20 Best Anime Facebook Covers


Facebook is probably the most famous social networking site in our time. Billions of people around the globe use this site to communicate and have fun with friends and family. One of Facebook’s highlights is the profile cover. It’s closely comparable to a site header. You are free to place any image on the topmost portion of your account’s profile. This opens up greater opportunities for self-expression. You can place a cute picture of your new pet or a photo when you achieved a certain award, as a Facebook cover. A breathtaking view is also a good idea. I am an Anime fanatic so my Facebook covers are often related to my favorite anime series. Many sites today offer Anime Facebook Covers but most of them particularly those that host high-quality and unique images require payment. Who would want to spend a penny just to brag about a new Facebook cover? Probably the only situation, where such kind of investment is acceptable, is if your Facebook account is for business. Your cover is a perfect way to market your services and products. Even professionals nowadays, especially those who work in the computer graphic industry use their Facebook cover as a portfolio so individuals or companies who are in need of their services can easily assess their artistic skills.

To help you keep away from embarrassing mistakes, here are a few important guidelines one must ponder about before choosing a Facebook Cover.

· It should be decent

Placing a semi-naked photo as a Facebook Cover is definitely a big NO! Though I’ve seen some folks do so just to gather attention, the consequences can be traumatic. If you don’t want to be called an “attention whore”, you should not act like one. Unless you are a model or you recently joined a beauty pageant, such kind of photos should be kept in private.

· Keep it Simple

Simplicity is beauty. A plain Facebook Cover is far better than one with excessive and overlapping content. You’ll be visiting your account’s profile every once in a while so seeing a calm picture in your cover will somehow help relieve stress.

· It should never be offensive

Always remember that self-expression has its bounds. You may be free to place any picture on your Facebook cover yet those that can offend others should never be considered as options. Facebook is intended to be a networking site of fun so let’s keep it that way. Gain the respect of others and they’ll definitely grant you theirs.

· Don’t use copyrighted images

As much as possible, personalize your Facebook Cover. Creating one is not that hard. You simply need a basic photo editing tool to add words or arrange your photos neatly and create an image good enough to be your account’s cover. I’m not really familiar with the current law concerning online image copyrights but don’t recklessly use images from other sites just to be safe.

· Be aware of the right dimensions

To make sure your image has the right size to be a Facebook Cover, refer to this guide:


If you are an Anime lover just like me, you will surely love my collection of Anime Facebook Covers. Feel free to comment about them or share if you know about a cool Anime Series that’s perfect as a Facebook cover.

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Dominique Smith 4 years ago from Florida

I love the bleach cover!

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Alma Cabase 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you.

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Dominique Smith 4 years ago from Florida

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i love them allllllllllllllllllllllllll

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Alma Cabase 3 years ago from Philippines Author

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