10 Best Movies Based On A True Story

Based on Actual Events...

I'm not a film critic, I just play one on Hubpages. I like movies and I like lists so I decided to do one and will probably do a lot more. I've done a couple of movie lists before but I think this one is probably the best so enjoy it.

The movies on this hub were all based on actual events and are movies that I have seen. There are other movies that I wish I could include but I just cant because I haven't seen them as yet. Hopefully you like these and I'd really love to get your feedback, your choices and comments.

So to kick it off...

#10 - What's Love Got To Do With It

I actually couldn't watch Ike beat up Tina like that. It made me cringe and turn away. It made me angry but because of the realness of this movie based on Tina Turner's rise to fame and the abuse she suffered at the hands of Ike Turner, I had to rate this film.

During research for this hub, I found that Ike denied doing some of the stuff portrayed in the movie but just like a lot of the events in the other films on this list are heavily dramatised for entertainment purposes, I guess they did what they had to do to emphasize a point. Depending on how you look at it the director/cast did a good job because they really got me on this one. I could only watch this movie once and this is why I choose to include it on this list & put it at #10.

#9 - Enemy At The Gates

World War II era, the Battle of Stalingrad, two snipers who are trying to kill each other - sounds good right? Well, it is!

Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes reminded me of the Mad cartoon Spy vs Spy, only this was far from funny and was just so intriguing to watch. The best scene was the ending when... well if you haven't seen it I wouldn't spoil it for you but lets just say the part where one of the snipers is killed by the other. That made me jump up out of my seat...made me actually realize how much on the edge of the seat I was too.

#8 - Titanic

Don't tell my girlfriend but I think Titanic is a a good film and I like the story. Its based on actual events - everyone knows that but the reason why I liked this movie is because well, funny story.

I was watching it in the theatre with my girlfriend and she started crying and stuff at the really sad part. So I put my arm around her, you know and she's on my right. Now I could imagine all the girls in the movies were crying and stuff, this girl on my left who I don't even know leans on my shoulder sobbing...lol.

But I teased my girl after the movie how it was too long and predictable and stuff like that. But hey, it was a really good movie, I have to admit that. Cant say the same for that annoying Celine Dion track, though.

#7 - Ray

I like how Jamie Foxx puts everything into his characters. He literally transformed himself in to a blind, womanizing but talented Georgia born Ray Charles.

I actually rediscovered a lot of Ray's music from this film, some I've heard before as remakes and I learned about Ray's stuggles with drug addiction and a lot of other stuff I didn't know about the singer like his childhood. I didn't know he wasn't born blind so that was interesting to know.

Overall, Jamie Foxx's performance as Ray was amazing, you'd think Ray was playing himself...lol.

#6 - Raging Bull

Raging Bull is a beautiful but brutal movie based on the life of Italian American boxer Jake LaMotta. The scenes engage you emotionally buut what makes this movie so incredible is the classic Scorcese production, the music and acting from Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta, Joe Pesci as his brother Joey and Cathy Moriarty as his wife.

The peak of this movie is the classic fight between LaMotta and world championship boxer Sugar Ray Robinson where LaMotta gets beaten bloody in the ring and Ray wins in a TKO. While Ray is celebrating the win, LaMotta walks over to him, gets his attention and says, "I never went down. You didn't get me down Ray." Woooooooh! Classic!

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#5 - The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a touching and inspiring film about Chris Gardner, a sales man of bone density scanners determined to become a stockbroker. The story follows him and his son as he chases his dream often sleeping in homeless shelters and even a public bathroom but never giving up for the sake of his son.

It's a very inspiring movie with Will Smith and his real life son playing the lead characters and at times I couldn't help looking at my own life where I could at times relate.




#4 - GoodFellas

You don't want to mess with Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Honestly, after seeing this movie I was convinced that if I ever saw Joe Pesci in real life I would have a heart attack. The movie starts off with a brutal scene where a member of the Gambino Crime family who insulted Joe Pesci's character, Tommy, is tied up in the trunk of a car. Tommy mercilessly stabs him with a knife before he is shot to death by Jimmy (played by usual mob flick suspect and Martin Scorcese mainstay, Robert De Niro).

One of my favorite movie quotes came from this movie also - "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster". The movie is based on the life of Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta.

I love the ending where Lorraine Bracco flushes the drugs down the toilet in desperation to hide it from the DEA & FBI. Really exciting stuff...really exciting movie.

#3 - Catch Me If You Can

Based on the real life of conman, Frank Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can didn't look all that interesting to me but I ended up watching it because there was nothing else on. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable films I'd seen in a while.

I was intrigued by the cat and mouse story where Frank, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, outwits the FBI and Tom Hank's character.

The story of how Frank managed to counterfeit checks, qualify as a doctor as well as a lawyer and even impersonates a PanAm airline pilot. He does some incredibly unbelievable stuff which makes the movie even more entertaining.




#2 - Black Hawk Down

I was very satisfied coming out of the theatre after watching Black Hawk Down when it was released. I remember saying, 'That is a damn good movie'.

But it was more than just a movie. The film depicted what was known as the Battle of Mogadishu - a situation where 2 Black Hawk helicopters were shot down in Somalia while carrying out a rescue mission. The mission which was supposed to take like 1 hour ends up taking 15 hours as US military forces battled in the streets of Mogadishu with Somali militia.

Black Hawk Down is a very intense film. From the time the movie starts to the time it finishes you're just into the movie because even though its very dramatic the action just doesn't stop. What else would you expect from Jerry Bruckheimer and his team anyways.

#1 - Casino

Casino is my absolute favorite movie based on a true story. I love the brutalness of mobster films and Joe Pesci who's character, Nicky Santoro is based on the real life of Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro really did a good job satisfying all the fans of the gangster genre.

One of my favorite actors, Robert De Niro stars as Sam Rothstein who is the owner of a Las Vegas casino. Sharon Stone also starred as Sam's wife Ginger who really got me into the story for her deceitful ways. I'd often get mad at Sam for being a punk when it came to Ginger.

