10 Amazing nature documentaries!

Did you know that some trees and plants can walk? Did you know that antarctic animals survive temperatures down to minus 90 degrees celsius? Ever heard of cassowaries? No? Well, neither did I until I watched some of the most thought-provoking and amazing nature documentaries that I have ever seen in my entire life. I had seriously no idea that nature could be this amazing. I am stunned by the sheer diversity, beauty and brilliance of life.

Watch nature documentaries!

In this hubpage, I would like to share with you some of these amazing nature documentaries I have found while surfing the web. I've had many hours of pleasure watching them, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in the workings of nature. Watch these nature documentaries, expand your knowledge and entertain yourself for a few hours, I guarantee you that you won't regret it!

1. The Private Life of Plants

Ever wanted to know how flowers, plants and trees adapt to and interact with their surroundings? Then this is for you. You'll see some of the most amazing strategies that the plant world uses to survive and reproduce.

2. Ants - Nature's Secret Power

What I've learned from this documentary is that ants are pretty much optimized to collaborate their way out of any problem. From building underground tunnels and houses to carrying food back to their base, ants do all of these jobs with extreme efficiency.

3. Cassowaries

What are cassowaries? I had no idea until I watched this documentary. They're basically very large flightless birds. This video shows the hard times cassowaries sometimes have to face.

4. Life in the Freezer

Take a visit to Antarctica, where it's swarming with cold-adapted animals. Most of them have never seen a human being, and their reactions are very interesting to watch!

5. Planet Earth

This 11-part documentary takes a general look at life in the natural world. Life has spread to and flourished in the most unexpected places including caves, deserts, jungles and deep waters. Definitely worth a watch!

6. Microcosmos

There's pretty much zero narration in this documentary, but who needs a narrator when these intriguing insects start doing amazing things on your screen.

7. Weird Nature

Life is bizarre. In this documentary, you will see some of the strangest behaviour performed by animals. Sometimes an explanation is given, but most of the time we don't exactly know why they are acting so counterintuitive.

8. Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives

Around 99% percent of all species that lived on the surface of this planet went extinct. This documentary takes a closer look at these ancient animals that roamed the ancient earth. The picture below shows the fossilized remains of a tribolite.

9. Dolphins - Deep Thinkers

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals alive. "It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English -- up to fifty words used in correct context -- no human being has been reported to have learned dolphinese." An interesting fact quoted from Carl Sagan, and you'll agree with him once you've seen this documentary.

10. The Ultimate Predators

The documentary makers have gone through great lengths to transform this one into a beautiful peace of art. They mounted mini-camera's on predator animals and combined it with some special effects. The results are simply amazing!

Where to watch documentaries?

The easiest way to find documentaries online, is to just search for them on YouTube. Sometimes they can easily be found, other times you just have to wait for them to get released. Official websites and YouTube channels of HBO, PBS and BBC are an excellent source of many interesting clips. They even have full documentaries posted sometimes. Anyway, my favorite source of free documentaries online is DocumentaryZ. Enjoy. Don't forget to buy the documentaries you like: Aid the producers so that they can produce more great documentaries.

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Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

very nice collections I will watch them later good hub

warwickcleaners profile image

warwickcleaners 7 years ago from Warwickshire

Planet Earth is probably the best nature program I've seen ever. Well done the BBC.

Chai 7 years ago

Damn, nice post dude!! By the way, any amazing Space documentaries with loads of photography / CGI?

At the moment I'm bitorrenting:

National Geographic Journey to the Edge of the Universe (looks AMAZING)

Star Gaze Hubble's View of the Universe

Cosmic Voyage (IMAX)

and that's about it. There are loads of space documentaries with narration and mostly interview etc. But few with just images of planets and stuff.

Also check out HOME, new HD Earth-love documentary, and MYSTERY OF THE MAYA is this amazing Canadian documentary shot in IMAX, then Di$ney just made a nature film called EARTH which is probably alright (there's a UK and a US version)

There are of course loads more but that should keep you going for now.

luis 7 years ago

Thanks chai for the recommendations. I like watching that stuff when im stoned.

samsoun09 7 years ago

Wow, smart man!!!

I Love your works

Akhilesh 6 years ago

Hats off bro. great picks... :-)

sly 6 years ago

please watch 'the cove'

here is the trailer


Hannah B 6 years ago

I am supprised that some of David Attenborough's older stuff is not on this, The Trials of life and The Life of birds are simply brilliant.

Lewis 5 years ago

I would recommend Life of Birds, and Life of Mammals from the BBC, produced and narrated by David Attenborough. Its amazing. Some amazing creatures. Some you see every day, acting in ways you never knew they did. I've learned so much from and been so inspired by these documentories its hard to describe. Man I wish I would have went into biology.

Alex 5 years ago

"home" is a great film. Taking nature with a serious view. The reactions of pollution. Tsunami, earthquakes and animals that suffers. Great music too. A movie that touched my heart !!

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