20 things you can do with a packet of m&m's.

1. Eat them

2. Use them as betting tokens

3. Use them in a science experiment to look at chromatography

4. Use them in a maths class to look at probability

5. Place them on a cup cake as decoration

6. Give an unopened packet to a work mate as a "secret santa" present

7. Share a packet with your loved one at the movies

8. Use them in a muffin mix as crunchy add in

9. Blind fold a friend and see if they can psychically find the colour by taste alone

10. Play marbles with them.. the peanut ones are the tombolas

11. Use them as game tokens in trivial pursuit

12 . Wet them in a glass of water and use the dye as ink to decorate paper of write a letter

13. Measure your blood sugar before... then eat the whole packet and measure it afterwards.

14. Eat some in the afternoon and see if sugar blues really exist

15. Do not drink any caffeinated drinks eat the packet and then have your blood tested for caffeine. To prove whether or not chocolate contains caffeine.

16.Sell the tiny packets in your office to people who are desperate for a sugar fix

17. Hold some in your hand and see how long it takes for then to melt.. proving or disproving the jingle "melts in your mouth not in your hand"

18.if you are a teacher and no one is allergic... use them in class as a reward

19. Count them to see how many are in packet

20. See how many you can fit in your mouth at once.

20 things to do with a packet of mm's!!

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SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA

Nice suggestions, but I was hoping for a few more details and maybe a few pictures.

Qwijebo 7 years ago

shove them up your nose, then see who can "shoot" them the furthest

play a trick on your one-eyed uncle and his false eye (you get the picture)

melt them, remold into crayons

play tiny pool with them, use a toothpick for the cue

and my personal fav: string them up on a Christmas tree

love this blog! have to go get some now

TravelMonkey profile image

TravelMonkey 7 years ago from United Kingdom

shoving them up your nose sounds like it should be in the top 5 at least ;P

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