The movie was really balanced...enough violence, drama, love and emotion to get you wrapped up into every minute of the 3 hour long movie.

Which of the above movies did you enjoy most? If other, leave a comment instead.

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Rhythm City Prod. profile image

Rhythm City Prod. 8 years ago

Wars, Gangstas and strung out musicians. Very Scorsese heavy as well.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Oh yeah I like Scorcese - one of the best film makers there is. Cant go wrong when you put him Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci together either. Thanks for stopping by.

embitca profile image

embitca 8 years ago from Boston

Love this list. I love almost all of these movies. Tonight I watched another great movie based upon a true story -- We Are Marshall. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend!

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Yeah I heard We Are Marshall is good. Haven't seen it as yet though but thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.

Stooge profile image

Stooge 8 years ago

I like most of the World War II movies. Guess that was a big enough event to throw up many intriguing stories and some equally intriguing movies. Two of my faorites are Letters from Iwo Jima and The bridge on River Kwai

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Bridge on the River Kwai is an awesome movie. Haven't seen the other one but I like the story of Iwo Jima. Thanks for the feedback.

mikeking 8 years ago

The Pursuit of Happyness is very inspiring. Protect your dream.

Tater2tot profile image

Tater2tot 8 years ago from ~~~

Catch Me if you Can, Titanic and Pursuit of Happiness are my favorites. Anything Will Smith does is one of my favorite. You have excellent selections here Kpfingaz. good hub.


Sandilyn profile image

Sandilyn 8 years ago from Port Orange, FL

Of all of the movies that I have watched I will say that from your list I would pick the Pursuit of Happyness as first. It is such a compelling story. To watch a man live through all that he did. Running with his child to make the bus connections and get to the shelters. All the while he is working so hard for the two of them. It was such a great true story.

Ray was a very long movie but showed a side of him that many people were not aware of. He was a talented man but he got into the end of the spectrum as so many people do. It was the age of wonder and experience. It took its tole on him. Such a loss.

Thanks for the hub!

desert blondie profile image

desert blondie 8 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

Great list...and so many fit this category! Embitca right, We Are Marshall very moving..and it's football, so guys should love! What's Love Got To Do With It made me admire Tina Turner soooo much more after seeing this movie...what she endured and rose above!

Jillian Snow profile image

Jillian Snow 8 years ago from Northeast, USA

Glad to see you included Enemy at the Gates. This was one of those movies recommended to me that I didn't think I would enjoy - boy was wrong. Really well done.

Catch Me If You Can is somehow inspiring - I know that sounds pretty bad, but there 's something about the main characters tenacity that just got to me.

Annette Rozen profile image

Annette Rozen 8 years ago

i agree with jillian snow - enemy at the gates was excellent, im glad it appears on your list!

02SmithA profile image

02SmithA 8 years ago from Ohio

I would put The Pursuit of Happyness at #1, its a great movie. Very inspiring!

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

I think its very inspiring too however Casino is my alltime favorite Hollywood movie so I put it at #1 instead.

Pankaj 8 years ago

I think the list must include "Blood Dimond "

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

I don't thin Blood Diamond is a true story. Its what you call 'historical fiction' meaning the story is built around certain facts. It was a good movie but didn't do anything for me.

mudbone 8 years ago

most of them are great im going to watch pursuit hapie now tell uz when its finished

mightyone profile image

mightyone 8 years ago from Chicago (and All Over the World)

very good top ten; didn't black hawk down would make your top ten. that's a rough movie...

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

Nice list!, Im a huge fan of reality shows and films based on reality! I have seen all except the "Persuit of happiness" and Will Smith is a superb actor so its on my list (which is getting extreamly long!) of films to see!

starrkissed profile image

starrkissed 8 years ago from Arizona

Great list!

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Thank you!

A Robinson profile image

A Robinson 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest US

Good list! Seen 8 out of the 10 listed. Casino is one of my favorites and watching Goodfellas reminds me of home. DeNiro and Pesci, what a good combination. I wonder if DeNiro and Pacino can make another good movie out of their upcoming Rightous Kill.

Joanne 8 years ago

Good list but I think it should include Erin Brockovich.

laga 8 years ago

the pianist...

watch it

wltrallen2 profile image

wltrallen2 8 years ago from San Diego, CA

Call me a sap, but I have to agree with your pic #8... Titanic. Phenomenal mix between non-fiction and fiction. And even though you totally know the ending from the opening credits, the angst and hope that rush through your body throughout the movie are amazing.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

I've always seen it as a guilty pleasure but the truth is that Titanic movie IS really an amazing movie.

Candace Morgan profile image

Candace Morgan 8 years ago from New York

Many grerat movies thanks.

Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

I don't know about Titanic - every time I watch it they still can't miss the huge iceberg RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!!! Yikes! (LOL!!!) I did like Enemy at the Gates and I also liked Open Range, which is not on your list but should be on a list somewhere - obviously not the movies based on real stories.

Cheers and keep playing the film critic! Maybe you can break these down into categories and rank your favs by genre.

Chef Jeff

tourmaline2777 profile image

tourmaline2777 8 years ago from Chicago

Great List! These are some of my fave movies.

christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

I think I own every movie you have on the list except Titanic although I have seen it a hundred times. Great list. Just wanted to say that I also was very touched by Shindler's List too. It's one of my top 10.

Cris A profile image

Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

I think Titanic and Enemies at the Gates should have been left out since although they were based on actual historical events, the story of Jack and Rose and those played by Law and Fiennes are purely fictional unlike the characters in the other movies in your list. I think they use the term "inspired by" for that. But hey, I'm no studied film critic either! :D My favorites would be Gandhi and Amadeus!

mackenzie 8 years ago

titanic deserved to be #1 it is the best movie of all time!!

