3D converter is a Reality now

When in 1977, the first of the Starwars franchise was released, people could hardly stop their eyes popping out their sockets when Prince Leia popped out in a hologram and talked. 3D was an unknown quantity then. A whole generation of people have come into existence but more importantly, several generations of technological wonders have come and gone, one giving way to the next. One of the latest is the innovation that allows 2D to be converted to 3D. Computer software that makes this possible have been developed.

The 3D converter uses a technology that is not part of some complicated contraption. Any one can make use of it at their homes. No expertise is necessary. Any file in 2D can be converted to 3D and make watching even some drab movie an exciting experience. Imagine watching Silvester Stallone scaling the canyons in “Cliffhanger” or Elvis' Pelvis undulating in glorious and breathe-taking3D! 3D players can make this possible. The 2D images acquire a third dimension to depict a reality-like 3 D images and videos.

As with anything that can be duplicated, this technology too has proliferated hundreds of software programs that enable conversions. This naturally entails the task of finding a good and proper software.

A software should have the ability to convert a full length video. Watermarks are not a desired result. A diligent buyer has to check and cross check the software before settling down to buy one. A good software should be able to convert a 2D video file to MP4, AVI, MKV 3D, AVI, or FLV videos in 3D. If the system allows the output 3D video type like anaglyph 3D, SBS 3D, two separate files, it can be considered good enough.

How does one go about converting 2 D to 3D? The Video Converter option should be run first. Choose one of the above said conversion types. Loading the source video is the next job. When the loading is over, 2D to 3D option is now provided for checking. Enable this. The 3D converter is ready now to do the conversion.

From profile menu, you must select a profile. To check audio/video parameters, you must click the Edit button and go on to Conversion Setting window. Frame rate, volume, frame resolution, bit rate, channel, aspect ratio can all be adjusted to suit your specific needs. You can modify the 3D video output effect by clicking Video Effect Settings. You can now select the best option you desire from such choices as anaglyph 3S, two separate files, side-by-side 3D , top/bottom 3D etc. You may also convert part of the video a tab that is marked for it.

When the setting is all in place, you can click the Start button to set in motion the conversion process. As the operation is in progress, you can monitor the process. You can set auto shutdown or preview the source movie etc.

Market is full of choices. You might want to consult an expert in the field before picking your choice. Online purchases too can be made. Our software, we are proud to announce, should rank among the best for its quality, simplicity and for ease of operating. Our service knows no boundary of serving the diligent buyer who have come to our door.


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