindi songs that can send anyone's patriotism to the highest limit are-:

Ae mere vatan ke logon, jara yaad karo qurbani by Lata Mangeshkar -- It is must for every patriotic Indian to listen to this song. It is a very touching song and deserves to be ranked number 1 in the list of patrioic songs.

ae mere vatan ke logon  tum khuub lagaa lo naaraa  ye shubh din hai ham sab kaa  laharaa lo tira.ngaa pyaaraa  par mat bhuulo siimaa par  viiron ne hai praaN ga.Nvaae  kuchh yaad unhe.n bhii kar lo  jo lauT ke ghar na aaye  jo lauT ke ghar na aaye   ae mere vatan ke logon  zaraa aankh mein bhar lo paanii  jo shahiid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbani    jab ghaayal huaa himalay  khatare mein padhii aazaadi  jab tak thii saans lade vo  fir apanii laash bichhaa dii  sa.ngiin pe dhar kar maathaa  so gaye amar balidaani  jo shahiid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbani    jab desh mein thii divaalii  vo khel rahe the holi  jab ham baiThe the gharon men  vo jhel rahe the goli  the dhanya javaan vo aapane  thii dhanya vo unakii javaani  jo shahiid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbani    koii sikh koi jaat maraathaa  koii gurakhaa koI madaraasii  sarahad pe maranevaalaa  har viir thaa bhaaratavaasii  jo khuun giraa parvat par  vo khuun thaa hindustani  jo shahiid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbani    thii khuun se lath-path kaayaa  phir bhii banduuk uthaake  das-das ko ek ne maaraa  phir gir gaye hosh gavaa ke  jab anth samay aayaa to  kah gaye ke ab marate hai  khush rahanaa desh ke pyaaro  ab ham to safar karate hain  kyaa log the vo divaane  kyaa log the vo abhimaani  jo shahid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbanii    tum bhuul na jaao unko  is liye kahii ye kahani  jo shahiid hue hai unki  zaraa yaad karo qurbanii  


Kar chale hum fidda jaano tan saathiyo

Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle ugle heere moti, mere desh ki dharti

Vande Matram

Aao bachon tumhe sikhayein  

Apni Azadi Ko Hum

 Ae Mere pyare watan

  These are only a few of the patriotic hindi songs; however, these are the best. Anyone having other patriotic songs and their links, kindly contact me.


ye desh hai veer jawano ka

zindagi maut na ban jaye

sarfiroshi ki tamana ab hamare dil mein hai

apni azaadi ko hum

lukka chippi -- rang de basanti

jahan daal daal per sone ki

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countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 8 years ago from Washington, USA

Ravneet- Can you add youtube videos of your favorites here(just a suggestion). One of my favorites patriotic songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx23VJ7B7Vo

bhalla_neet profile image

bhalla_neet 8 years ago from Delhi Author

Yes, indeed, I will upload the videos. Thanks for the advice, countrywomen. By the way, may I know your good name, please?

Danny 8 years ago


Very good attempt. ???? ???? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ????


ajmal veerk 6 years ago

only sindhi sindh great sindhi great all sindhi mind mam no fight man

lal singh gill 4 years ago

wala e kaim aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................


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