Famous Girl 8 years ago

The movie that really gets people is MICHEL MYERS because he always sneak up somewhere and you know


chad 8 years ago

u forgot blow & apollo 13

Mike the salesman profile image

Mike the salesman 8 years ago from birmingham alabama/sherwood oregon

wow..casino and catch me if you can are 2 of my very favorite films.. I would also had Patton , and tombstone to the list! Thanks, great read!

wvaldes305 8 years ago

Breach , The Last King of Scotland , and In too Deep have to certainly get some credit . If you guys haven't seen these , make sure to get the popcorn ready and check them out !!!!!

tomboyish _girl 8 years ago

hey actuelly ive never seen any of these movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kshitij Anand 8 years ago

A must watch: Zodiac.

Gripping screenplay, which wouldn't let you off your seat.

lankomaryziggar profile image

lankomaryziggar 8 years ago

saw most of the movies, good movies i tell u.

Amir 7 years ago

Not a good list, there more better true stories

Oryan 7 years ago

Thanks for the list, Ill be watching a few of them tonight.

I found another movie based on a true event. The movie definitely got the word through to me, and hope it will get through to other's as well. It is a true story of a man who fought impossible odds to save everyone he could and created a place where hope survived.When a country descended into madness and the world turned its back, one man had to make a choiceWhen the world closed its eyes, he opened his arms.HOTEL RWANDA - You need to watch this.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Hotel Rwanda is a great movie. Definitely.

paris and autumn 7 years ago

well me and my sister love wathin titanic when we wacth it we cry toghter and we are holding hands when we cry is sad and loving really But we cant beleve wat happened to the ship

kimback08 profile image

kimback08 7 years ago from Barbourville, KY

"catch me if you can" *sigh* *loves*

JRCA21 7 years ago

I just finished watching Erin Brokobich and I thought that was a great movie.

Carbonite420 7 years ago

Changeling was an amazing movie. It's new but check it out when you can. It's an incredibly sad story.

Laura  7 years ago

Micheal Collins is another great True story movie. Hotel Rwanda is excellent also !

Peppermint Thrift profile image

Peppermint Thrift 7 years ago

I still think Sybil ranks as one of the best and most heart-breaking true-to-life movies ever made. It stayed pretty true to the book as well. Great Hub - got me thinking!

The Real Tomato profile image

The Real Tomato 7 years ago

Two of my all time favs are:

Cinderella Man

Remember the Titans


Casino made me sick to my stomach. Raging Bull is one I haven't seen, I love boxing and football movies. I usually get movies that have some history to them, true stories automatically have that.

Oh, Jezz, "Catch Me if You Can" is almost unbelievable, It boggles my mind and I love the movie.

Nice Hub

397268 profile image

397268 7 years ago

Good to see Titanic is the favourite so far in the poll. Although I voted for Enemy at the Gates.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Thank you guys for commenting and voting. Glad you liked the hub and excellent suggestions.

emily - movie reviews 7 years ago

Titanic...I would go with Titanic. I love romantic movies over any other theme.

bluebird profile image

bluebird 7 years ago

Really enjoyed "Walk the Line", the true story about Johnny Cash.

tyker 7 years ago

i think these are good films but was hoping to see 'Stand By Me' on the list....its based on a true story and is absolutely amazing. Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix are amazing actors and astounding in this film, based on Stephen King's true book, 'The Body'

Hypno Bob profile image

Hypno Bob 7 years ago

The Pursuit of Happyness was my favourite. Great, uplifting story!

logic 7 years ago

In Titanic, how come you dont see how the sharks had a field day eating all of those people and you know its some bullshyt about the band playing while the ship is sinking...absolutely the worst movie ever!!!!!!

Camping Dan profile image

Camping Dan 7 years ago

These are some great flicks! I loved Enemy At The Gates especially.

getanswers 7 years ago

i would rate titanic as top among them

adrainsean profile image

adrainsean 7 years ago

my vote is for catch me if you can

john 7 years ago

great list. take off tina turner, and put donnie brasco or blow.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Thanks, John. I already explained why I included the Tina Turner movie. Your suggestions are great though.

askopih 7 years ago

great movies!!

pradeep 7 years ago

it gives a encorgesement and sprit to struggle with patients

Breezer 7 years ago

Titanic = historical fiction!

Awesome list but I think The Hurricane should get a mention! maybe Philadelphia too

KALYAN 7 years ago

Great list...........love all these movies.

But i think Brave heart ,Hotel Rwanda, Cannibal holocaust should have been in this list.....though all of them have an overdose of violence..:-)

prince 7 years ago

great list of movies

bestman 7 years ago


i want to clear a little bullshit there..in BLACK HAWK DOWN..yes, the story is like that..true...BUT the ending when UN soldier wanna save them..IT NOT AMERICAN SOLDIER IT MALAYSIA SOLDIER UNDER UN..


Prem 7 years ago

You missed out The Rookie , The Greatest Game Played Ever , Seabiscuit , Remember the titans , Coach Carter , Beautiful Mind , The worlds Fastest Indian .....These are true story based movies that I feel are a must have collection ......watch them I guess you might re arrange your order....

Movies Capital Reviews 7 years ago

A great list.

I think a beautiful mind is a good film.

Gaz2k9 profile image

Gaz2k9 7 years ago from United Kingdom

Great list. Black Hawk down got my vote.

wayne d 7 years ago

shindlers list is one of if not the single most powerful movies ever made. not because it was a good movie, but because it showed how one man can make a difference.

Rene Torres 7 years ago

Are you kidding me? Titanic??? Far from the truth, the only factual thing is that the boat sank. The pursuit of Happyness? Read about how the man actually neglected his son for 4 months. And was involved with PCP and a mistress. The only movie i can agree with you on is Black Hawk Down. You missed Schindler's list, The Pianist, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Munich, there are so many others. If you haven't seen any of these, you must!

Rene Torres 7 years ago

Okay, the hurricane and stand by me are full of crap when it comes to the truth. Schindlers list...man its good. WATCH IT!

