10 Random Unknown Celebrity Facts

Who doesn't like celebrities?

I know that I certainly love celebrities. They are just ordinary people, who lead extraordinary lives. What I love even more about celebrities, is their little secrets, or facts, that make them stand out from everybody else. Here, I have compiled 10 facts about 10 different celebrities, that I found to be the most interesting. I hope that you all enjoy them just as much as I have.

1. But really, who isn't?

Johnny Depp admits to being terrified of clowns.

"It's pronounced: egregious."
"It's pronounced: egregious."

2. Behave Leonardo...

Leonardo DiCaprio was nearly kicked off “Romper Room” at age five for being uncontrollable.

A young Leonardo Dicaprio.
A young Leonardo Dicaprio. | Source

3. Three's a Crowd?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married by fellow celebrity Little Richard.

The lovely Hollywood couple.
The lovely Hollywood couple. | Source

4. The carb diet is too cliche...

John Malkovich once put himself on a 10 week diet of nothing but Jell-O.

Who says shaving looks better?
Who says shaving looks better?

5. A Little Early?

Russell Crowe started smoking at age 10.

Posing with a cigarette.
Posing with a cigarette.

6. Karma can get to all of us...

Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand due to him accidentally shutting it in a door.


7. Not everyone needs a night light...

George Clooney sometimes sleeps in the walk-in closet of his LA mansion because, he says, "all the bedrooms are too light".

Look at that smile!
Look at that smile!

The king is dead...

8. Elvis Presley’s middle name is misspelled on his tombstone. His birth name was Elvis Aron Presley, and on his tombstone it reads Elvis Aaron Presley

Long live the king.
Long live the king.

Credit where it's due?

9. Keira Knightley was Queen Amidala's decoy in Star Wars: Episode 1 though the film was promoted as if Natalie Portman played both roles.

Very convincing....
Very convincing....

I would change it too...

10. Elton John’s real name is Reginald Dwight.

What a fancy tie!
What a fancy tie!

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Sky 3 years ago

Johnny you are amazing...!!!

SopranoRocks profile image

SopranoRocks 4 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

I'm afraid of clowns too eeeek! Your hubs make me smile; thx!

slmorgan profile image

slmorgan 5 years ago from San Francisco

Wow, it's interesting that Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns and funny that

Wow, it's interesting that Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns and funny that Leonardo Di Caprio was nearly kicked off Romper Room.

Casey J. Winters 5 years ago

Thanks for this hub! I love random trivia, and I only knew about the Natalie Portman one.

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