102 Minutes That Changed America, The Twin Towers 911 a peoples eye view


This week is the 8th anniversary of those dreadful events that happened in New York, America, and are often referred to as 9/11. There can be few, if any readers, who know little of what I am writing about. However for that tiny minority:-

On September 11th 2001 a plane hit one of the Trade Centre Towers in New York. At first it was thought to be an accident but, within a short space of time, a second plane hit the other tower and people's worst fears were confirmed. America and its people were under attack from sources unknown.

Since that time there have been many theories about the possible involvement of certain American agencies, foreknowledge of the American Government and conspiracy. I for one do not believe any of these and hope to God that I am right.

So, on that fateful day, as the drama unfolded before the eyes of the World, the twin towers fell to the ground and people were deeply moved, shocked and saddened.

Another year on.

Today is 10th September 2009 and, this year in the UK, there have been many programmes aired regarding the twin towers and 9/11. All have been interesting but of course upsetting. One of the documentaries that I have watched this week was "102 Minutes That Changed America".

Since starting to write this Hub, I now realise that this film is available through sources such as Amazon. For those interested I would recommend watching this film but expect a bumpy ride. 102 Minutes is made up of actual footage that New York's citizens, workforce and visitors collected on that day.

102 minutes is such a brief time when you consider the implications of what took place during this period of time. It was 102 minutes from when the first plane hit the first Trade Centre Tower till the collapse of the second tower and the carnage that was left behind.


It was a beautiful late Summer, early Autumn day and America looked glorious. The bright blue sky was the type that I find so heartwarming. I doubt that those who witnessed this event close at hand could ever look at such a sky in the same way again.

With footage from around 100 different onlookers, this film shows many aspects of this atrocity which I had not seen before. From close by, a couple of blocks away, five blocks away or even way across New York City on Staton Island this event was witnessed.

In the UK it was early afternoon before the news broke of the first plane hitting one of the Twin Towers. Just as when President Kennedy was assassinated, when I was a child, I remember so well what we were doing on 9/11. Hubby had been ill and a Doctor's appointment was booked for later in the afternoon. I was going with him as he had been very unwell.

By the time the appointment arrived the towers had fallen, the world had changed and the day felt totally unreal. The receptionists were listening to the news on radios and everywhere felt eerie. Unlike such disasters in the past the news coverage was intense and all too explicit.

The difference with 102 Minutes That Changed America is that it is real and, in a raw sense, created by the man on the street. There is some news footage but on the whole it is Joe Public who is the camerman.

The devastating effect 9/11 had on people who lived close by is there to see as plain as day. The film has the same effect of Cloverfield in that people at times are running for their lives whilst still filming. This makes for a very unstable image at time. However one must never forget that this is not a drama but real life.

I cannot say that I enjoyed 102 minutes as that is the wrong word to use. I was glad that I watched it although mush of the two hours when this film was aired was upsetting. By the time each commercial break came around I felt drained and I was only watching a film. THank god I was not there. As a record of a dreadful piece of history 102 minutes is very accurate.

I will not re hash the events of that day, as we all are only to well aware of what happened and what has happened since. I did wonder though how those who were so close by coped after the event. People such as:-

The emergency service telephone personal who took the calls from some of those trapped in the buildings

Priests who were on hand.

Children who lived near.

Those who witnessed the jumpers.

And so many more.

It goes without saying that those directly involved and their families must struggle on a daily basis.

So this film is recommended but not for everyone. At the start the film makers state that there is plenty of distressing footage and personal caution should be exercised. Despite the emotional roller coaster this film evoked in me I am glad that I decided to watch 102 minutes. It is gripping stuff and a painful reminder of why terrorists must never be allowed to succeed.

Permanent Memorial

The lights to the sky replace the Twin Towers for now and rebuilding around Ground Zero continues.
The lights to the sky replace the Twin Towers for now and rebuilding around Ground Zero continues.

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ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull Author

Not sure about any of that brucearnold but felt that this piece of film was very mocing despite its traumatc tale. All concerned had a day to remember of the worst kind.

brucearnold 7 years ago

On 9/11/01, the all-powerful bankers behind New World Order globalization unleashed their oil and money hungry military-industrial dogs of war to orchestrate the fall of 3 (not 2) WTC towers--the third, not struck by a plane, housing 3 floors of damning SEC records. On that day, we lost 3000 lives (with 1000s more to follow) plus 4 commercial airliners (with all on board) ... and stood by helplessly as something (not wide enough to be a 757) bored a hole in the side of the Pentagon. Yet even today, two elections and a new administration later, our Big Brother government expects us to believe that all of that masterfully-plotted and perfectly-timed destruction was accomplished by 15 Saudis and 4 of their cousins using nothing more than box cutters and big balls. If you believe that, or if you believe we have been told anything close to the Truth about 9/11, then I ask you to Google "911 truth" and "911 peak oil", and objectively evaluate what you find at websites like AE911Truth.org.

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull Author

I guess Melody it is one of those momentus happenings which will stay all too fresh in our memories.

Melody Lagrimas profile image

Melody Lagrimas 7 years ago from Philippines

What a wonderful tribute. I was at home watching TV when it happened.

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull Author

Thanks for dropping by Keennett and infohelp. Yes it was a traumatic piece of cinematography which makes the reality unbelievable and horrifying.

Info Help profile image

Info Help 7 years ago from Chicago


I watched this yesterday and sat on the couch with tears in my eyes. I'm actually tearing up now, as I type this comment to you. I can't even imagine how it would feel or affect me to have been someone that witnessed that horrible day. I know how it makes me feel just knowing about it, and it is bad. I will never forget what happened that day and I hope that others out there feel the same way. Thanks for paying tribute to everyone that was involved!!

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Ethel, thank you so much for this information. I will seek out this documentary on 9/11 and watch it. The tragedy affected so many lives, and still does. I will never forget what happened 8 years ago. God forbid that it should ever happen, anywhere again!

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago

This event was horrifying. Still there are certain theories and mysteries about 9/11 which I am afraid will never unfold.

Nice Hub!

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull Author

Thanks for sharing your personal experiences Peggy. A colleague at work was in Florida and due to fly home. She, and her family, were herded onto a forces aircraft and had a frightening experience. Understandable though from the powers that be point of view.

How those personally, directly affected still are today no-one can imagine. Hard to ever get over such a tragedy.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

My husband had flown to New York and saw the twin towers from the air just the week prior to the event. He was finalizing a business deal. But his "would have been partner" then lost a bunch of friends in this tragedy that unfolded...and because of it the business deal never happened.

On another note, I was with my mother who was ill and had spent the night at her house. We were watching the morning news (the Today Show) and saw it all happen live. Needless-to-say, we were glued to the television the rest of the day.

On another note, my friend who was traveling from Germany to the U.S. got temporarily stranded in Canada when all the airplanes were directed to land ASAP.

All of this is NOTHING compared to the numbing losses people experienced that day.

As you said, terrorism affects us all no matter where it happens and must never be allowed to succeed.

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull Author

It certainly did Boshemia. A sad day for mankind

Boshemia profile image

Boshemia 7 years ago from Crestone, Colorado

What a beautiful tribute, thank you for sharing it, and thank you for reminding us that it wasn't just an American tragedy, it affected the world.

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