RENE Torres 7 years ago

TITANIC?? Really? Terrible movie. The only factual part is that the boat sank. Schindlers list, The Pianist, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13...all great movies

Rene Torres 7 years ago


Rene Torres 7 years ago

Sorry guys but pursuit of hapyness is far from the truth. The man neglected his son for four months, was with another woman at the time of his son's birth, was doing PCP, and never solved a rubiks cube

C. Whitaker profile image

C. Whitaker 7 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

Wow, Rene I've never heard anyone say Titanic was a terrible movie... except for me! You just made my day!

partluck profile image

partluck 7 years ago from Edison, NJ

Good idea for a list, but rather heavy handed in the Hollywood Blockbuster department.

chantelle 7 years ago

theres a movie that came out in 2006 and also come out on tv in 2006 but im not sure it made it on to dvd but its a great movie and i been looking everywhere for it, im pretty sure it was called *torn* its about a family they go to the beach and someone takes her daughter and like 13ish years later she sees the daughter walking somewhere and keeps saying to people that she saw her and sees her again and goes up to her and went on about it and everyone thought she was crazy and it turns out it is her daughter and the daughter eventually moves in with her but still keeps incontact with the person who she thought was her mother that stole her from the beach ect and that the mother wasn't happy bout it and then there was arguments and the lady dies or commits suiside or something that's all i can really remember about the movie

chantelle 7 years ago

and if anyone knows what movie im talking bout please post it on here iv been trying to find it since i saw it it is based on a true story

Somali-Superman 7 years ago

i would rate black hawk down #1 because i'm somali and i know what is like to fight and get that black hawk down... believe me its not easy loolz i'm just kidding but its a true story i think they should make another one about me called "Surviving in somalia":) with lots of action,Comedy and love=)) you should add "Blood Diamond" you know Africans always make good storys to talk about...:)mama Africa for life but its very good list thank you very much i think i'm going to watch "catch me if you can"

JOHN-Canada 7 years ago

These are all good movies, but don't forget to look a little further back at movies like the Killing Filelds and Beyond Rangoon, two epic movies with incredible stories of the human spirit and the will to survive.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Beyond Rangoon was a nice movie. Loved that one too.

Paul Marshall profile image

Paul Marshall 7 years ago from Australia

Personally I would dump Titanic & include Seabiscuit. Sorry, but Titanic just did not do it for me as the only real part was the sinking of the ship, the rest was just padded storyline with no fact to it. I have seemn many of the other movies on this list, & agree with you including Catch me if you can, and also Blackhawk down. I loved 'em both.

projectmaster profile image

projectmaster 7 years ago

The Pursuit of Happyness it my best I love the movie chris gardener is a real inspiration and example to all fathers...his pursuit of happyness was for his son....it shows when you live for something bigger ..you can do amazing things....

anyway thank you for you top 10

Vivek Arya 7 years ago

Worth A Watch... they are based on true stories too...

The Great Debaters.

American Gangster.

rajeev 7 years ago

i haven't seen all of them ..but black hawk down surely deserved ...so does enemy at the gates ...wud really love to see pursuit of happines.it shud hav also hav included "october sky ",into the wild..

eblaze 7 years ago

Too many to just list 10....Here are some honorable mentions.

1. Ghosts of Mississippi

2. Rudy

3. Resurrecting the Champ

4. Ali

5. Dead Man Walking

6. Brian's Song

7. Mantle (more like a documentary but WTF)

8. Cinderella Man

9. 8 Mile

10. A League of Their Own

11. Lean on Me

12. Walk the Line

13. Scarface (Not based on true story but awesome movie and depicts the Miami drug(cocaine) epidemic of the late 70's/early 80's).--had to put on because of this movies pure greatness

14. Changeling

Just a few of many many other good ones

macman 7 years ago

Great list. I have watched all the movies on the list.

Cinderella Man, Pursuit of Happiness are very inspiring and are my personal favourites. Casino is great too.

ajar 7 years ago

catch me if u can is my all time favourite movie

JCV 7 years ago

Chantelle, here's the movie you were looking for: http://www.itv.com/torn/

jump 7 years ago

this is the best one of all times...still there's a lot of

unsolved mystery in this one....need a good modern day remake...i remember when i was a kid...how the old folks used to whispering around the dinner table that Billy Joe Mcallister was actual a black kid in love with a white girl.

jump 7 years ago

forgot to post the movie name....OLE TO BILLIE JOE

here is the link.


bjazz 7 years ago

A good list except for titanic...never the less the other movies were a treat------

alfredpaulsantos 7 years ago

pursuit of happyness is the best one!

uniqpointofview profile image

uniqpointofview 7 years ago from Miami, Florida

I love the review of all the movies on your list. I've view about three of them, the one on Tina Turner, Ray and the Pursuit of Happiness, what you wrote is dead on. Enjoy your posting. Keep up the good work!

Sephorn 7 years ago

Coal Miner's Daughter

2pacGUY! 7 years ago

What do we do after watching these true stories? Do we really CARE? Do wee really do something? I'm really NOT sure what people do! But I M definitely after the DEVIL (Hatred)!

Spawn 7 years ago

also the movie called " Patch Adams "

for Robin Williams `

Shinkicker profile image

Shinkicker 7 years ago from Scotland

A list of great movies, I've seen most of them and love them all. I personally would add 'Platoon'

Rajeendra 7 years ago

For me, The best ever movie based on a true story is schindlers list. My favourites are in the following order

2. The white masai

3. The pianist

4. Changelling

5. A beautiful mind

6. Pursuit of happiness

7. Memoirs of a geisha

8. October sky

9. Killing fields

10 Catch me if you can

Zentiger 7 years ago

I have a problem with you saying "Pursuit of Happyness" is based on real events. The protagonist was an irresponsible crack head who didn't pay child support to his FIRST child and barely saw his 2nd son. Go to www.cracked.com and type in the movie's title in the search box if don't believe me. Their article has links to reputable sources about this.

I'm not bashing a happy story; I just wish the producers would be honest and not push a movie over on us as a "true story" when it's really not.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Yeah, I read that Cracked article. ( http://www.cracked.com/article_16478_7-movies-base... )

They do admit that its a true story.

fletcher 7 years ago

pursuit of happiness will be my my no. 1 so inspiring...

my no.2 is enemy at the gates great movie and so real...

SFBgsfdhg 7 years ago

blood diamond?

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Blood Diamond is not based on a true story.

jeff 7 years ago

Where's godzilla?

bob 7 years ago

From bob

braveheart #1

Thanx BOB

ipodmovies 7 years ago

I love the special effects in the newer war movies. It is amazing what they can do now a days!

nISH 7 years ago

why "BLOW" is not on the list ? ? ?

Greg 7 years ago

Where is walk the Line?

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

@nISH & Greg - Because they're MY 10 best movies Based on a true story.

You can make your 10 if you like. Just go here: http://hubpages.com/hubtool/create/name/

hoLkaPoLka 7 years ago

One of few sites out there about true story movies, www.truestorymovie.com

Ellie 6 years ago

I'm female, watched all of these movies and agree with your assessment. Oh, except Titanic; it was an insipid, overrated flick.

Ellie 6 years ago

Oopsie! I erroneously stated I had watched all the movies on this list, but never saw "Enemy at the Gate."

Really am surprised you added "Titanic," though. What a lame movie! I'd rate "Titantic" as low as "Love Story" (the Ryan O'Neal, Ali McGraw mess which coined the dumbest line in moviedom, "Love means never having to say you're sorry.") Ugh.

These movies changed my life, and that, imho, earns real-life-best-movie status:

Mask (the true story of Rocky Dennis)

The Diary of Anne Frank

The Elephant Man

The Killing Fields (awesome!)

The Song of Bernadette

Ish 6 years ago

jeff says:

4 weeks ago

Where's godzilla?

lmao.. you are funny lad!! good one..

well pursuit of happiness is a good movie..

you got a pretty good list!! i dont know if tear of the sun is a true story but definitively is a good movie.

about true story i really like alpha dog!! dont know if you guys have seen it!!

titanic is a like a bit too cliché for me.. i like leo di caprio but not in titanic..


MALTENA 6 years ago

Great list but "Into the Wild" isn't in there.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

The Pursuit of Happyness and Titanic are my favorites of your list. Also loved Lady sings the Blues - this movie was based on Billie Holiday's life. It was hard to watch at times but a great movie. You have made great selections for your list.

nightstalker 6 years ago

Black Hawk Down has my vote. The suffering and dedication of those men need to be appreciated.And it is a very good movie.

SAM 6 years ago

Catch me if you can is still number one........

StanBlack profile image

StanBlack 6 years ago from London

I'm quite surprised that Schindlers List isn't on there to be honest. Quite a solid list though. Well except maybe Titanic.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

Great idea for a Hub. I always love it when I realize that a film is based on a true story, often because they're so inspiring. Good list!

Karthik 6 years ago

Black Hawk Down is good..........

I think for me it "ZODIAC(2007)" about the Zodiac killer who was active during 60's and the case is yet to be solved.....!!!!

reigner 6 years ago

men where is coach carter in the list

Jaka Jenko 6 years ago

How come the only one which si really fake got the most votes?? "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Jesse 6 years ago

Everyone forgets the movie "We were soldiers" i think it should be number one on the list and its not even mentioned.

: ) 6 years ago

Why isn't "Aurore" there? It's the most tragic and sadest movie I've ever seen. It's about child abuse, true story from 1909.

This is a link to the first part of the movie.


mr. daydream profile image

mr. daydream 6 years ago

Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci were the dream team of Italian gangster movies. Ray (the highlight of Jamie Foxx's career)was better than I thought it would ever be. And What's Love Got To Do With It? will be a sentimental favorite with fans for years more to come. Good hub!

Freddie 6 years ago

I voted for Titanic as I do enjoy a good love story, also Pursuit of Happiness is a great film. I would have voted for Schindlers List, that is the best most powerful true story I've ever watched. Many other great true stories.

Blood Diamond is another great true story, only the actual events are much worse than is portrayed in the film, having myself listened to several friends who lived through those horrifying events.

gaurav gupta 6 years ago

i love watching movie "the persuite of happiness"

i hv seen it more than 50 time..

i see it whenever i hv bad mood,...

joseph_duds 6 years ago

my all time favorite movie is pursuit of happiness!!!!! that all i can say and try to watch if you didn't see it yet!

ravi 6 years ago

i think in the name of the father is also worth watching. i found it very good

www.beryl-cook.info 6 years ago

I would say - Pursuit of happiness should be in the first five. But Catch me if you can is better than any as a movie

jeffrey 6 years ago


cindrella 6 years ago

all this 10 movie are amazing,true movie gives you strange impression they satisfy people cz it reflet true life that people needs to talk about witout forgetting the strong acters.

mtsi1098 6 years ago

great list...I cast my vote and rated up

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 6 years ago from ~~~ Author


an 6 years ago

great list , but i don't understand why A Beautiful Mind isn't on the list... probably the best movie based on a true story

snapped 6 years ago

People Please get a grip ! How about Jack Ketchems the

girl next door ! True story 1958 in the U.S.A. It makes

your Blood boil! How can this happen in our own backyard ?

steve 6 years ago

at close range has got to be in the top 10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oEenejHcO4&feature...

(vis.el77@yahoo.com)visi-Tirana-Al 6 years ago

HEY! I like the movie Catch Me If You Can couse ....for meny reason 1)The story of the movie is great bat thet guy Frank Abagnale is Automysophobia like me and when i see the movie I feel like laughing .

CRICO 6 years ago

GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' is one of the best movies i've seen lately! Excelent ! I just watched it now and i was truly impressed by this guys life story! All the respect to him! Broke away from all bad and did something with his life! 10 out of 10

6 years ago

Hatchi a dog story. Just watched it. Loved it

Patrik 6 years ago

A beautiful min based on a true story is the best.

cody 6 years ago

i tend to agree with c hatchi is a wounderful move

AfroBoy  6 years ago

Valkyrie ... is one of the best Movie based on true story.

Guest 11234 6 years ago




josh vasco 6 years ago

if u check out the real true story of pursuit of happieness u may think differently half the stuff never happened and also where is dog day afternoon on ur list its gotta be on there but all in all good list man

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 6 years ago from ~~~ Author

Yeah Dog Day Afternoon is a great one too. Loved Al Pacino in that.

ryankett 6 years ago

Hey there, I just started to type 'Hubpages' in the URL bar of my girlfriends laptop and this came up... so I checked it out. How cool is that? Well cool in a way and sad in another way, my girlfriend reads your hubs but not mine!

harley 6 years ago

what a great list i just finished watch raging bull briliant film cant wait to check out the gansta films i luv robert den niro actin his fab :)

eve 6 years ago

a beautiful mind, sleepers were not mentioned also very gud movies

aman 6 years ago


James 6 years ago

A film called 'The Express' came out in 2008...i think

about a young man called Ernie Davis, a black american footballer in times before Remember The Titans - by about 10 years... i cant say anyhting because it will ruin the film. If you have never heard of it and have a tolerance for sports films essentially...watch it - simply awesome

also why has nobody mentioned 'The Untouchables' ...elliot ness brought down the worlds biggest gangster... "we cannot be bought"...made kevin costners career...shame he ruined it in his following years!

cristoiu cristian 6 years ago

Zodiac .... great!

maxi 6 years ago

It is a fantastic list! however i was hoping to come across a film i hadn't seen before....

you may also wish to try...

1.Patch Adams (Robin williams as patch) comedy drama love

2. The Hurricane (denzel washington as Rubin "the hurricane" carter) sport crime love drama

3Invictus (Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandella) sport drama politics

The man who drastically changed the lives of millions one of the best leaders in all history!

another 3 great films based on true events

Movie guy 6 years ago

Everybody please go rent dog day afternoon, one of the beat moves of all time... They guy the movie is based on just died a few years ago after serving 14 years in prison, and while in prison he gave facts to how he tried to Robb a bank... Please give this movie 2 years of ur life and then research the characters being shown.

Tom 6 years ago

This list is good and all but seems to have certain types of films on, titanic is stupid as the rose and jack thing took over the movie and people don't really see it other than a love story, so really you should have the first movie not one that was made to win awards:s

Also Alive should be up here, real life story better than any of these as well as the movie was amazing.

devan 6 years ago

the movie blow should be on that list

cansmakit 6 years ago

An obvious one is American Gangster. If anyone has not watched this movie just drop what ever it is your doing and watch it now. Denzel Washington and Russell Crow. Definitely without question should be at the top of the top ten.

Andy Webb profile image

Andy Webb 6 years ago

Talk about a lot of comments and suggestions. Personally Titanic wouldn't be in my list but "The Aviator", "Five Pennies" and "The Glenn Miller Story" would sneak on somehow. Although there are so many great true story movies that picking just 10 is a difficult task.

adrian 6 years ago

An unmentioned movie that is a must SEE is:


great story , a real one unfortunetly

Me 6 years ago

Freedom Writers - The Best movie ive seen so far.

Actully better than every movie ive seen.

jayd 6 years ago

I'm excited to have found this list. I have netflix and i have qued many movies to watch after reading everyone's suggestions. I definitely have watched more than half of what is on the original list. So far, I must say that I was taken aback by Catch Me If You Can. Wow...he was amazing! Pursuit of happiness, What's Love Got To Do With It and Titanic can go kick rocks...not my type of movie.

caleb 6 years ago

IF U LOVE WW2 movies watch Defiance. it's about jews being hunted down by nazi great movie i hope u all like it

nikhil 6 years ago

seen only 3 movies from the list but it's an interesting list , soon i'll check them all ,

nice list

Geomar the Great 6 years ago

How about City of Gods guys? check it, a highly recommended film to watch, but not recommended for the over-sensitive or easily distressed

Geomar the Great 6 years ago

@canmaskit, american gangster is not based on a true story though the movie says it was, Frank Lucas is a liar, he admitted that his story wasn't true after the movie was release

Tabarak Ali 6 years ago

very good movie true suspense as well as thrill , good emotions regarding patriotism.

cinderella? 6 years ago


Jane 6 years ago

Into the wild. The best movie I have ever seen. The perfect antidote to the pursuit of happiness. For those who are not into the American Dream

Jerry 6 years ago

Your list sucks apart from Catch me if you can. Patch Adams??? The Great Escape? What about The Social Network?

Honestly your list is a joke

izan : msia 6 years ago

Hachiko: A Dog's Story ... i cried 2 hours .... A true story of faith, devotion and undying love

Hamid 6 years ago

Hey,you should have included film "Into the wild".This film based on a true life story of Christopher Mcandless.It is really very touching film.

My second suggestion to your list is "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly".This film is based on a dramatic life story of "Elle" magazine editor Jean Dominique Bauby.

6 years ago

These movies are sh*t

LSJR 6 years ago

For me, the champion for lifetime movie no other than else goes to "The Pursuit of Happyness", very inspiring and full of fighting spirits.. SIR CHRIS GARDNER i just want you to know that you're my idol,i have a big respect to this man and hope to see you in person SIR. - FROM PHILIPPINES ->SOYMANjr

6 years ago

How does Titanic qualify? The only true part is the ship and it sinking. Everything else was fictional. The plot of the whole movie was the fictional romance, so it shouldn't qualify.

6 years ago

And where in the heck is Braveheart? The plot of that whole movie was not only real, but its probably one of the best events in the history of mankind.

Marcus Teague profile image

Marcus Teague 6 years ago

My personal favorite movie based on a true story was Defiance.

I voted for Enemy at the Gates, because I'm always very partial to snipers and I did like it quite a bit. But I didn't like the setting and the scenes. They weren't dirty or chaotic enough, a little bit too much of a fake feel. And I hate sex scenes.

Catch Me if You Can was very good, and Black Hawk Down was nice. One reason I didn't like Black Hawk Down was that it didn't portray or explain everything as fully as it could. It left out quite a number of pieces and inserted a few others.

Simply because I'm not a sucker for mobster movies, I'm not really aware of many of your picks.

Good review though.

@ d,

Braveheart horribly destroyed the real life events. The fighting in it was good, but almost nothing was done right.

turtlebrained 6 years ago

I'd definitely add Into The Wild. It must be at least in a Top 3.

Stash 6 years ago

Some true story movies that I really enjoyed were: Miracle, Brian's Song, The Burning Bed, Dreamer, Escape From Alcatraz, Evelyn, Mask, Rudy, & Tombstone, just for starters.

diggi 6 years ago

what about Into The Wild?

Me 6 years ago

How about "Blow" starring johnny Depp

Dexter Morgan 6 years ago

All of you have forgotten SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

Esther 6 years ago


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BAGG19 6 years ago

If BLOW or Reservoir Dogs aint up there idk there by far my favorite movies and i have seen all those movies Eagle Eye is also a great movie

MB 6 years ago

'Into The Wild' anyone?

Wonderful film.

What about 'Rudy'?

Just inspiring.

Me 6 years ago

Apollo 13, Cinderella Man?

Roger 6 years ago

Into the Wild

jyoti 6 years ago

catch me if u can is da best movie i ve watched titantc is gd ne ant m still searchin da movie pursuit f happiness haven't watched yet

danny 6 years ago

titanics not a true story

john 6 years ago

What about "BAND OF BROTHERS" they are all true stories and it's sad and amaizing i think it should have taken first or atleast have been on the list.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 6 years ago from ~~~ Author

Band of Brothers is a cable tv series, isn't it?

james 6 years ago

catch me if u can is a totally awesome true-based-story! Frank is just a master of undercover! He can be anybody in the world, any professions that he want to be.. For what we think that it is impossible for us to do that without a degree of anything. The way the "true" frank think is beyond human thinking. Please enjoy this movie : )

Robert 6 years ago

What about Ghandi? Amistadt? Glory? Braveheart? Elizabeth? I could go on...

Are you serious about Titanic/Enemy at the Gates? Both of these are watered down with the love story.

alix 6 years ago

its a great list but what about city of god!

Sid Sachdev 5 years ago

Man , i hope dis list need some corrections .

Where is the exorcism of emily rose??? & many nice actual based movies are missing

THAT GUY 5 years ago


Fred van horn 5 years ago

Great page keep it up

rahul 5 years ago

hi,this is about a story drives to run for his bread with out options, and he does it with full of honest and life he can spare with his son shelter security is that pulls to me watch (struggle .agressivenss , running for his bread, at lost how he do business and how he get's job which he gets and surrounding can understands and offerd job .

in a simple line

life struggle of a father to wins back the heart of his son

it is great movie

Paulie 5 years ago

Blow & In the name of the Father. 2 excellent movies

Navaneet 5 years ago

127 hours must be up there !!!! one of the favourite movies


Jim 5 years ago

7 Pounds was an incredible movie.

john 5 years ago

127 hours, a beautiful mind, the fighter where are they?

andy  5 years ago

what about ALTVE what they went through was amazing

redskull 5 years ago

you should have put lean on me

Lizard 5 years ago

Black Hawk Down - 10 out of 10

GoodFellas - 10 out of 10

Enemy at the Gates - 9 out of 10

Casino - 8 out of 10

the rest don't bother people especially Titanic (bullocks)

s.langkilde 5 years ago

sleepers - the movie. should be on here! It's a true story based on four boys who's lives were changed for the worst by a prank. They suffered un-relavent consequences for their actions but stay strong! Then after many years they set out revenge!

Such a good sad movie. Also has Robert De Niro in it aswell as Kevin Bacon, Jason Patric and Brad Pitt. Excellent ending!

David 5 years ago

LOL at "why isn't 127 hours on here???"

The list was written 2 years ago...

Catch Me If You Can is amazing, and most of that list is really good.

David Fincher's Zodiac is perfect though. Iv watched all 5 hours worth of extra content and the work they went to in order to get every detail right was just simply amazing.

Gmfd 5 years ago

Miracle??? Great sports film

Ayswarya 5 years ago

"Monster" starring Charlize Theron is a must watch!!!

Monika 5 years ago

Have you seen Shake Hands with the Devil???this is a kind of film which makes you completely speechless after seeing it...and it’s based on a true story....a terrible story...I recommend it to all of you who don’t want to close their eyes face to face the reality and stay passive...so much violence is going on in the world without us actually noticing...this film really made me cry every time I saw it...so...watch it and you’ll make your own opinion...this is my personal winner of the category Best Movies Based On A True Story

AKKi 5 years ago

Your article was very brilliant and all of the movies were just amazing. I really enjoyed a lot watching them.

Thanks for this !!

Rawizc 5 years ago

I just watched 'the way back' (2010) by Weir. Once u watch this you will forget all other movies. This is also based on a true story. It's about 6 prisoner escaping from a prison in Siberia (russia) and walks all the way down through the Gobi desert of Mongolia and China and Hemalayes to India.

just me 5 years ago

i think i cant stand up again like in pursuit of happyness. but, i love money.:):):):)

darren martin..uk 5 years ago

what about..the blind side amazing movie ,watch it now people

mar 5 years ago

wow...great list. but the list could have been much better if schindler's list movie was included..

Husnain 5 years ago

A walk to remember


waiting for forever

in the land of a women

the girl next door

elle 5 years ago

a beautiful mind- best film I've ever seen and when i found out it was based on a true story i was blown away. absaloutly mind-blowing.

Mike 5 years ago

Black Hawk Down is on 2nd place and there is no Pianist on List. Ashame .. so American

dave 5 years ago

nice list.

"October sky" deserves a place as well.

KATIE 5 years ago

walk the line!

ringo 5 years ago

i think hurricane and shawshank redemption should be in they black hawk down was a good movie but theys hundreds better

ringo 5 years ago


tejab13 5 years ago

i think "BLOW" must be in the list.. it's awesome movie.

mega--met@hotmail.com 5 years ago

The pursuit of love.I was so upset the scene the car hit him and he lost his shoe then he s gone without shoes to the office.His effert is very tremendeous despis all bad circumstances. I cryed when I was watching. you should watch to love to live love to satisfact with least.

5 years ago

i loved titanic as it expressed a disaster in amovie with high quality

rosh celeste 5 years ago

Where is '' Invictus '' ??? !!!

Lucy Bell 5 years ago

The Blind Side- Brilliant film

patricia oseguera 5 years ago


chicita 5 years ago

I think one of the best true based on a true story movies is ALPHA DOG.

umesh 5 years ago

i like ur stuff

kane 5 years ago

boys dont cry has to be in this list

shana 5 years ago

How is Titanic in the top 10? There are so may movies that should have made the list before that.

macho 5 years ago

How do u have a list like this n not have donnie brasco, blow, the departed, and american gangster

Rupam 5 years ago

DEFIANCE is a true based awesome movie.

Z Money 5 years ago

Where is "Mississippi Burning"? And "JFK", if "JFK" didn't make you think about who actually shot Kennedy, then you weren't paying attention- plus, it had probably the best cast of all-time. "Born on the 4th of July" is another great true story. Cruise continuously gets screwed when it comes to Oscar talk

Naz 5 years ago

Great List, but I do miss The Hurricane. Thanks

mukul 5 years ago

the pursuit of happiness awesome movie, have not find any movie like that inspirational

Dominic 5 years ago

In my opinion movies lie Missisippi Burning, All the President's men, An American Gangster and Capote should all be up there....

good cash 5 years ago

8 mile is a true story too

gabby0506 profile image

gabby0506 5 years ago from Bangalore

Pursuit of happiness!! Loved it

sarmad 5 years ago

the pursuit of hapiness i really loved it

anon 5 years ago

remember the titans

Himanshu Ganatra 5 years ago

A Beautiful Mind is the best True Story Movie Ever

Raymond C. 5 years ago

Schindlers List was pretty epic

leon 5 years ago

come on where is blow......

Sidharth 5 years ago

touch the top of the world is #1 ..without doubt i do not know why it's not posted here :(

André Esteves 5 years ago


eyecandy 5 years ago

i think invictus should be up there.

dustin 5 years ago

we are marshall, hostage, never back down 2, crazy stupid love, the change up,

eyecandy 5 years ago


lisajoann88 5 years ago

A fantastic 'true life' film every1 should see is 'Goodbye Bafana' its based on the relationship between mandela and his prison guard... the only thing i didn't like was i found it hard to understand the south african accents but that's just me! it really is an awesome film!

loved the list btw! spesh that i am not the only 1 whom appreciates scorsese films, the 3 u mentiond are all in my fave films listings as well as the aviator... another based on truth! also I love titanic, although at times billy zane's character is very annoying! nd enemy at the gate - well... i know it has its flaws but it really is entertaining and very good acting from all involved!!

Elizabeth is also another to keep an eye out for! beautifully directed, and Cate Blanchette is increadable in the role of our most iconic queen of england!

tabetha 5 years ago

david is really good movie and very sad i reommened it

HD Amiro 5 years ago

Hachiko the dog story is quite good too

chloe 5 years ago

soul surfer!!! (L)

creation kshetri 5 years ago

the pursuit of happiness is an inspiring movie. it teaches us not to lose hope and faith on ourself. it is not necessary to achieve the success in every step of life rather we should never give up until we succeed.

the movie is very nice and i deserve to watch it time to time. everyone should once watch this movie.......

deer antler velvet 5 years ago

i so love the movies above.

firdaus 5 years ago

yeah blind side very inspiring

James bond 5 years ago

why "A Walk in the Clouds" movies i don't see here ???

princess ann 5 years ago

i really love watching a titanic movie . i feel that i touch when leonardo save rose at the time of disaster.....

lisajoann88 5 years ago

ooh keep an eye out 4 'luther' that's another good'n!! and 'ed wood' is a brill depp/ burton true story that is under rated and hardly heard of compared to their other collaborations!!

lovely umer 5 years ago

i love titanic more than all movies

Ash da Pash 5 years ago

My favourtie movie that was based on a true story was Bastard Out of Carolina I thought dat film was very gd nd some parts were sad

urim 5 years ago

this list is good just want to add some more based on true story movies:


The Pianist



Hysteria(for hard rock fanes)

iman 5 years ago

what about the emey rose film based on true story .....real scary one.

iman 5 years ago

the exorcism film about Emily rose

Jim 5 years ago

This Boy's life,the basketball diaries,both true,both with Leonardo Decaprio,hmm who was also in titanic and catch me if you can,seems Mr Decaprio likes his "based on a true story"movies

norlela leong 5 years ago

what about HACHIKO and DOLPHIN TALE ?

Himanshu 4 years ago

What about Schindler's List and A Beautiful mind???

Tyler 4 years ago

I agree with Himanshu, especially about beautiful mind

sharmake 4 years ago

black hawk down was horrible because all the acters were black and made the movie really fake

harsh garia 4 years ago

yes ur list is gud but i think u forget about the best movee name INTO THE WILD

angela_michelle profile image

angela_michelle 4 years ago from United States

I absolutely love Catch Me If You Can and Pursuit of Happiness. Great list!

Movie LOverz 4 years ago

Coach Carter PEOPLE!!! Best TRUE story for High School Basketball!!!!

Leds profile image

Leds 4 years ago from France

Beyond the description... just an amazing list of movies. My personal favorite is Casino, Black Hawk Down, Catch Me If You Can, Goodfellas and The Pursuit of Happyness. I have seen these movies many times. The feel of these movies are just mind boggling.

edward 4 years ago

hachiko a dog's tale

ashesh 4 years ago

watch forrest gump, inception, iam legend, shutter island,secret window, donnie brasco

Karan 4 years ago

'The social network' and the 'pursuit of happiness' because they gives you inspiration.

monte cristo 4 years ago

the best is the way back 100_100

Kyle 4 years ago

Into the Wild ..Shawshank Redemption..Rudy..Emily Rose..Why the hell is titanic on the list?

sarah 3 years ago

I just watched Argo it was a great true story if you people have not seen it you should rent it or buy it off the tv if you can. There was alot of crime and stuff like that have 2 tell you that.

Saiyan 10 months ago

Titanic is a true story but not completely.

The love story is completely fictional.

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